D'Angelo Russell Career High 44 Pts 27 4th Comeback vs Kings! 2018-19 NBA Season

  • Ajoutée 20 mars 2019
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Commentaires • 341

  • 제이슨신
    제이슨신 Il y a 25 jours

    Kings and Nets both have great future ahead but... Nets have more upside imo. That chemistry

  • gurinder singh
    gurinder singh Il y a mois

    Magic is overrated. Fire him

  • oob_GSW sweeping Lavs
    oob_GSW sweeping Lavs Il y a mois

    Magic is crying, again 😂

  • çlãrissã tríplêt
    çlãrissã tríplêt Il y a mois


  • SmartNinjaGamer
    SmartNinjaGamer Il y a mois

    That game winner was a jelly fam

  • Rowboyto
    Rowboyto Il y a mois +2

    lonzo is gonna have dreads next season

  • TheAnimal
    TheAnimal Il y a mois

    Wade was right about Dlo

  • Ram Sauceda Jr.
    Ram Sauceda Jr. Il y a mois

    Chris I love you and I don’t mean to disrespect you,....buuuuutt your titles are becoming ass lol

  • YungSaulvageYT
    YungSaulvageYT Il y a mois

    my son got the hof one-man fast break

  • Kim Lacuata
    Kim Lacuata Il y a mois

    Lou will one of the best offensive players in the league

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Il y a mois

    Nets are balling roll on playoffs gonna be a fun team to watch

  • keandre jackson
    keandre jackson Il y a mois

    For those who think dlo is going back to LA your stupid asf

  • Bran Mac
    Bran Mac Il y a mois

    What do you miss more Chris smoove posting gaming vids or world star posting fights

  • King Tae
    King Tae Il y a mois

    D Russell MIP 😤💯

  • Kenneth Lorovico
    Kenneth Lorovico Il y a mois

    RHJ is not getting credit. Wheres his name in the title?

  • gold chains hammond
    gold chains hammond Il y a mois

    DONT let DLO RUSSELL distract you from the fact that the KINGS BLEW A 20 point lead in the 4Q

  • Pierce
    Pierce Il y a mois

    Dlo needs a co star

  • Vegeta The Goat
    Vegeta The Goat Il y a mois +2

    If lebron was down 20 he would've quit 🤣

  • Uncle So
    Uncle So Il y a mois

    He nd lonzo would of been a nice backcourt😭

  • justin thepat
    justin thepat Il y a mois

    No vid for clippers game. Pat bev dagger after dropping bodonavic

  • dolce gabbana
    dolce gabbana Il y a mois +2

    Nets should thank Nick Young lmao hahah

    BRIBE Il y a mois


  • Shadow561781
    Shadow561781 Il y a mois

    I wanted dlo to say in my veins again... I love that

  • Dawson sears
    Dawson sears Il y a mois

    Fucking stupid cmon it’s hard too be a Kong’s fan wtf

  • Jimmie48Fan
    Jimmie48Fan Il y a mois

    Life is dandy in Brooklyn rn ;)

  • AirKangLocker
    AirKangLocker Il y a mois

    Who woulda thought a year ago, Dlo's trade was dodging a bullet and letting him bloom

  • C4Zero
    C4Zero Il y a mois


  • r j
    r j Il y a mois

    Ice in his veins.. when I said the trade was bad for lakers ppl came at me in the comments where are they now lolll

  • Tim Dogg
    Tim Dogg Il y a mois

    Waiting for 2k to drop the PD or Diamond card of D-LO

  • Yoboi JanJan
    Yoboi JanJan Il y a mois +1

    Dlo about to make the playoffs and his old team cant.. makin them realizeeee

  • Alfred Angelo Go
    Alfred Angelo Go Il y a mois +1

    I felt bad for the Kings tbh. Hope they'll be contenders next season.

  • Samuel Mwase
    Samuel Mwase Il y a mois


  • Deron Taylor
    Deron Taylor Il y a mois +1

    For some reason espn still gonna talk about Lebron

  • Gods •
    Gods • Il y a mois

    DLoading 🌊🐐

  • TurboLag And Gaming
    TurboLag And Gaming Il y a mois +1

    “He’s not a leader” ....well how the tables have turned Magic 😂

  • Rolo555
    Rolo555 Il y a mois +1

    Fire the con man Magic Johnson.

  • David Falade
    David Falade Il y a mois +3

    Why the lakers traded russel and got ball I don’t know

  • WhyBother?
    WhyBother? Il y a mois

    The Nets!

  • OpTic -
    OpTic - Il y a mois +3

    WELL thats another pink dimond card for D'Angelo

  • Anime King
    Anime King Il y a mois +3

    Magic could have had DLO and Fox on the same team smdh

  • Amadou Ndiaye
    Amadou Ndiaye Il y a mois +2

    Lakers made a mistake

  • GuyGamer217
    GuyGamer217 Il y a mois +1

    De’Aaron it Too Fast!

  • vankov_yurk
    vankov_yurk Il y a mois +2

    Bad trade for the lakers

  • Geo. Will
    Geo. Will Il y a mois +1

    We NeEd A lEaDeR 🤪. Magic Johnson is as bad as LeBron. The Lakers are doomed.

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson Il y a mois

    Give that a mappppp 🗺

  • Truee
    Truee Il y a mois

    Imagine if he was with lebron

  • Nicholas White
    Nicholas White Il y a mois

    Yall remember the spurs vs lakers game last year when Lonzo Ball hit 2 or 3 clutch 3 in a row

  • X of X
    X of X Il y a mois

    Is ball worth d lo

  • CrazyManGaming
    CrazyManGaming Il y a mois

    Y’all lakers and kings fan salty af

  • TyJamar
    TyJamar Il y a mois +2

    Sac known for giving leads away cant wait to see how they do next year. D-Lo way better than Lonzo.

  • JoeBro915
    JoeBro915 Il y a mois +4

    Rondae, Allen, LeVert, Dinwiddie, Harris, Dlo, my fav squad in the league

  • mrbbradify 7
    mrbbradify 7 Il y a mois +2

    D lo isn’t a leader guys.

  • Thomas forde
    Thomas forde Il y a mois +4

    Imagine if the Lakers had kept Russell and picked up Tatum Fox or Mitchell instead of Lonzo, they’d have the best young talent in the leavie

  • ThirstenGivens
    ThirstenGivens Il y a mois


  • legoat james
    legoat james Il y a mois

    a match between the most laughed at teams in the nba

    • Ian Jericho
      Ian Jericho Il y a mois +2

      What? Laughed at? These teams are playoff teams. You sure you don't have LeBron's dick so far up your ass that it reached your brain and made you actually braindead?

  • Kevin Cher
    Kevin Cher Il y a mois +4

    Stop sleeping on Rondae Hollis Jefferson

  • vivian loh
    vivian loh Il y a mois +1

    Lakers made a bad mistake trading DLo for a jumpshot without autotune........

  • Pickachu4Ever
    Pickachu4Ever Il y a mois

    Dlo is overrated and the lakers didnt make a mistake lets say the lakers making a finals push westbrook is gonna shit on him curry is gonna shit on him harden is gonna shit on him while lonzo clampin

  • Marcus Cedric Pedrosa
    Marcus Cedric Pedrosa Il y a mois +3

    Russell must be the most improved player

  • Catty Gamers
    Catty Gamers Il y a mois +9

    when you realize D'angelo scored the same amount of points in the fourth quarter than D'aaron Fox

  • Chito Delena
    Chito Delena Il y a mois

    The game winner was not praised. So rude. But its ok.

  • WildDanHibiki
    WildDanHibiki Il y a mois

    Na he's not a leader though 🤭

  • 6 allstar is not enough
    6 allstar is not enough Il y a mois +9

    I wonder if magic johnson can still sleep at night. lol

  • Justin Freeman
    Justin Freeman Il y a mois

    Winter ain't over yet.

  • Quanae Turner
    Quanae Turner Il y a mois

    When will dlo will n a championship 😩

  • Baller
    Baller Il y a mois

    :35 damn Fox is Faaaaast

  • Kenny Odunowo
    Kenny Odunowo Il y a mois +1

    Lakers fans pushing the air rn😭

  • Big Sean Fulms
    Big Sean Fulms Il y a mois

    Bro rondae is the goat

  • Nolay Austin
    Nolay Austin Il y a mois +8


  • Karlin Hutches
    Karlin Hutches Il y a mois +1

    Bro Chris ksi shouted u out 💪🏾

  • Is Chigga
    Is Chigga Il y a mois

    Don't worry Lonzo will do better

  • Check The Description Of My Channel

    Lakers regretting right now. Smh.

  • Mar Andrey
    Mar Andrey Il y a mois


  • KevinTooturnt Reacts
    KevinTooturnt Reacts Il y a mois +3

    You aint Stephen curry babyeeee

  • T. McIver
    T. McIver Il y a mois +1

    EAT IT YOU LAL FANS ! HA ! D'LO !!!!

  • John Rafael Sytin
    John Rafael Sytin Il y a mois

    remember when we were making nets jokes last year? now in the playoffs

  • Boy Dagger
    Boy Dagger Il y a mois +1

    L os Ange L es

  • João Osako
    João Osako Il y a mois

    Rondae "never mess with the guy in the du-rag" Hollis-Jefferson

  • Vinx342Gaming
    Vinx342Gaming Il y a mois +9

    Nets > Knicks
    Clippers > Lakers

  • shayd8n
    shayd8n Il y a mois

    laker fans punching the air rn

  • gerdan bombales
    gerdan bombales Il y a mois +2

    Sacramento Kings should change their name to Heartbreak Kings

  • C. Diddy
    C. Diddy Il y a mois +3

    Lonzo n DLo would go well together. Dlo shoot first and lonzo pass first

  • Stacey Hopson
    Stacey Hopson Il y a mois +2

    Magic Johnson don’t know what he doing he must of been high when he picked shitzo ball

  • Youngboy_uzi_Kodak
    Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Il y a mois +7

    I miss you D Lo 😢😢😢

  • Bowtie Tre
    Bowtie Tre Il y a mois +1

    Lakers kickin themselves in the ass right now 😂😂

  • Keane Muffin99
    Keane Muffin99 Il y a mois +4

    Lakers mistake just to have Lebron
    1) DRusell
    2) Randle
    3) Lopez
    4) Zubac

  • alpha red
    alpha red Il y a mois

    brooooooolyn brooooooolyn!

  • Walston Stone
    Walston Stone Il y a mois +11

    Russell got so many Ice in his veins it's frozen

  • The Great Saiyaman
    The Great Saiyaman Il y a mois +4

    Dangelo "The Iceman" Russell

  • Christian Ciubal
    Christian Ciubal Il y a mois

    Dinwidie and LeVert injury makes DLO became an All-star.

  • Ezura San
    Ezura San Il y a mois +1

    Lakers fan are shaking

  • Max Agh
    Max Agh Il y a mois +1

    Lakers Fan punching the air right now ☻

  • Max Agh
    Max Agh Il y a mois

    Lakers Fan punching the air right now ☻

  • Ledda Vinmar
    Ledda Vinmar Il y a mois

    Dlo is a superstar now fucking idiot

  • Ledda Vinmar
    Ledda Vinmar Il y a mois +1

    Trade dlo and draft lonzo because they need a true leader wtf happen now

  • Laurenz
    Laurenz Il y a mois

    Lakers punching the air right now

  • Ice T
    Ice T Il y a mois +64

    The pain of me seeing dlo and randle getting 44-45 points as a Lakers fan.

    • Ice T
      Ice T Il y a mois +1

      +Singh vlogs since I can remember my guy

    • Singh vlogs
      Singh vlogs Il y a mois

      Oh and since when are u a Lakers fan lol
      1st July 2018?

    • Kevin S.
      Kevin S. Il y a mois +2

      It hurts. And we're stuck with LeTank

  • Mark r
    Mark r Il y a mois +1

    Kings need a new coach period

  • Kevyn Irizarry
    Kevyn Irizarry Il y a mois +32

    Magic is showing that he is a terriable GM/President

    • Young Hov
      Young Hov Il y a mois +3

      "rUSsSelL iS NoT a leAdER"

  • Doug
    Doug Il y a mois

    I bet the same people commenting about the Lakers and Lebron on a video about the nets and kings are the same people complaining about ESPN constantly bringing up Lebron and the Lakers...