Inside the $1.8B Allegiant Stadium

  • Ajoutée 25 juil. 2021
  • When the NFL team the Las Vegas Raiders announced their plans to build a world-class wonder stadium in 2017, not many people paid attention.
    Fast forward a few years and 1.8 Billion dollars down the road, Allegiant stadium has made its way into becoming one of the most breath-taking sports venues in the world.
    Today, we take a tour into the inside of one of the most impressive and expensive sports venues on the planet.
    Inside the $1.8B Allegiant Stadium
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Commentaires • 983

  • C
    C  +158

    As a resident of Las Vegas, I have been to both Allegiant Stadium and T-Mobile Arena many times. Both are amazing and provide a great experience for fans. How often are modern stadiums built directly in the heart of their city anymore? Very few. I feel sorry for 49ers fans who got stuck with Levi's Stadium, a stadium 45 minutes outside of their home city, with terrible architectural design, no shade, and ticket prices so ridiculous that only the tech libs from the area can afford to go to games.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams Il y a an +107

    University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale (Phx) Arizona - home of my Cardinals - was the first stadium to work with that retractable natural grass field where it goes out to get sun and water during the week. Such a cool idea, seems like it will be a feature of most new stadiums going forward. Nice work Raiders and the State of Nevada, this stadium is incredible.

  • CzimmS0520
    CzimmS0520 Il y a an +1

    Incredible what constant 8-8 seasons gets you

  • NotTheWheel

    It really is incredible breath taking design. What all modern Stadiums should aim for in terms of excellence.

  • John Shaffer

    The roof does not open on Allegiant Stadium. It is fixed in place. UNLV did not get a choice of turf to play on either. And you can not go in and out of the lanai doors at the north end. It's an amazing stadium...been to both UNLV and Raider's games and took the stadium tour. Well worth the price!

  • Salvatore

    The silver and black looks so good . This stadium is so pleasing to look at .

  • William Anderson

    Took the tour amazing. Would do it again in a heart beat. Stadium just takes your breath away. Take the tour you won’t regret doing it. Was worth every dime and more. Next I would love to see a game there been a fan since the sixties.

  • Cam Kupka

    this is honestly an architectural engineering and technological masterpiece. Im a Chargers fan but I hope I get to check out this stadium one day.. who knows maybe for a divisional rivalry game.

  • Karon Hamilton
    Karon Hamilton Il y a an +42

    My husband and i just went to the raiders bears game on sunday! What a stadium! Its worth the 1.8 billion! It is an engineering marvel for sure! Going back in a couple weeks!

  • thejazzman210

    How can you go wrong with a silver and black color scheme? That is one awesome stadium.

  • Retshidisitswe Motseki
    Retshidisitswe Motseki Il y a an +42

    SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium is going to be awesome, can’t wait to see the arena

  • Georgia Guardian

    Wow, this looks like a GIANT spaceship of some space aliens! Crazy design for the legendary team Raiders.

  • BGY Mix
    BGY Mix Il y a an +29

    This stadium just looks amazing

  • James Barrick
    James Barrick Il y a an +31

    That is impressive! Soon the Bears will have a new stadium in Arlington Heights... I cannot wait! In the meantime I will definitely visit Las Vegas for a game or two. I'm not the typical Bears fan I hope they opt for a retractable dome. Foul weather is not the advantage so many think it is. I prefer a very well played game where the athletes can truly show their precision, and fans can pack the stadium and be comfortable.

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai Il y a an +30

    This is my number one favourite stadium in the world. A true wonder. Of course, at 1.8 B it should be

  • Joel Peters
    Joel Peters Il y a an +1

    I had an affinity for the Raiders back in the days of Kenny Stabler, George Blanda, Fred Bilitenikoff, shortly after the merger of the two leagues. I have never been a sports nut but I had a better than average enthusiasm for most viewed sports. Its changed in the last couple years. Tired of the athletes paying homage to their corporate interests and really bored with the social commentary from a real class of white privilege. Having said all that, the stadium is awesome, it was fun to watch it be built. I hope to be able to find a chance to enjoy the venue at some event. Maybe one of my hillbilly cousins will do a concert there. Who knows? But it is a stunning building. Did they say they have an artificial turf on rollers as well as the natural?

  • Lodestone3
    Lodestone3 Il y a an +15

    This place looks incredible...would love to see it in real life, hopefully soon. :-)

  • Nicolas Pazos
    Nicolas Pazos Il y a an +14

    They got to fix the parking situation ASAP!!! I went there to watch the gold cup final and the whole parking situation was a disaster for many people. Lucky for me, I decided to walk and to take and Uber. Other than that, yes, one of the best stadiums I’ve ever seen.

  • Dwight Raine
    Dwight Raine Il y a an +47

    Wow what a beautiful stadium, Someday I’ll get to go inside and catch a Raiders game

  • ok i pull up

    When we drove by almost 3 years ago on a trip, they were still building it. I’m pretty sure my family had no idea what was going to be there 😂 (we’re not from LV)