Def Leppard - White Lightning Lyrics

  • Ajoutée 8 nov. 2013
  • These are the lyrics to Def Leppard's 'White Lightning' from their 1992 album 'Adrenalize'. The song was written about their band mate/rhythm guitarist: Steve Clark, who died the year before (1991) from alcohol and drug abuse.
    I hope you enjoy :)
    R.I.P Steve Clark
    April 23rd 1960 - January 8th 1991
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  • Richard Lamb
    Richard Lamb Il y a 6 jours

    Love the song but always get an erie feeling when i hear it, give me a big hell yeah if u do 2!!!

  • Hiury Castro
    Hiury Castro Il y a 27 jours +1

    4:15 top guitar man

  • Joe Bryant
    Joe Bryant Il y a mois +1

    It wasn't a Steve-style solo and they didn't master anything other than their own style. They played like they always play. Great.

  • Extrememdp
    Extrememdp Il y a 5 mois

    great song. Love it.

  • Data Quester
    Data Quester Il y a 6 mois

    No promises no guarantees when u come down here BOY ur already on ur knees...words of wit....

  • Warflower Society
    Warflower Society Il y a 6 mois

    I don't know if I remembered the lyrics to this, it was on my playlist, interesting timing.

  • Mai Khiwi
    Mai Khiwi Il y a 6 mois

    i was not that sad, but this made my eyes get filled of tears, the lyrics are just so powerful :'((

  • samama philippe
    samama philippe Il y a 6 mois +1

    Fav' one, absolutly fantastic, a sad steve's legacy♥

  • linette somerton
    linette somerton Il y a 6 mois +1

    Plz plz plz REMOVE THESE f** kin' ADS

  • screw your feelings
    screw your feelings Il y a 7 mois +1

    if you are depressed don't listen to this song. It moves me emotionally!

  • L M L
    L M L Il y a 7 mois +2

    So haunting love it! I close my eyes and picture Steve playing these riffs, awesome in what he did. He was unique humble and truly missed!

  • w7class
    w7class Il y a 7 mois

    Guitar solo in this song is hands down the greatest you can find in any def leppard song!..

  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez Il y a 8 mois

    i wish to se wath steve all ready saw the white lighning

  • Bev Burke
    Bev Burke Il y a 10 mois

    I like this but prefer Blood Runs Cold as this explains what happened the night he passed and BRC is the only Def Leppard song I have cried to because the lyrics are that powerful

  • Veneno Azul
    Veneno Azul Il y a an

    We Born and we have To play single game with the DEAD, it’s like a Mortal Combat Video Game this life, just we need find out Ours Weapons and be ready to Fight in the End you scream & shout FINISH HIM, FATALLITY...

  • musician 1122
    musician 1122 Il y a an

    Is this song about his addiction with drugs?

    • linette somerton
      linette somerton Il y a 6 mois +1

      No ; Its about alcohol!!!

    • Bev Burke
      Bev Burke Il y a 10 mois

      musician 1122 it was alcohol not drugs, he had prescription drugs at the end of his life because he had broken ribs

  • Diana Lee
    Diana Lee Il y a an

    I remember you though all that time ago, wondering if it's possible again, x

  • Erin Frost
    Erin Frost Il y a an +1

    You wanna leave but you can't let gooooo

  • spearhead787
    spearhead787 Il y a an

    He was only three years older than me at the time. !!! I wept for him he was such a unique guitar player R.I.P Steve steamin Clark. I'm Thirty six years a def leppard fan 55 now and still Rockin.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jocelyn Kreger
    Jocelyn Kreger Il y a an

    Miss steve so much ❤

  • Caitlin Lujan
    Caitlin Lujan Il y a an

    The beginning with the ah's and the oh's faintly gives me chills! Love it! #RockOn #BonJoviDefLeppardJourneyForever

  • Itz Natalie Chan :3
    Itz Natalie Chan :3 Il y a an +1

    I have been a huge Def Leppard since I was 8 and now I'm 13 and I have always been a fan of pyromania, hysteria, on through the night, and high n dry but I never bothered to listen to adrenalize other than the song let's get rocked but last night I listened to it and it's freaking AMAZING i love it

    • Michelle Lavoy
      Michelle Lavoy Il y a an

      every song on that album is great......been a DIE HARD FAN since I was 13....Im 47 now.....Just saw them live in Sacramento, Cali. on Oct.4th........AMAZING....!!!!!

    • Jung Katherine
      Jung Katherine Il y a an

      Two steps behind is very good too

  • Caitlin Lujan
    Caitlin Lujan Il y a an +1

    This song has such a deep meaning. It reminds me of so many events of my life, like when we had to go somewhere very early in the morning when I was a kid. The past is golden for some, but for the rest of us, it was hell. It makes us stronger.

  • angela Davis
    angela Davis Il y a an +3

    Thanks for the video. Been a Def Leppard Fan Forever. Love you Guys. Rip Steve Clark. Rock God. ♥😢♥✌

  • giantsean
    giantsean Il y a an

    "Something nobody knows what this says" is actually the line "She's got the rhythm of love" from the track "Heaven Is " (also from Adrenalize) played backwards.

  • Pierre Edel
    Pierre Edel Il y a an

    How do you find this cover of White Lightning?éo.html

  • Mortuus Praesepultus
    Mortuus Praesepultus Il y a an +5

    As a survivor of morphine (and multiple other opiate drugs) addiction, this song and its incredible lyrics gave me chills, and ultimately brought me to tears, remembering my own struggles and that ever-present sense of drowning, all the time knowing that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was more important than that next fix. It's the most alone feeling you can ever experience, even if you're deeply loved, famous and wealthy, as Steve certainly was. Ironically, I met him several years before his passing, and I both liked and related to him immediately, and his death was like a gut-punch to me. Yet, there I was, exactly 20 years later, nearly dying from the same illness, waking up in a local hospital and unable to remember my own name until 24 hours after I regained consciousness. THAT was MY big wake-up. Riiposa en pace, Steven...Mi manchi, fratello.

  • Mario Massarotti
    Mario Massarotti Il y a an

    The rock power by Def Leppard style

  • Angela Steege
    Angela Steege Il y a an +4

    Its no secret, i am an addict and this songs lyrics describes my experiences and thoughts, and the musical instruments sound and feel like my emotions that i endure from being what i can not deny, the addict within. An unforgiving mental disease that is without a cure. More research and understanding is needed. Def leppard hit the nail on the head for my with this one... Savor the addiction, savor the affliction, savor me.

    • Michael Bienicewicz
      Michael Bienicewicz Il y a mois

      @Party Sugar Hey Party Sugar,, I need some booger.

    • Party Sugar
      Party Sugar Il y a 11 mois

      I myself am a hopeless drug addict. But... if we are wise. then we"ll realize, that theres always tomorrow. Lean on me, when you're not strong, and ill b your friend. Ill help you carry on. And I just might have a problem that you'll understand. We all need somebody to leeeeaan On... …. see im high as hell right now... just busted out in song right there... anyway on the night train like white lighting. ready to crash n burn I never learn... uh oh wait here comes another bust out song I hope it don't take to long …… but its from my heart to your heart by. " Love " CRASH & BURN.. ALL THE STARS EXPLODE TONIGHT... HOWD U GET SO DESPERATE HOWD U STAY ALIVE? HELP ME PLEASE, BURN THE SORROW FROM YOUR EYES... OH COME ON B ALIVE AGAIN DONT LAY DOWN & DIE , HEY HEY WE'RE ALL WATCHING YOU , OH BABY DRIVE AWAY TO MALIBU.... GET WELL SOON PLEASE DONT GO ANY HIGHER, HOW ARE YOU SO BURNT WHEN UR BARELY ON FIRE... shit im out...

  • Thiago Santos
    Thiago Santos Il y a 2 ans

    I think animal is the best they ever made

    • Caitlin Lujan
      Caitlin Lujan Il y a an

      Thiango Santos Not even close to this. This blows every song ever made away. But I'm not saying nobody else can ever make good music, I'm saying it'll never be this good in my opinion.

  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas Il y a 2 ans +5

    Such a haunting piece of musical genius. Superb in every sense just as Steve Clark was with his artistry.

  • Michael Parnell
    Michael Parnell Il y a 2 ans

    horrible garbage sounds just like the polished garbage they lost the grove bad!!

    • • Leo •
      • Leo • Il y a an

      Michael Parnell//Have you ever heard of punctuation?

  • Kim Köpman
    Kim Köpman Il y a 2 ans +1

    Todella Enkeli tuli just hakee taivaaseen jos pelleily ei lopu lähden seuraavan mukaan vannon haha XD

    • Kim Köpman
      Kim Köpman Il y a 2 ans

      Eikä huominen kuole koskaan LIVE

    • Kim Köpman
      Kim Köpman Il y a 2 ans

      Mä nyt blokkaan ton hitto vie on kysyntää ja nainen kadulla heti hetkellä

    • Kim Köpman
      Kim Köpman Il y a 2 ans

      Kääpiö jäkättää yhä

    • Kim Köpman
      Kim Köpman Il y a 2 ans +1

      Menetätte kohteen Kim Will Sebastian Köpman

  • Barry Gibbens
    Barry Gibbens Il y a 2 ans

    Rest In Peace Steve.

  • Denise Hedden
    Denise Hedden Il y a 2 ans


  • blindingsun
    blindingsun Il y a 2 ans

    lyrics are incorrect. he says "You've got both ends burning Like a moth to a flame ".. Mouth makes no fucking sense.

    • Jenny Pedersen
      Jenny Pedersen Il y a an

      So in other terms both en ds burning means you're fucking on fire and catching more on. Better?

    • Jenny Pedersen
      Jenny Pedersen Il y a an

      blindingsun Don't say i do not make sense, just because you do not understand it.

    • Jenny Pedersen
      Jenny Pedersen Il y a an

      blindingsun i would say it makes good sense right!

    • Jenny Pedersen
      Jenny Pedersen Il y a an

      blindingsun totally not impressed with the lack of knowledge!

    • Jenny Pedersen
      Jenny Pedersen Il y a an

      Allow me to explain fire usually catch on with good air around it. SInce the ages of time it has been well known, making a fire, you can breathe / blow air from your breath in order to get it to catch on faster. Hence the mouth.

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Il y a 2 ans +1


  • hurgur HurGHuTHFn
    hurgur HurGHuTHFn Il y a 2 ans

    Beautiful lettering " calligraphic" job for a memorable transporting song using Def Leppard own theme, clean simple yet classy work, thank you very much in the name of all The Deaf Leopard returning audiophiles.

  • Matt Wiggins
    Matt Wiggins Il y a 2 ans +19

    Why is this not a hard rock classic today?
    It is way better than any Pearl Jam shit.

    • 4x4 and camping channel
      4x4 and camping channel Il y a 10 mois +1

      @AdamFord 152 totally agree buddy

    • AdamFord 152
      AdamFord 152 Il y a 10 mois +1

      @4x4 and camping channel and if I, I would pick Pearl Jam honestly. Cause people have different tastes. I just don't want either band to be called shit

    • 4x4 and camping channel
      4x4 and camping channel Il y a 10 mois +1

      @AdamFord 152 I Agree, i love both def leppard and pearl jam, If i had to choose one i would choose def leppard tho

    • AdamFord 152
      AdamFord 152 Il y a 10 mois

      Pearl Jam is awesome. Not to say Def Leppard isn't. Both are awesome in they're own way. But don't claim that one band is shit. Neither are.

  • Sockenkatze
    Sockenkatze Il y a 2 ans +4

    well that Sheffield accent tho. thanks for the lyrics and

  • Matt Wiggins
    Matt Wiggins Il y a 2 ans +6

    Where is ROCK RADIO today without THIS very song?????
    This is a #1 hit in 2017

  • Stuart
    Stuart Il y a 2 ans +3

    Happy 25th Birthday Adrenalize

  • Alexis Gordon
    Alexis Gordon Il y a 2 ans +2

    I love this song... me too! Years and years later still

  • Creepypasta master
    Creepypasta master Il y a 2 ans +1

    The part where no one knows what it says it's. It's not easy not easy



  • Creepypasta master
    Creepypasta master Il y a 3 ans +17

    I'm singing this song for my middle school's talent show. I may get made fun of for crying on stage. But that's because he is my hero. And I'll never see or get advice from him.

    • Green Horse9999
      Green Horse9999 Il y a an

      Creepypasta master good for u

    • CrushingRock
      CrushingRock Il y a 2 ans +2

      His playing, his lifestyle and his death are great advice for everyone dude!

    • Creepypasta master
      Creepypasta master Il y a 2 ans

      paul karp if you want I could post it, I'm not allowed to record the actual performance, but I could do it now

    • Creepypasta master
      Creepypasta master Il y a 2 ans +1

      paul karp Thank you, so much. I will own it. And if I embarrass myself oh well

    • paul karp
      paul karp Il y a 2 ans +2

      His playing style was his advice , own that talent contest !

  • Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    I wouldn't say Steve was a Rhythm guitarist. He was joined lead with Pete/Phil.

  • Loriane Parent
    Loriane Parent Il y a 3 ans +14

    Deep meaning. I'm sure Steve is proud of his boys. Too bad I didn't get to see him. I got to know them after he died.

    • Creepypasta master
      Creepypasta master Il y a 3 ans

      I'm 100% sure he is

    • Def Tye
      Def Tye Il y a 3 ans +3

      LaueeeCarter I'm sure he's very proud of the guys. They always talk about him and it kind of tugs at your heart because you can tell it kills them inside. It's pretty special in concert when they have slides of him while they play. I bet Steve's rocking to the new record up in Heaven!!! Def Leppard FOREVER!!

  • Morse Fiedler
    Morse Fiedler Il y a 3 ans +1

    Moth man you are sorry

  • Jenny Pedersen
    Jenny Pedersen Il y a 3 ans +1

    Among all time favorites

  • glObserver
    glObserver Il y a 3 ans +1

    Bad job. Writings appear on late, and are pretty illegible

    • • Leo •
      • Leo • Il y a an

      It’s pretty legible, maybe you’re illiterate...

    • Casey Ringer
      Casey Ringer Il y a 2 ans

      glObserver it's Def Leppard font....

    • Caleb link
      Caleb link Il y a 3 ans

      Running Riot Right lol

  • CrushingRock
    CrushingRock Il y a 4 ans +1

    very deep meaning for this one. thanks dude!

  • JP Wood
    JP Wood Il y a 4 ans +10

    25 years ago today. RIP Steven M. Clark

  • Dom R
    Dom R Il y a 4 ans +17

    One of my fave Lepp songs of all time!

  • Ignatius Chapel
    Ignatius Chapel Il y a 4 ans +1

    what a fantastic video, really nice, thanks for the effort

  • Kevs442
    Kevs442 Il y a 4 ans +14

    Steve & Phil began writing this song before he passed away, Phil finished it after Steve death.

    • Gordon White
      Gordon White Il y a 8 mois

      This one is for Steve r. I. p. love this song I came over alot im clean now this song says alot just pay attention to what they are saying

    • Patrick Langan
      Patrick Langan Il y a 3 ans +12

      Yep. Phil even said that while playing Steve's guitar parts on this and the rest of "Adrenalize", he felt Steve's ghost haunting him.

  • IronOrePickaxe
    IronOrePickaxe Il y a 5 ans +2

    I always thought the line 'He's coming to claim me' sounded like 'He's starting to cave in'. Which I thought was about Steve losing control on his addiction.

    • Tanner Nightingale
      Tanner Nightingale Il y a 3 ans +1

      In my opinion, I think both parts represent his addiction problem. R.I.P. Steve "Steamin" "White Lightning" "Riffmaster" Clark. :(

  • Mac888 spectral
    Mac888 spectral Il y a 5 ans +5

    Not to nitpick, but it's MOTH to a flame, not mouth. You know how moths are attracted to bug zappers and such? Lol...great song though...definitely one of my favorite Leppard tunes, along with Too Late For Love, Bringing on The Heartbreak, Mirror Mirror and a few others.

    • TDRS17
      TDRS17  Il y a 5 ans +1

      Ah. That makes a lot more sense haha. Thanks for the correction. I shall do my best to fix it!

  • Ronnie Rodrigue
    Ronnie Rodrigue Il y a 5 ans

    they both shared lead phil did more solos

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia Il y a 5 ans +2

    When do you get that style of letters to look like the def leppard logo