First to Catch a Shiny Pokemon of Every Type Wins

  • Ajoutée 26 janv. 2022
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    Who will catch a Shiny Pokemon of every Pokemon Type in Pokemon Let's Go first and win?
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    Edited by KaptainJackFlash

Commentaires • 2 368

  • PM7
    PM7   +325

    Get honey for free today!

  • Patterrz

    master balling a magneton is a bold strategy

  • Tamar Picker

    Mikey being a genuinely good friend caring about his buddy at

  • Aesir87
    Aesir87  +89

    John's reaction to Mikey shouting at missing out on the Shiny Weezing is pure gold.

  • amandakaye

    Love the back and forth. First Mikey is a rat, then bff again, then John tells horrible knock knock joke, more shade, then they are each others rock. Classic and hilarious.

  • kuro shi
    kuro shi  +91

    I love Oshawott, so that's probably my pick. I've avoided watching most of the trailers for the game because I want everything to be a surprise, so I'm excited to see how it ends up looking.

  • Foirelle
    Foirelle  +19

    Funny thing, I got a shiny Pyukumuku from a raid as I was watching this. Ended up catching it, thanks for the luck from this fun video lol!

  • MandJTV
    MandJTV  +1

    RIP my shiny Weezing T-T

  • Krystyne Ballestero

    Definitely picking cyndaquil. The only one I haven't used is Rowlet, but I've used grass types casually recently and hardly use fire types casually

  • Huntedwing

    Definitely getting Samurott! My first game was white 2, and it makes me happy to be able to use them again

  • USER Unfriendly Gaming
    USER Unfriendly Gaming Il y a jour +2

    I’d love to play Pokémon with you guys.

  • Matthew Hicks

    I'm personally going with my main man Typhlosion. I've waited so long for my boi to get some love. The skipped over him when they did mega evolution. They IGNORED him when it came to Gigantamaxing. Well today he finally gets his dues in the form of a zenned out ghosty boi and I am here for it.

  • Heropon_Riki

    Just like Mikey I love all three of the starters in Legends, but my favorite would probably be Rowlett, the thing is after seeing their forms I'm not a huge fan of Hisuian Decidueye so I'm probably picking Cyndaquil

  • Chris Vrana


  • The Almighty Duck

    I do this sort of thing all the time in my playthroughs. I call them Shiny Type Quests and I just get one shiny for every type by the time I get to the Elite 4

  • Barry III

    Love this series. Congrats for #8 on trending somehow

  • Kmi_Zaraki

    Love their collaborations lol always make my days

  • JBinks 02

    I'm going to go for Oshawott. Gen 5 was my first generation and I personally think it's hisuian form is the best. I also don't usually pick the water type for my runs.

  • RosaTheFoxGirl

    This moment made me laugh so hard 🤣😂

  • Xavier Estellés

    MAD PROPS to the editor! His editing style is super cool and dynamic!