The Best Cookies Known to Man

  • Ajoutée 30 sept. 2022
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  • @user-pe9ik8kh1f

    The amount of self control needed to close the container before you eat the whole thing in one sitting is unfathomable.

  • @basicallynothing1388

    The only good memory from my middle school was when this kid brought a bunch of those cookies and passed them out to the home room class. Truly the greatest breed of cookie known to man.

  • @amneetthedelicioussandwich8921

    Sugar cookies are irresistible and the hate for them is honestly appalling, thank you for continuing to speak FACTS. Can never eat just one!!

  • @nolanl6760
    @nolanl6760 Il y a 28 jours +101

    As a person who enjoys oatmeal raisin cookies, I can confirm that I am in a retirement home and am 97 years old.

  • @blackberry2772

    This is why me and my family calls these cookies "Crack Cookies" because you CAN'T STOP EATING THEM. You grab one and the next thing you know, the entire package is gone.

  • @eggsand_bacon4776
    @eggsand_bacon4776 Il y a 28 jours +14

    I feel like the reason why I like them is not only because they taste alright they're nice and sweet but the texture is godly, they're so soft and the frosting melts in your mouth.

  • @soggywafflz339

    This dude needs to release his own album

  • @noofus7657

    I still eat these cookies, and I'll never stop.

  • @kawaiikutegomen

    my dude really created a whole entire 6 minute video talking bout them kroger frosted sugar cookies and im here for it 😭

  • @noahnguyen4863


  • @Vampire_Logic

    Literally the ONLY complaint I have about these cookies is that the cookies themselves are dry. But the frosting makes up for that, so it's all good.

  • @wrigglingbatholith5810
    @wrigglingbatholith5810 Il y a 14 jours +6

    This would be the perfect video to show any future generations or aliens when our society is long gone. It mentions cultural and religious events, scientific breakthroughs, includes popular music for the time, uses enough variation in english words that they may be able to figure out the language (as well as the helpful subtitles on the rap at the end that include every letter). If I didn't know any better, I'd say Degenerocity is a time capsule, created with the purpose of influencing extraterrestrial life's opinions on cookies and childrens' books. Instead of prime numbers, we should have been sending this video out into space via soundwaves.

  • @trainboss5801

    Whenever this man makes a video it’s like an event you can’t miss

  • @PyricDemon

    I feel this on a spiritual level, I love these cookies too. They are so smooth and soft in texture.

  • @LadyIceBear

    I have to mentally restrain myself from buying frosted sugar cookies every time I pass by them in the store. When I do buy a box, it takes so much will power not to eat the whole thing.

  • @kokonafriedchicken9031
    @kokonafriedchicken9031 Il y a 9 heures +1

    I love frosted sugar cookies, but imagine a party with frosted sugar cookies and McDonald's sprite...perfection

  • @alelric6840

    These cookies are so AWESOME MY DUDE! Best part, they aren't all normal, the normal ones awesome, but they also got chocolate varieties which are freaking INCREDIBLE. Around Christmas hey bust out a chocolate mint version and I swear to all yall it's the best thing to ever caress your taste buds.

  • @elephantpowerproductions6584

    “These cookies can date back to Jesus Times…”

  • @juan5799

    Degen really using his videos as a stepping stone for his musical career, respect 😎

  • @lolsuckersnoblippi2826

    These cookies tasted amazing I once had them and I started eating and crying so hard and fast and swelled one to the point where my mom had to make me throw it up but I shoved it back in anyway then I blinked and then they were gone.we Stan FSC