Rammstein - Deutschland - Live -Front of Feuerzone-Montreal 21/08/2022 - Park Jean Drapeau - 4K HDR

  • Ajoutée 22 août 2022
  • Shot from the very front of Feuerzone at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. 4K HDR from iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Commentaires • 192

  • Kellie Trujillo

    I was there and I can easily say this was the best damn concert I’ve ever seen

  • Silvia Maringer

    Ja Rammstein immer wieder nett zu hören. 🇩🇪

  • Joliie
    Joliie  +3

    seen the Stadium Tour twice now and will add a couple more this coming summer, its just that good.

  • Heiko Groben

    the best Band Ever !!!!!

  • Dark Arisen

    German folk music

  • Pat Limal

    Magnifique scène, rammstein encore et encore

  • BalloonInTheBalloon

    Saw them a while ago and they are awesome live.. it's like a circus and a concert in one .) Nothing compares.

  • Sha1tan 13

    Can I just go back to that night pleaaase!!

  • c0p.8
    c0p.8  +27

    I had general admission tickets, but next time they come I am 100% getting Feuerzone tickets. It’ll definitely be worth the money. I’m 5’2 and I had to climb on my friend’s back to see the stage 💀 I still had an amazing time though

  • dazhdbog1
    dazhdbog1  +19

    Hope to see you in Kyiv.

  • Splitrock Productions

    Nice video, I was right in front of you holding the rail! Sweet to see this video. That was an incredible show!

  • Bull Moose Progressive

    I wanted to see them in the U.S. , either New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Philadelphia, but I couldn't because Ticketmaster sucks and I couldn't buy the tickets, but I just got my tickets for Madrid when I am back to work!

  • Chris de Harde

    Really big cinema!

  • Jeff Contant

    Merci Man. Pas la dernière fois que je vais aller les voir. Un must dans vie de quelqu un. Amazing point final. Merci du vidéo dude.

  • Luis francisco Delgado gomez

    Que viva la misma que viva la música Dis co

  • Татьяна Мельникова

    Божественно 😍😍

  • Matt Derosier

    Chcaog show was best show I've ever seen.

  • Anne-Miep Vlasveld

    I life for this song. Of i had to choose 1 song it world be this one

  • Dom A
    Dom A  +12

    I saw them in Minneapolis last weekend and it was a fucking amazing show. I've seen Rammstein 3 times now and they are all in my top 3 concerts I've ever attended. I'm hoping they come back through on their Zeit tour!

  • Abc123
    Abc123  +1

    The tickets sales barely covered the stage construction