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  • Alex Dela Cruz
    Alex Dela Cruz Il y a an +1

    Congrats mga kapatid for another awesome dance cover! Keep it up!👍👍

  • Banoy Ann
    Banoy Ann Il y a an +2

    Sending full support here po.. Galing nyo pong sumayaw 😊

  • rhymeister

    Great track! Okay, are we gonna have a nice break dance team representing RNP in the next summer Olympics in France? Those French b.boys got a lot of game!

  • JNL Travel Adventure TV

    galing naman po sumayaw ng group nyo.. i remember my teenage days with this song

  • Yohan in America Vlog
    Yohan in America Vlog Il y a an +6

    Sending my full support from USA with love...

  • Kervz Martinez
    Kervz Martinez Il y a an +2

    The best talaga kayo guys!!! Good job!!! Congrats!!

  • Roselyn_ 24
    Roselyn_ 24 Il y a an +3

    Another dance cover ng extreme, galing niyo talaga, applause, favorite ko yan, sinasayaw ko din yan dati, God blessed all extreme

  • Mr. Jap TV
    Mr. Jap TV Il y a an +1

    Galing nman sumayaw...full support here ...stay safe & godbless guys

  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez Il y a an +2

    galing talaga ng extreme boysssssssssssss

  • Person_Elize
    Person_Elize Il y a an

    Daming steps , very nice nman... Galing mo elljhay

  • YHSOL Channel
    YHSOL Channel Il y a an +3

    woah! nakakahawa ang energy

  • Bisdak nga Dako
    Bisdak nga Dako Il y a an +1

    Yown gagaling naman uy!! Keep on sharing lang mga sir. Sending my full support from yohan in America

  • airam anele
    airam anele Il y a an +5

    NaOl magaling sumayaw hehe

  • September Lian2009
    September Lian2009 Il y a an

    Love it

  • Wilson K
    Wilson K Il y a an +1

    Great dance my friend

  • Shane Lasley
    Shane Lasley Il y a an

    Sending my full support from USA 🇺🇲

  • Secretary ni Nanmar TV /Proud probinsiyana

    Wow ganda naman

  • EbsWeng Vlogs
    EbsWeng Vlogs Il y a an

    Magaling lahat sumayaw new friend watching

  • LARA GHAZi-  Partner ni Marlon Duarte

    sending my support from Dubai💙... new friend from NanMarTV...Lara Ghazy po❣️

  • Run DMC
    Run DMC Il y a an +2

    Ambangus 😎