Good bye, Lois |

  • Ajoutée 26 août 2022
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Commentaires • 3 426

  • @thefamilyguy978


  • @contributative9368

    "whoever you are, thank you""

  • @user-zh6lh7py4o

    This outlines my favourite dynamic.

  • @rizebeets4214

    Brooo I was like “it’s definitely Stewie” 😂😂😂

  • @pll__skip

    Stewie: “damn it, wrong target”

  • @dawsonh3826

    "If anybody Takes that Bitch down its gonna be me" that had me dying lmao 💀

  • @rojoratatatata4002
    @rojoratatatata4002 Il y a jour +10

    Honestly one the best dramas I’ve ever seen especially in animation. Family guys peak. No idea how the creators could ruin such a beautiful sucessful tv show

  • @casual-stupidity6949

    “if anyone’s gonna take that bitch down, its gonna be me.”

  • @afiffarhati4580
    @afiffarhati4580 Il y a 14 jours +15

    The atmosphere of this scene is great!

  • @meow_oyie
    @meow_oyie Il y a 14 jours +6

    Dayum, the grass and hair waving, so smooth

  • @ilikef-22s53

    “Hello? Who ever you are thank you”

  • @boxhead4172
    @boxhead4172 Il y a 19 heures +3

    "Anybody going to take that b*

  • @seavibesz689
    @seavibesz689 Il y a 19 heures +3

    you know a family guy scene is serious when they animate the hair moving

  • @ashmemes2946

    "Whoever you are thank you"

  • @jonanaya8836
    @jonanaya8836 Il y a jour +32

    "Whoever you are thank you" *walks of like nothing happened🤣

  • @no_name_magician

    I like how it feels similar to The Simpsons where Maggie saved Homer and Bart by shooting the bad guy at the end of the movie

  • @user-ln4vk3sn2t

    really expecting stewie to say: "damn i missed"😂

  • @tanqer_strike6557
    @tanqer_strike6557 Il y a jour +1

    Louis: God save me

  • @juzt_zee9746
    @juzt_zee9746 Il y a 9 heures

    This reminds me of Siblings realationship bruh. It's like "Noone can bully my sibling except ME"

  • @xenopizza10509

    This episode is nearly the only episode that is canon in the whole show since the character deaths a permanent.