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  • Levi Garcia
    Levi Garcia Il y a 11 heures

    Hola hellow..from belize mirando la movie 2019 feberdo 21..alkien mas how esles is watching..😣😁😁😁

  • Sara Hannah
    Sara Hannah Il y a 17 heures

    A truly fantastic and fabulous movie! Thank you!!

  • Mac painting
    Mac painting Il y a jour

    Who wrote the story... He is unique

  • Psandjeet Kumar
    Psandjeet Kumar Il y a jour

    Psandjeet rao

  • Mac painting
    Mac painting Il y a jour

    What an artist director 😝😝😝😝

  • Jahn Beukes
    Jahn Beukes Il y a jour

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • John Roberson Felix
    John Roberson Felix Il y a 2 jours

    Love before all

  • Magia Nocturna
    Magia Nocturna Il y a 3 jours

    Que buena música!!! Me gusta!!?

  • Jayanta Barman
    Jayanta Barman Il y a 4 jours


  • مهدی مهدی
    مهدی مهدی Il y a 6 jours

    Don't play with my

  • Lupe Camarena
    Lupe Camarena Il y a 6 jours

    OMG! someone finally posted a clear video...ive been looking for a clear video since Nightwish first completed this project. Thank You.

  • Joey Jitzel
    Joey Jitzel Il y a 6 jours

    Beautiful story and incredibly imaginative. The reveal blew me away.

  • zhengkai Yu
    zhengkai Yu Il y a 6 jours

    It's amazing so much

  • zhengkai Yu
    zhengkai Yu Il y a 6 jours

    good film

  • bruce baldy
    bruce baldy Il y a 7 jours

    WOW! He seems so familiar......

  • Diana Gamez
    Diana Gamez Il y a 8 jours

    Movie why actors moive made movie why beyond saying words not film .that scary .movies not real film .the boy wonderying dream s

  • Diana Gamez
    Diana Gamez Il y a 8 jours

    Moment live it see wonderful movie ❤️🎂🍿🍃

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Il y a 9 jours


  • Nitin gupta 1
    Nitin gupta 1 Il y a 10 jours

    Hindi me

  • R.k.y. News
    R.k.y. News Il y a 10 jours


  • Delmus Ingle
    Delmus Ingle Il y a 10 jours

    Very well planned and executed. I had to watch it twice. Hearing not so clear at 67, but I added another amplifier. Reminds me of my own lack of bonding with daughter of three due to her mother's monkey branching and divorce. Got her back at sixteen and pregnant. Mother wanted nothing to do with her. It did not end well. She died of a stroke at 32. Her mother has never seen her two grandchildren even though she knows where they exist and was contacted by them. I raised them. They are well with lives of their own...... Bonding is the fulfillment most live their lives searching for.

  • Delmus Ingle
    Delmus Ingle Il y a 10 jours

    A dream of over 60 years.... One very personal story,,,,,,, It does not fit this video but ,,,,,,,,,,, I am 66 years old, however, I have had a dream all my life that took me a long time to understand. Before I do, I learned at twelve from relatives that my mother tried to kill me twice. Once when I was a baby by putting me in an oven and turning the oven on, a visiting sister of her’s happened by to intervene to save my life. Another time when I was still an infant. The story goes that she put me outside in the sun and covered me with sorghum syrup. The flies and ants were eating me alive and my mother just watched. I don’t recall who rescued me but the story did explain some things in my mind. I was told these things in great detail. I asked my father about all this and he just said those stories were not quite as I was told but he would not tell me what happened or that it did not happen. He brushed it off that my mother was having a bad time is all. Another thing to note here, both stories came from women, so you know they exaggerated where they could. Even at twelve I understood that nature of women to always want attention even if it meant destroying a little boy. This was just before my story of the prostitute began. (in another story) Through out my youth to age 10, there were several incidents I still remember of my mother beating me with a switch, a branch of a bush much like a fishing rod. I know none of them were justified. There are many I do not remember well, except that they happened. My mother was physically and mentally abusive. She would beat me with a switch as a child for 10, 20 minutes at a time until I figured out what set her off and I admitted it and corrected it if I could while she continued the beating. Even now as an adult, I know she was not justified. I know I was a good child. I was a cheap workhorse to help to support the family . The mental abuse was just as bad. When I got older 11 and 12, she became more mentally abusive with long degrading rants. She drove me to a complete mental breakdown at 12. I ripped an entire old fashioned door off its hinges before I collapsed. My father did finally divorce her and I went with him. But the damage was done. My father was not a good father either. I suffered abuse from him as well, I did not grieve when they died. I only thought it to be sad that they were terrible parents. But I did get to tell them before they died that I had no love for them. I have never revisited their graves. I am 66 now, so it does not matter what anyone thinks anymore. Believe me, it never goes away. I still had dreams of it fairly often. I have no memory of being lovingly held by my mother or good words from her.
    Father did finally say he was sorry and that he loved me shortly before he died. I told him it was too late.
    Child abuse is horrible and those who do such need to die. I know many will rebuke me for this, but this what I feel. That is not the answer, knowledge is.
    If it were not for my intelligence, I would not have survived, at 9 and 10 I read the complete 'Book of Knowledge' 20 volume set. Child abuse is the ultimate hate of a parent.
    Society plays trumpets and violins to mothers and women in general, but I think many are the worst creatures created. Did my mother know what she was doing? Of course she did. My mother knew she would get into trouble if others found out. So she knew she was wrong. But women hide it in ‘I am not responsible because I am a woman' in one form or another.

    • Delmus Ingle
      Delmus Ingle Il y a 10 jours

      Back to my dream….. I could see this child crying by a creek or a brook. He was not more than two. The child was covered in long streaks of swollen blood filled raised flesh created from being beaten with a long narrow branch from a cursed ornamental yard bush. Even though there were legs passing by, none would stop nearby. That child’s heart was pounding against his chest so hard that the skin was yellowed from the bruising of his beating heart. I could see him, hear him crying and moving with so much pain. I would talk to him, I remember my own heart hurting, then…. ….. For years this is about where it would end. But it seemed the dream lasted for hours. There were other details but I shorten for sake of space. I would awaken in tears with my own heart beating like a drum against my chest and in my ears. But this dream did not seem to be me. At some point, I think around 14, I bent over and picked the boy up and sat down to clean his wounds. The boy was soothed but still cried.
      ( This was not a dream I had often but when I did, I recognized it and began to write notes in a blank book I had bought for that purpose when I woke up. )
      Over time the boy grew old enough to talk to me of his pain, of his feelings of not being wanted, of not understanding why. We walked the creek, talked, stacked stones by the creek, etc. I would wake up crying with the same drumming in my ears and often thought I was having a heart attack… At some point I embraced that sleep time when I could again meet this boy in spite of the pain it caused me. It made me feel so needed and in that need, a love. I still had that dream after I married my first wife, but less often. I did try to talk to her just once about it. But that was a mistake. A woman’s ‘love’ often depends solely on her respect for a man. Once gone so is she. ….
      I had this dream almost all of my remaining years. I understood the child was me because he told me when I was about 23. It was a shock to me but I accepted that. I could not , however, console this child and end his crying or pain. for it was me. I knew what the child needed but I was unable to provide. I would awaken each time in uncontrollable weeping and my heart beating against my chest like a large drum.
      I knew the only way to end this was to awaken while in the dream and have someone hold that child, let him cry until he was through crying and only then tell that child, "I am sorry, you did not deserve to be treated that way.” Then say nothing else, not one word, not a ‘it will be alright’, not one ‘sweetheart’, not one word. Then that child could merge with me and the dreams would cease. …. I had on three occasions talked to a psychiatrist due to some extreme stress, but all talked in as though trained from the same useless book and even as being taught in the same classes. All ignored my dream and the solution I knew would end it. That did finally happen a few months ago. One final dream of me calling out to that child who was nowhere to be found, then of me looking into that brook, dipping my hand in the water to wash my face and laughing at my image, but the image was an old white bearded old man.
      I have not had the dream since. and there is a relief of the sadness in my soul.
      It happened when i was visiting a relative, a cousin, female who was a child about my age when some of this happened. We had reminisced about the old days. During the conversation I had told her of my mother’s abuse. Her mother was one of my mother’s sister. This cousin verified some of those things as being talked among the adults back then. I did not tell her of the dream. It got late and I spent the night. During that night the child again came forth. I woke up crying loudly. I was in anguish. It felt as if my heart would burst. I recalled all the hurt in my life. I went to the porch to smoke a cigarette to calm down. But I was so heart broken I could not stop. The child in me was begging to be held. The cousin and her husband heard me and came to the porch. The child was out….. I told them what the child needed and they hugged me for about twenty minutes without saying a word as the child opened his heart and bleed tears all over them. Not a word between us. But then as the child was finishing crying they in turn told that child what he needed to know. After I let go they fixed some coffee and we briefly spoke of it but they both said nothing more was needed to be said, they understood. The cure was that simple. Nothing else has been said about it except me sayin weeks later that I had not had a return of the dream. They smiled, looked at each other and said they had no idea what I was talking about. Nuff said.
      I think there are others who have this same or similar child they are ashamed to expose and it affected their entire life.
      So if you look back and don’t see a success you feel should be there. It may not be you who has failed, it has been those who should have given you hope and love.

  • Ikan Panjang
    Ikan Panjang Il y a 10 jours

    Nice movies watch 12-02-2019 from indonesia

  • Harish SaHaS
    Harish SaHaS Il y a 11 jours

    It was such an emotional movie... thanks for uploading.... beautiful music.

  • ReStOrEdLiFe88
    ReStOrEdLiFe88 Il y a 11 jours +2

    Good God it felt like it's just 5 minutes long. Captivating, beautiful and sad.

    NGUYEN THI HANG Il y a 11 jours

    Có ai dịch hộ coi

  • Marie Flint
    Marie Flint Il y a 11 jours

    What a nightmare. Checking out at 31:59.

  • Mrs.Kay Luster
    Mrs.Kay Luster Il y a 12 jours

    Loved it

  • Abegail Perez
    Abegail Perez Il y a 12 jours

    @Jason Hanner hey hope you get notification with this

  • Csyka Eloiza Delfin
    Csyka Eloiza Delfin Il y a 12 jours

    I miss my dad.... 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lilith Kenis
    Lilith Kenis Il y a 12 jours

    This kid looks so very gender neutral, could be a boy, but could just as well be a girl... I wonder...

  • pnamajck
    pnamajck Il y a 12 jours

    thought the movie was very good … all the best to those watching.

  • Sami samuel Thoby
    Sami samuel Thoby Il y a 12 jours

    Les commentaires d'abord 👍 👍 👍
    Comments first 👍👍👍

  • Larry John
    Larry John Il y a 13 jours

    this dumbass movie and that's real talk stupid as fuk

  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller Il y a 13 jours

    Great movie

  • Elaine S.
    Elaine S. Il y a 14 jours


  • Israel García
    Israel García Il y a 14 jours

    Y en español pa cuando ? 😓

  • Tenmil
    Tenmil Il y a 14 jours +1

    Terrible boring waste of time movie 🎥!😠😠😠😡😡😡

  • Samantha galindo
    Samantha galindo Il y a 15 jours

    Abnormal movie 😂😂😂

  • Nightly Dreamer
    Nightly Dreamer Il y a 15 jours

    Yes!!!! Finally I get to see this

  • Lillian Humphrey
    Lillian Humphrey Il y a 15 jours

    I like big pee pee

  • lucianinharlb Belizario
    lucianinharlb Belizario Il y a 15 jours

    Queria assistir em português 😔

  • Jkeyes Keyes
    Jkeyes Keyes Il y a 16 jours


  • Mary Grace Lagrimas
    Mary Grace Lagrimas Il y a 17 jours


  • Philip jon Parsacala
    Philip jon Parsacala Il y a 19 jours


  • noy keovongvichit
    noy keovongvichit Il y a 20 jours

    Jack frost now evil?

  • Gerard Walker
    Gerard Walker Il y a 20 jours

    Imagine Nightwish dressed up all sharp and slick like in this movie during a concert. Lol Marco looked incredibly neat.

  • Nelita Cassia
    Nelita Cassia Il y a 20 jours

    Que. Graça. Tem. Colocar. Filmes. Sem. Estar. Dubralo. Ou. Com. Legenda. Por.

  • sasha deea
    sasha deea Il y a 21 jour

    omg i was looking for this movieee couldn't find it thank you

  • Ridzman Iriz
    Ridzman Iriz Il y a 22 jours

    Too much talking ... borringgggggggggg

  • Raju Kumar
    Raju Kumar Il y a 22 jours


  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar Il y a 22 jours

    Hindi me karo bai

  • Rajesh VM Raju
    Rajesh VM Raju Il y a 23 jours

    Very bad

    ABHISHEK raj RTR Il y a 23 jours

    So cute

  • Victor Vandez
    Victor Vandez Il y a mois

    In beginning: it looks a little cold for a snow man eh?

  • Abdu Khamis
    Abdu Khamis Il y a mois

    What a wonderful movie, amazing story, l loved everything

  • Henrieta Janotakova
    Henrieta Janotakova Il y a mois

    Amazing... Nightwish... amazing...😍

  • joann hopkins
    joann hopkins Il y a mois

    That was amazing

  • Баир Дугаржапов

    А я напишу по русски нихуя не понял без перевода кто так же не понял лайк.

    • Великий Филимон Зюзь
      Великий Филимон Зюзь Il y a 8 jours

      Я тут подумал и расставил за вас запятые. Так будет логичней.
      "А я напишу, по-русски нихуя не понял, кто так же не понял, лайк".

  • baljinder singh
    baljinder singh Il y a 2 mois

    And wasted time on this Saturday watching this stupid movie

  • Phekan Mahto
    Phekan Mahto Il y a 2 mois

    nice movie

  • Stardrive Paintings
    Stardrive Paintings Il y a 2 mois

    Thank you so much. I discovered Nightwish last year and then found out about the movie. I was just looking to see where I could buy it when I found this. Hope it can stay on for a while.

  • Annie Way
    Annie Way Il y a 2 mois

    What’s the meaning behind the Arabesque? I mean, the snowball with the girl in red. I never understood it.

  • Patrik Saagim
    Patrik Saagim Il y a 2 mois +2

    Imaginaerum is a proper lifechanger. You see, I have never cried to anything in particular and then there is Nightwish. Seriously. This made me burst into tears. I was not expecting that. That's why Nightwish is the best band ever leaded by Tuomas, he is a true legend! They're doing impossible, they're making me cry. Nightwish is a miracle. Long live! And Merry Christmas. This was the present I was looking for.
    Oh, and one more thing, guess I've been under the rock forever for not seeing this movie. Still crying after a long time.

  • Vincent Tlhokwe
    Vincent Tlhokwe Il y a 2 mois

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  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith Il y a 2 mois +1

    The dementia it self made him remember

  • Ashleigh Burnett
    Ashleigh Burnett Il y a 2 mois +22

    I cried so hard all the way through this. So much beautiful and powerful imagery. Thank you Nightwish, can’t believe I only just discovered this today

    OVER LORD Il y a 2 mois

    I’m glad that I’m watching the whole movie

  • ATR Unlimited
    ATR Unlimited Il y a 2 mois

    Powerful movie.

  • Umesh Sawan
    Umesh Sawan Il y a 2 mois


  • Will Tabacchi
    Will Tabacchi Il y a 2 mois

    Waste of technology.

  • Patricia Ruskus
    Patricia Ruskus Il y a 2 mois

    i did not understood this crazy movie , i lost a hole hour watching this demencia movie , and the end was super trash ,.

  • Rex DuBois
    Rex DuBois Il y a 2 mois +2

    I really love this movie! I've been a Nightwish fan since childhood. They've come so very far and they are just so amazing. This movie made me cry, made me laugh, made me cheer and scream. Such a great movie very insightful, heartwarming and very symbolic :)

    ÁNGEL METALSPAWN Il y a 2 mois


  • ghost feather
    ghost feather Il y a 2 mois

    Nista ne razumem

  • Broly
    Broly Il y a 2 mois

    Nightwish brought me here

  • rupchand bhardwaj
    rupchand bhardwaj Il y a 2 mois


  • Briansgate
    Briansgate Il y a 2 mois +48

    Amazing how independent films like this make you feel so much, and big money like hollywood leave you so empty. Thank you, Nightwish.

    • Princess Joso
      Princess Joso Il y a 10 jours

      +Vicarious Gamer Very true...such is the world!

    • Vicarious Gamer
      Vicarious Gamer Il y a 11 jours +4

      Hollywood productions are run by pedophiles/sex addicts/druggies who laugh at the society all the way to the bank. Suits impose trash on who they believe is trash. Much like the powers that be they can get away with lots of illegal activity, paying off the law, while spitting on the public that adores them. The same goes with the music moguls. Have you ever wondered why such shitty people and their "music" is so popular ?

  • sachin Kalsh
    sachin Kalsh Il y a 3 mois

    pls full moves hinde me

  • Tim Turner
    Tim Turner Il y a 3 mois

    Venom (2018) ➨
    Language : All Languages | English | Spanish | Switzerland | German Pays: UK | France
    Quality : 1080P, 720P
    All Languages | English | Spanish | Franch | German
    Genres: Action | Sci-Fi
    Quando Eddie Brock acquisisce i poteri di un simbionte, dovrà liberare il suo alter-ego "Venom" per salvargli la vita.
    Regista: Ruben Fleischer
    Scrittori: Jeff Pinkner (sceneggiatura di), Scott Rosenberg (sceneggiatura di) | Altri 5 crediti »
    Stelle: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed

  • kamiSama LoveMie
    kamiSama LoveMie Il y a 3 mois +2

    Reading comments while watching😊😊😊 I think it's a wonderful story...

  • Manoj kumar Yadav
    Manoj kumar Yadav Il y a 3 mois

    nice muvie

  • sumrsolo
    sumrsolo Il y a 3 mois +20

    *Spoiler Alert*
    I don't understand why so many people are just focusing on the dementia part of it. It's not even the main part of the movie. I thought the main point of this man's story stems from his childhood because that is our family of origins. This is what shapes us in our most tender developmental stages of our brains which is our childhood. This man's story is about a childhood trauma, falling into a darkness of his pain, a Father/Daughter strained dynamic, regret, fighting the loss of his mind, facing his fears, and finally working through his trauma. He couldn't share the trauma with his daughter or his feelings about her and her Mother to her directly so he wrote it all down because he knew he was losing himself. When he lost his wife/her Mom he wasn't himself and he pushed away his daughter at the time. His trauma, being triggered by his wife dying, and wanting to protect his daughter from his darkness that developed from all his pain in his life, caused him to push his daughter away when she was a child. He felt breaking her most precious item that was magic in her mind given to her by him was causing a childhood trauma for her like when he witnessed his Father kill himself. He saw himself only as poison for her because he was full of such rage and sadness. He wanted her to know that he loved her, that he was sorry, that it wasn't her fault, that if he could change it all he would have been there for her, and that he was simply hurting from the guilt.

    • Raw Gaw
      Raw Gaw Il y a 10 jours

      That was truly heart felt and moving summation of this movie. Great insight!

    • Harish SaHaS
      Harish SaHaS Il y a 11 jours

      Awesome and really appreciate you taking all this time to write this.. such clarity..thank you... you must be a writer for sure...if not please do write..

    • Leonel Oliveros
      Leonel Oliveros Il y a 11 jours

      You are 100% right

    • Andri Firzio Firzio
      Andri Firzio Firzio Il y a 2 mois

      love you

  • Moddy M
    Moddy M Il y a 3 mois

    I love it .👍👍👍

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor Il y a 3 mois +18

    Powerful message. Opened my eyes wider. So much love, heartache, desire, and disappointments. All the emotions, and raw it.

  • Neitik Verma
    Neitik Verma Il y a 3 mois

    Very nice movie

  • wong jowoo
    wong jowoo Il y a 3 mois

    sub indonesia

  • Android gaming world
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  • Rafeek Behaer
    Rafeek Behaer Il y a 3 mois

    रफीक बिहारी

  • Gobindo Mal
    Gobindo Mal Il y a 3 mois

    Sax movie

  • Piotr Bog
    Piotr Bog Il y a 3 mois +2

    This music is for demonic humans, no thanks. Piotr Bog

    • IsaL
      IsaL Il y a 2 mois

      Just plain humans is boring!

      WARPHEAD Il y a 3 mois

      Damned incessant tuneless piano key banging. The more they try to seem edgy the more they sound just like everyone else.

  • Hella D.Altar
    Hella D.Altar Il y a 3 mois

    i always cry when i watch it

  • Parameswaey Eswary
    Parameswaey Eswary Il y a 3 mois


  • Patricia дочка Жоана Застоні Пржисній

    Awesome! I love it! Imaginarium was the best album from Nightwish!!! A gift for us!!!

  • ujang gondrong
    ujang gondrong Il y a 3 mois +7

  • Hiden Locares
    Hiden Locares Il y a 3 mois

    Sometimes love express its own.......
    We just need deep understanding for knowing it....

  • christine gehlert
    christine gehlert Il y a 3 mois

    No English captions

  • Sam Burton
    Sam Burton Il y a 3 mois

    That what you mf have is movie. Most 1% outlaw bikers. Is game lot bikrs say they rid because ferdem just show biker are.1 % are derm. Most say ferdem are nothing. But fastest fack fiction 1 % birke there . the

  • Bunnybutt118
    Bunnybutt118 Il y a 3 mois

    Yeah I love the Music I've had the CD since Nightwish came out with it. Now the movie!!!!!!!