My viewers sent me horrible Minecraft worlds

  • Ajoutée 25 janv. 2022
  • this might be the greatest video I've ever made. I asked my viewers to send me minecraft worlds, along with mods or texture packs if they wanted.
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    IF YOU WANT A MINECRAFT SERVER like at 3:30 , I use Apex Hosting and I have an affiliate link for it - billing.apexminecrafthosting.... use this it's like the Fortnite creator codes but there's no code and you just click that link
    THE CURSED UPDATE MOD (still in development)
    Some of the maps in this video ~
    IJAMinecraft one block map -
    This is similar to my 100 days videos where I remake biomes and minecraft 1.18 and 1.17 and 1.19 mobs.

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  • T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans.

  • iTypechu

    Thank you Jim for including the Lemon pack for stage 2. I spent a solid 3 minutes on the mod. Great to see it actually made it

  • Blood Market

    Making you download the older versions of Minecraft JUST to taunt you with a singular sign 5 to 6 times is the funniest one out of all of these

  • cursed_cats


  • Yash Kothalkar

    ItsJim viewers are more dangerous then Jim himself

  • Chromer Music

    This is like a cursed child's playbook its so nice but terrifying at the same time.

  • VanillaAbstract


  • Crafting
    Crafting  +20

    want more vids man, keep it up! <3

  • Damian0816

    The shear panic in his voice when he realized he was on the Edmund Fitzgerald

  • Potato Plays

    “I can’t believe a potato built this”

  • Nobody
    Nobody  +68

    honestly, if you ever host this again, i'll give you a actual map with like, a story n shit

  • Twilight Dusk

    The immediate save and quit when first loading up the TnT world had me cackling.

  • Adam Clarke

    As a Michigander I’m kinda proud that you could recognize both those ships 😂

  • Heych
    Heych  +34

    First video of this guy that I've watched. I haven't watched a minute, I already love this channel

  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort itsJim puts into the content for us

  • andrás varga

    POV: jim forgot he had a premiere set

  • •🍷 ; little_heavxn ☄

    He wants himself to suffer Knowing how much worse it will go and that's the fact why I love his channel.

  • PeppyWeppy

    how does all of this ancient culture go unnoticed by someone like me for this long? truly this channel is a work of art

  • Yeetyeetoof

    This is gonna be horrible, and therefore amazing

  • ButterflySingere

    I have a question.Can you make a mod that makes it so passive mobs attack you but non passive mobs become passive?