Rammstein - Du Hast Live Feuerzone in Oslo (Europe Stadium Tour 2022)

  • Ajoutée 25 juil. 2022
  • Recorded from Feuerzone live at Bjerke Travbane - Oslo, Norway (24.07.2022)

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  • Steffen Nilsen

    Thank you guys for 100k views!

  • The Fauxtist

    I love Rammstein. I'm 54, same age group as Till. Great seeing so many young people in the crowd. I don't think there has ever been a band that puts so much $ in their stage show.

  • ada martinez

    Que belleza de caballeros que belleza de sencillos que belleza de seres humanos que belleza de humildad mejor y por mucho a los de actualidad que hermosura de concierto y lo mejor que a México le tienen un cariño especial y México los ama chula gracias por compartir la neta

  • José Domingos Soares Santos

    Sou fã desse pessoal 🇧🇷🚩


    Felicidades Rammstein !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! desde México

  • Zayde Lugo

    K tremendo espectáculo lo mejor 🥰😍

  • Pierre Beaumont

    Good sound quality! Do you have more of this? Btw how mutch was it for fuerzone in Oslo?

  • Mari Capeletti


  • Wolke Safini

    What's wrong with the Norwegian people? Standing in the fire zone still and rigid as waxworks. We Germans were told to be quite motionless, compared to crowds of other countries viewing Rammstein, and that's not quite wrong (yes we ARE quite stiff) but this... surpasses everything.

  • Joao paulo Fernandes

    Que doidera cara

  • Karina Caballero rodriguez

    Que espectaculo

  • Paul-Julius Wolf

    apparentely my friend and I were the only ones having a blast in the fire zone, we and some others went completly nuts while the rest was standing still

  • Damian Alvarez

    Son la puta bomba 🤘🤘🇮🇨🇮🇨

  • Hanf Peter

    May I ask how you got so close? did you camp out? was it claustrophobic in that huge crowd? (:

  • a xd
    a xd  +3

    Quien esperando su concierto en tierra azteca, yo meraaaa y quien masss en este 2022 de octubre

  • Lty Rojas

    Los mexicanos somos más prendidos y alegres.

  • MysteryBox

    What a cold blooded crowd. We'll teach you how it's done in Mexico 😘

  • Hugo Rafael Mora

    In México..... The bestttt

  • jon s.s. teppdalen