An Unexpected Change...

  • Ajoutée 2 oct. 2022
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Commentaires • 2 820

  • Lauren Chadwick

    Ryland calling Shane “Baby” is everything. So glad he’s got someone who knows him and loves him for who he is. ❤❤❤

  • teenacharm
    teenacharm  +136

    Feels so good that your house has such special guests in it all the time. Jared and Morgan are a blessing

  • Maria Hotgirl

    Can we talk about how glad I am that Morgan is back??? I feel like it's been ages 😭🤧 missed you queen!!!

  • caden
    caden  +223

    Wait can we talk about Morgan for a sec!? She’s giving supermodel glam 😊

    SANIMAR  +514

    Ryland keeping his cool with shane destroying his car is everything 😂😂

  • 360flute
    360flute  +26

    Shane running into each room to show off the fall decor is literally billy Mayes “but wait, there’s more!” Energy. I didn’t realize how much my soul needed this vibe so thank you

  • Stevie
    Stevie  +1

    Omg Shane acting like a baby is literally me with my boyfriend 😂😂 I cried laughing

  • Jessica
    Jessica  +9

    Morgan gets prettier and prettier I swear 💕

  • Kal3id0sc0p3 Mind

    Those claw fingers absolutely kill me!!!! Shane gets me every time with those, and I nearly die of laughter 🤣🤣🤣 I can't get enough of Shane, and his crazy antics. He's such a goofball in the best way possible. Ryland you've got your hands full lmao

  • Annastasia Kohen

    Shane did all that interior design work, and Ryan said, “I pulled out this year-old pumpkin candle from storage.” 😂

  • Sandy Vazquez

    Shane acting like a kid in the car just not it 😅 and Ryland keeping his cool is everything 😂 but love you both ❤❤ ❤

  • Natalia
    Natalia  +14

    Morgan is such a sunshine. She’s always been ❤

  • Meghan H
    Meghan H  +165

    I love the fact that so many people know where your new house is but no one has been a creep or weirdo and shown up on your property. You and Shane have some real loyal fans and I'm here for it! Happy Halloween!

  • Katie Maige

    Literally laughed my butt off on Shane with his donuts 🍩 me 😂

  • Nataly Rodriguez

    I love how Shane's just being his organic self 🥺🥺 seeing that makes me so happy

  • Bridgett Silva

    Does anyone else yell out “Cheeto!” When Cheeto makes an appearance? Cause I do 🐈

  • Whitney Mulberry

    Y’all’s relationship is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen. I love you all. Stop it ❤

  • Emma Price

    I have to say this is my safe place i have really bad mental health and this channel just lets me a escape for a bit i love you and shane and your whole family especially your nan!❤❤❤

  • Duvane Visagie

    OMG Shane was soooo EXTRA today it seems :) love you Shane :)

  • Renshaw Realm

    I’m so so appreciative that you guys put your time and energy into long vlogs, podcasts, and Shane series. I love long videos but I know they’re hard to make so I really want you guys to know how much I appreciate them! ❤️❤️