Emmanuel Macron interview (English): Getting “tough” on Brexit

  • Ajoutée 14 févr. 2017
  • Emmanuel Macron says in an interview with Channel 4 News that, in the event of Brexit, he will be "tough on the British Government.” Subscribe for more exclusive interviews: bit.ly/LtASif.
    In his first UK television interview since he came to the fore, Emmanuel Macron says that, if Britain leaves the EU, we can be certain he won’t soften. He also believes that Marine Le Pen would "kill" the EU if she was elected.

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  • Simon Classe
    Simon Classe Il y a 3 jours +1

    I think everything can be resumed to this expression "a progressist approach". Can someone mention a more meaningless expression than that ? It's not because you repeat 30x that you are consistent that you actually are ...

  • Ffc -
    Ffc - Il y a 29 jours

    > When your President hates his own country and face the first french huge revolt since few decades but speaks a not so bad english so strangers actually thinks he is a good President

  • moog nico
    moog nico Il y a mois

    France is in danger with this man

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons Il y a mois

    Channel 4 are corrupting my text as a form of censorship/editing.
    Amir Khan is the worst boxer of all time. My mum could fight him.

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci Il y a mois

    He is a failure... Tough on you.. Mrs Merkels Little poodle.

  • goodall1bay
    goodall1bay Il y a mois

    It's gaddafi time for this chap

  • goodall1bay
    goodall1bay Il y a mois

    Oh how the arrogant has fallen

  • Emmanuel Macron
    Emmanuel Macron Il y a 2 mois

    I know exactly what i'm talking about, but actions are harder to achieve.

  • i
    i Il y a 2 mois

    Mais il dit frontiers au lieu de borders and “increase our renforts” au lieu de reinforcements lol

  • Canadian Explorer
    Canadian Explorer Il y a 2 mois +1

    Dang this president has A better accent than trump

  • Cédric l
    Cédric l Il y a 2 mois +1

    il faut être intelligent Emmanuel macron pa être con

  • Baz Robb
    Baz Robb Il y a 2 mois

    Macron married his mam

  • ernest rogen
    ernest rogen Il y a 2 mois

    Thank you sir now Your french goods are on the UK no buy list hope the workers in France who loss their jobs go knocking on your door. You may speak English but you do not understand the British people when we are pushed by bullies like you. May has given into the EU preconditions but we still fight on. Yes May and the remainers call this a deal but it is not what we have so far is the EU preconditions before they talk about a trade deal. Preconditions which mean we have to give the EU everything they demand in a trade deal including Vat and import tariffs on goods we buy from out side the EU. This so called deal of May and the EU means we give the EU everything in the preconditions even they demand more in a trade deal than we can agree to. As a Northern Ireland business man I would not bet 10 cents on May getting us anything that will be fare to the UK. Her own track record shows my point.

    • Ishaan Rahman
      Ishaan Rahman Il y a mois

      This is exactly why we should have remained in the EU. The deal is a disaster because Brexit was always going to be a disaster!

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 Il y a 2 mois +1

    A year later and the French public want to eat his liver with a bottle of French wine and a side of fava beans.

    LOVE TRAVEL SPORT Il y a 3 mois


  • Ben87hub Paul
    Ben87hub Paul Il y a 4 mois +1

    He sounds like French Narrator from SpongeBob.

  • General Billdog
    General Billdog Il y a 4 mois

    All of these shills in the comments who know nothing about this guy/or are straight up LYING.. the yellow vest movement speaks for itself! Get this mans head on a platter!

  • lennonpolo
    lennonpolo Il y a 4 mois

    Looking at the comments below, I bet your not thinking that now? Fools!

  • Olivera Loje
    Olivera Loje Il y a 4 mois

    Weasel Mocron

  • Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard Il y a 4 mois +1

    First interview I’ve seen of him. Quite impressed with his openness and politeness.

  • Terry Baker
    Terry Baker Il y a 5 mois

    He's handsome

  • Raphael D'Antona
    Raphael D'Antona Il y a 5 mois


  • Peter Downey
    Peter Downey Il y a 5 mois

    It was not until I saw this interview that I learned that Macron could speak English. Am I alone in this?

  • J R's Place
    J R's Place Il y a 5 mois

    Good job, Macron. France is on the verge of Frexit and weeks into the Paris riots, you are still in hiding.

  • Thea Bruun
    Thea Bruun Il y a 5 mois

    I honestly don't know why, but it sounds so calming and almost therapeutic when he speaks English. It's great.

  • Kevin Mayo
    Kevin Mayo Il y a 5 mois +1

    Rothschild hack. Europeans must get out of EU and save themselves asap.

  • Rob Mullin
    Rob Mullin Il y a 5 mois +1

    Pres.Macron is super sexy!!!!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Il y a 5 mois

    he speaks english because he needs to do deals with london BANKERS

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Il y a 5 mois +1

    immigration destroys sovereignty. THEY WANT ONE BANK ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. this idiot can not see 65% of France burning rioting in the streets...... What a fucking idiot....

  • John Trump
    John Trump Il y a 6 mois +2

    Macron is a Socalist Democratic scumbag the European Union is extortion he deserves a Mussalini retirement party with his dead body being kicked down the street.

  • Meep Meep
    Meep Meep Il y a 6 mois +1

    Globalist banker puppet!

  • Goldelf
    Goldelf Il y a 7 mois


  • Jerry Riddle
    Jerry Riddle Il y a 8 mois +2

    beware of this man.. you have been warned..

  • Dilly Dachshund
    Dilly Dachshund Il y a 8 mois +1

    Macron acts like an infantalised victim of paedophilia - which is what he is. His disgusting old paedophile "wife" has destroyed any chance of normality in the little weirdo.

  • D Paul
    D Paul Il y a 8 mois

    I was highest ranking socialist

  • Oi You!
    Oi You! Il y a 8 mois

    Aspetta solo che si metta il costume di Batman! Allora ci saranno alcuni problemi reali. Che fica premio.

  • Red Panda Agency Entertainment

    Emmanuel Macron is the anti Christ. Jesus is coming back soon.

  • Michael K
    Michael K Il y a 10 mois

    And it was supposed to be so beautiful and it is as always ....

  • Polynomial-C
    Polynomial-C Il y a an +2

    Hey Macron erm I know it’s a long shot but... Fancy becoming leader of the UK too?
    This guy will truly take Europe places, he is the exact leader the free world needs at the moment.

  • Riat2000
    Riat2000 Il y a an +1

    Wow, he speaks well English.

  • Nicholas Ennos
    Nicholas Ennos Il y a an

    Macron is an FTM tranny

  • King Aliu
    King Aliu Il y a an +2

    This is the kind of leader African need who is young and educated

  • Dyreckt1
    Dyreckt1 Il y a an

    I love Macron!!

  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    How can you even respect or trust a boy that marries a version of his mother? Think about it in today's Political Climate with this #metoo movement, if the roles were reversed he would be labeled for having a wife that could be the age of his daughter. He also excludes RT News from his briefings by denying them Press Passes proving censorship is very much alive. Britain's Brexit was the sensible decision based on the rude intrusion of Muslim Refugees and the chaos along with the many NO GO Zones that now exist in France. The abundance of terrorist atrocities perpetrated on French Soil and the financial drain on the Social System committed by the very same people that supposedly wanted refuge. If you have one human death due to a faulty product then it gets recalled or taken off the market yet countless acts of terror perpetrated by those of the same religion along with their mockery of our ways should have resulted in #NOMORE and #INROMEDOASTHEROMANSDO

  • Kristina Grigorova
    Kristina Grigorova Il y a an

    Macron has nothing to sorry about. :)

  • hzj79
    hzj79 Il y a an

    How about employing some pest control agencies to get rid of vermin that has overrun France instead? This guy has no control nor power over nothing.

  • Trucker
    Trucker Il y a an

    Big words from a little man hiding behind his puppet master wifes skirt

  • Kristina Grigorova
    Kristina Grigorova Il y a an

    Good for you. I am 100% behind you President Macron. :)

  • john crawford
    john crawford Il y a an


  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 Il y a an

    load up the ships britain and drop off 50,000 the first 100k the second day , 200k the third and so on

  • Shakar Khan
    Shakar Khan Il y a an

    Good French 💚💚

  • A.
    A. Il y a an

    He speaks English pretty well. I wonder where he studied English.

  • Nadia Dekkari
    Nadia Dekkari Il y a an

    sourire du 666 l'exorsiste mdr ...

  • Philippe Alita
    Philippe Alita Il y a an

    Another George Soros man.

  • Max Pong Pong
    Max Pong Pong Il y a an

    i like him so much..

  • Centho
    Centho Il y a an

    Pourquoi avons nous choisis ce gugus 😭
    Alright he speak English but he made a lot of mistakes like participate to the elections

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young Il y a an

    Goodness sake and I thought that US politicians were dumb as a rock at explaining areas; to do with their explaining what they are going to be performing on a day to day basis, if elected or what. It is such a big question and pretty much a loaded question cause there is basically no way to actually explain in even 20 hours let alone 15 minutes what he or she could be actually trying to there accomplish for an over all plan. But like idiots they try and answer what is an impossible question to answer in too many respects in too many retarded ways. The guy sounded like a Transgender Hillary Clinton or something, or Closet Muslim gay like Obama staying in the closet and keeping secrets to what his actual purpose.... Best would be for this idiot Macron, just to say, "I don't know altogether what we the people, oh as will possibly accomplish with me as here oh France's President, but what ever happens it is something that will be coming out from amongst of the people first for our part in it." Be vague but give hope kind of spiel or something like that. But uh oh no! he idiot talks in a babble and says nothing but sounded like some arrogant stupefied Bernie Sanders. They all think that everyone that is listening to them is as remedial as Millennium Falcon. Too bad Marie Le Pen didn't get elected, she seems like there she has something that could be called something that has close to an attached brain stem in her head, where she has command of the reasons to why at least she ran in the first. Emmanuel Macron sounds like a trained puppet. He talks in circles being about nothing helpful to logic.

  • SonsOfNorth
    SonsOfNorth Il y a an

    3:28 - "you don't look like a revolutionary..." "you worked for the Rothschild..."
    OK... how blind can this interviewer be?

  • Madrid FR
    Madrid FR Il y a an

    Macron is actually the best politician right now, a bit of a daddy if I'm honest

  • Utility68
    Utility68 Il y a an

    Not a fan of his policies, but he's so darn likable. Oddly, he and trump get along GREAT.

  • merlin72572
    merlin72572 Il y a an

    Macron is a french version of Tony Blair, beady scheming eyes greed written all over his face (a secret agenda)hidden in there watch how he goes snivelling to merkel,

  • merlin72572
    merlin72572 Il y a an

    He can't do anything he's merkels puppet,France is a borough of germany ,

    • merlin72572
      merlin72572 Il y a an

      Hayden Case yep it's all OK in france (hope it stays there)france and Germany work well together a thug and a lapdog,

    • Hayden Case
      Hayden Case Il y a an

      What do you mean everything is fine in France.

  • steve a
    steve a Il y a an

    And buy some makeup

  • Ahasan Habib
    Ahasan Habib Il y a an

    After all France got a New talent Europe coming soon economic power full country in the whole world

  • Danae Persephone
    Danae Persephone Il y a an +7

    Brilliant politician. He actually knows what he talks about - what a wonderful mixture to have high ideals and yet a very common sense pragmatic approach to implementing these ideas. How refreshing! Glad you are here, Macron. Vive la France & Vive L'Europe! MERCI BEAUCOUP!

  • Janusz Sarga
    Janusz Sarga Il y a an

    Sam się gnębisz

  • Georgi Rusev
    Georgi Rusev Il y a an

    How fast is the train going?

    • Extys
      Extys Il y a an

      It's a French TGV so about 574 km/h (356 mph).

  • Fred W
    Fred W Il y a an

    G-A-Y what does it spell Macron. Should have gone with LePen. this Queen won't save France from the Moslems

  • R B
    R B Il y a an

    Yeah right - he's now more unpopular that Hollande a flash in the pan

  • Coco Guled
    Coco Guled Il y a an

    What did he said about Obama though? I can't lie his English is better than my mom pudding

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty Il y a an

    man, married his teacher must have mother complex... and now he president

  • John Stern
    John Stern Il y a an

    I think I met my complete opposite.

  • Euge One
    Euge One Il y a an

    He's not a man, he's a moma's boy. Mother complex. lol

  • roboliño schmidt
    roboliño schmidt Il y a an

    Haha..all where against the french trump..not they got french hitler..

  • NagaSadow
    NagaSadow Il y a an

    Cette fiotte parle anglais, le président français est le représentant de la France dans le monde, il doit parler dans la langue officielle de son pays. Parler anglais est une faute grave cela prouve bien sa soumission à l'empire américano sioniste. Dans 5 ans la France n'existera plus, cette crapule a vendu nos entreprises et notre armée. Vivement que le FN arrive au pouvoir.

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith Il y a an

    I wonder if he'll get tough on the immigrants pouring in, taking over France and turning Paris into a dirty dangerous shithole?

  • Goutama Gapapa
    Goutama Gapapa Il y a an +1

    What a great English speaker!

  • Charlie Speary
    Charlie Speary Il y a an

    Who is this sweaty disgusting toad interviewing?

  • Anozira Erised
    Anozira Erised Il y a an

    His French accent is so hot 😍

  • adam azi
    adam azi Il y a an

    Long live macron you are the best sir 😍😍

  • jono croft
    jono croft Il y a an

    I hope gchq are keeping a eye on him!

  • jono croft
    jono croft Il y a an

    Macron says he wants to destroy the uk economy through brexit! Is that an act of war:?

    • Lucille
      Lucille Il y a an

      jono croft ridiculous comment !
      Macron doesn't want to destroy nobody. English people has already made the job themselves ! 😑😐😬

  • Ripka Azaaza
    Ripka Azaaza Il y a an

    love from indonesia 😙

  • MegF
    MegF Il y a an

    Not many details on the "reform" he wants to do. Perhaps that is in his book.

  • salvatore bernunzo
    salvatore bernunzo Il y a an

    Monsieur Macron speaks English to the baguette

  • Luke M
    Luke M Il y a an +3

    He has a bigger vocabulary than Trump...



  • Lets Read!
    Lets Read! Il y a an

    Must've been hard for them not to kiss each other on camera.

  • Ayesha Qureshi
    Ayesha Qureshi Il y a an +1

    4:02 "That's pure bullshit..." 😄

  • MrMiddenfacemcnulty

    He Is a corporate shill. A puppet who has been groomed since his college days at the infamous college where leftist agitators go to become sicophants for the banking and corporate elite. Don't be fooled by his charm. Like obama he is all style no substance and very very bad for the working people.

  • Paulie
    Paulie Il y a an

    He should get life in prison since he's too dangerous out in the open

  • David Roy
    David Roy Il y a an +1

    His English is flawless. In fact, more flawless than Trump.

  • jack bang
    jack bang Il y a an +1

    lol he speaks better English than Trump does 😂😂

  • Red Spoon
    Red Spoon Il y a an +1

    Bon appétit...

  • jerry kowalski
    jerry kowalski Il y a an


  • jerry kowalski
    jerry kowalski Il y a an


  • Asd Kjh
    Asd Kjh Il y a an

    Ooo that pedophile victim speaks again.

  • teortega93
    teortega93 Il y a an +1


  • Michelle Nicod
    Michelle Nicod Il y a an +1

    Trump might want to make an appointment with President Macron to learn English !

    XUAN NUONG LAM Il y a an +3

    Mr. Macron speaks English eloquently, he gets his points across to the listeners, he's using body language very powerfully, he voice tones are much more defined than our Orange Orangutan and his golden boy.