Why We Turned Off the Live Chat on Saturday - People are Insane!!!!

  • Ajoutée 24 janv. 2022
  • Here's our schedule if you haven't already seen all these events i'm talkin about! www.cleetusmcfarland.com/events/

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  • Cleetus McFarland

    Just so everyone is clear we are still workin with our boys at Project Priime the company I was referring to that we are no longer partnered with is a whole other PPV service company. Project Priime will still be a big part of our movement!

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M  +117

    During ppv a lot of the times the camera is zoomed into one area that when something significant happens elsewhere you hear the announcers going crazy but don’t see what is going on. Probably hard to switch so quick but more instant replays would be a big improvement if a camera can’t switch live quick enough.

  • Harry Moss

    I’m so sorry that’s what happened. Honestly, I rarely ever comment on any videos I watch on anyones channel but I just wanted to show my support real quick. For what it’s worth you have my support 100% in whatever you do, all the way from Australia. Hell Yeah Brother!

  • James Esposito

    I've learned many years ago working with the public sucks everybody finds something to complain about. If you gave everybody at your event a hamburger for free you'd have 70% of the people bitching that you didn't give them cheese. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best.

  • GankMan
    GankMan  +49

    Cleetus, remember that when those livestream happens, about 80% of the people dont read the chat let alone write in it. I dont want you to think all of the people watching were engaging in the none-sense :)

  • electrospank

    Always handling situations professionally, that's why everyone loves the Cleeter. Everyone that matters is behind you.

  • chadillacshere

    We don't need the live chat for the live streams! Just keep the quality content coming!

  • Not a Druglord

    I've always thought of "Cleetus McFartcan" for this channel. Many toobers do funny things with the second channel and I think that fits well with the car stuff

  • Kyle Coonrod

    Like many, I don’t read the chat bc of issues like this on other life streams. Sucks that these trolls are out there! Great job Cleetus.

  • Dan Stennis

    Your channels are amazing and have provided a great escape during some really hard times. Thank you for what you do!

  • Nicholas Snyder

    Hey Cleetus! We super appreciate the bonus livestreams, it’s crazy generous of you and the team. Disappointing to hear how off the rails the chat got. I’m right there with you on the freedom of speech thing but maybe chat is only for members or superchats? Just an unoriginal thought I’m sure. God bless you and the team, rock on! 🦅🇺🇸

  • TheGreeNinja13

    Cleetus McGiraffe

  • William Meyer

    I don't even use the live chat when I watch streams on FRclip.. Cause it's crazy no matter who's channel I'm on. You do you guys. That's what I'm here for.

  • WillayLegacy

    "Shenanigans with Cleetus" for the new channel name is my suggestion! Sad that you need to make videos like this mate, the trolls do be real. Keep that positivity coming though, love seeing what you and the crew get up to!

  • Steven O’Neill

    Like many others on here have said it’s nice to see someone be so transparent and explain these things rather than just doing it outright. So glad to see you growing at such an exponential rate, great things to come! I agree with the Cletus and co. Name and think you ought to put some of the more technical stuff on here for those that are interested.

  • YetiThaGr8

    The internet is a breeding grounds for trolly assholes. Glad to hear James is actually okay. And looking forward to the future PPVs! Here are some channel names I came up with:

  • Twray
    Twray  +24

    “Cleetus Freedom two” a lot of respect in the way you are upfront and dealing with the live stream trolls.

  • Travis Renaker

    I really enjoy watching everything you guys post. Keep that awesome content coming. An thank you for making them better everytime. Pimp tight stinky fo sho.

  • Katsunaka
    Katsunaka  +610

    Under the hood with Cleetus

  • SGT Compton

    Huge information and thank you for handling this situation at hand! There is no need for it and i bet those live chats wouldn’t happen in real if because people would be layed out!