Former treasury secretary slams Donald Trump

  • Ajoutée 25 juin 2016
  • Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said that he will be supporting Hillary Clinton for president. He adds to the growing list of prominent Republicans refusing to stand by Donald Trump. Reena Ninan reports.

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  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Il y a 2 ans

    Crook Paulson has to support crooked Hillary. How else will he get another bailout?

  • Barry Edwards
    Barry Edwards Il y a 2 ans

    Looks like their gravy train just hit the buffers.

  • Unk Coothd
    Unk Coothd Il y a 2 ans

    America FIRST baby-- let's Make America Great Again. Everything these folks do only helps Trump -- they haven't figured out how to deal with it yet. I Love IT!!

  • Mustaffa Beenie
    Mustaffa Beenie Il y a 2 ans

    LOL... and Clinton bough this Moron for another 100k she's gonna go through that blood money quick!

  • Razib Baral JOY
    Razib Baral JOY Il y a 2 ans

    Politicians whether Gop or Democrat, lobbyists, Big Corporations, media have there candidate Hillary Clinton.
    And we have our candidate.

  • cj Jones
    cj Jones Il y a 2 ans

    SORRY! but you Fuckers created the TrumpMonster, now you're going to have to put that nasty bitch back in the bag in your own..... and it won't be easy! good luck with that! - via @haystacktv

  • David & Debra Ellis
    David & Debra Ellis Il y a 2 ans

    Us in the name of Jesus.

  • David & Debra Ellis
    David & Debra Ellis Il y a 2 ans

    Our family is love given to us freely by our Lord Jesus Christ. Come to Jesus and be in our family of peace and love. Yes to Jesus and our Father in Heaven . May God Bless us all in Jesus name.

  • David & Debra Ellis
    David & Debra Ellis Il y a 2 ans

    Jesus said to love our neighbor as our self. Wake up PEOPLE Please ! Be carefull for what you wish for you may just get it. Do you want evil to be your family ? Really ? Well God gives us our hearts desires so think about that.

  • David & Debra Ellis
    David & Debra Ellis Il y a 2 ans

    NWO . what is NWO to a Christian who knows the truth ? Answer is : No World Order ! CAOS ! yes that is right . CAOS .

  • David & Debra Ellis
    David & Debra Ellis Il y a 2 ans

    Do you really think that if you all go along with this NWO that all will be well for you ? NO . Evil cannot give out good fruit. Wake up people you are being deceived by satan. Ask yourself this question. Can Money or Position save you from Hell? NO. I am warning you ! Cry out to the Lord to ask Jesus to forgive you before it is too late for you.

  • No: Six
    No: Six Il y a 2 ans

    More propaganda.

  • db2664
    db2664 Il y a 2 ans

    This is actually a good thing. Paulson is the quintessential Wall Street insider, no surprise he's supporting the Crook Hillary. This endorsement needs to get more air time - only helps Trump !

  • Trigger_Warning
    Trigger_Warning Il y a 2 ans +4

    This the douchebag that bailed out Wall Street because he said that they were to big to fail.
    You have to be a pretty big sheep or a brain dead Hillary supporter to listen to this clown.