USA vs Australia - Full Game Highlights | August 22, 2019 | USA Basketball

  • Ajoutée 22 août 2019
  • USA vs Australia - Full Game Highlights | August 22, 2019 | USA Basketball
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Commentaires • 1 205

  • wakulu riel
    wakulu riel Il y a mois

    I thought goulding is gonna start trouble bully and play dirty again for the americans. they cannot bully americans i guess haha!

  • Bennett Lieberman
    Bennett Lieberman Il y a mois

    3:24 they never counted the basket. Meaning it stayed at 29 pts for them. They should’ve had 31

  • T20 G25
    T20 G25 Il y a mois

    These Commentators are lit add them on 2k

  • Markgabriel Garcia
    Markgabriel Garcia Il y a mois

    3:12 Bogut for jam!

  • kim Faro
    kim Faro Il y a mois

    They will fall hard if they saved the ball out of bounds :)

  • Glendel Arotcha
    Glendel Arotcha Il y a mois

    Welcome to the NBA Goulding.


  • Jogan Sahu
    Jogan Sahu Il y a mois

    Where is ximo pierto??

  • Phil W
    Phil W Il y a mois

    That's a cool and refreshing camera angle.

  • Trill Bill
    Trill Bill Il y a mois +1

    First off, shout out to my mans, Patty Mills. So underrated 💯

  • i am one in a million
    i am one in a million Il y a mois

    Australia vs. Philippines with Manny Paquiao in the line-up "Royal Rumble" part 2 !!😂😂😂

  • Nick Vill
    Nick Vill Il y a mois

    Camera angle is the one to blame. Lol

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen Il y a mois

    I don't see how USA can win this time because I did not see all the elite players like Stephen Curry, KD, Lebron, Kawhi, etc. No wonder they lost to Australia.

    MAZINGER Z Il y a mois

    USA! USA! USA! American pride baby!

    CHAD DAGOD Il y a mois

    6:57 2nd quarter turner did a putback team USA still have 29 points smh

  • Vince Tanara
    Vince Tanara Il y a mois

    OzzyMan needs to call every Aussie game

  • apathetic666
    apathetic666 Il y a mois

    Kemble trynna do too much

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad Il y a mois

    I dont even know most of the USA's players. That explain why they lost lol. I dont see lebron or steph curry

  • 妍
     Il y a mois

    yeah the aussies

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso Il y a mois

    I told people the USA doesn’t have a chance

  • Chief Crow & The FLAT EARTHWORMS

    How's Leigh Ellis doing?

  • Jonah Mosher
    Jonah Mosher Il y a mois

    why the court look so skinny

  • Qb Sting
    Qb Sting Il y a mois

    Team C USA

  • Annaliese Wyld
    Annaliese Wyld Il y a mois +1

    Very proud of our country achievements....defeating US

  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz Il y a mois

    Proud to our patty, Go Spurs Go!!!!

  • Ronnie Warford
    Ronnie Warford Il y a mois

    Just the fact that Joe Harris and Brooke Lopez are on this team says everything. This is not the NBA ALL Team. NBA all team is Curry/Klay/Kawhi/LeBron/Anthony Davis

  • Disloyal Moon
    Disloyal Moon Il y a mois

    I feel bad for the people that paid for front row seats only to see feets

  • Cake Batter
    Cake Batter Il y a mois

    The camera angle is very reminiscent of 1990's NBA Live.

  • Curse Demon
    Curse Demon Il y a mois

    is this just me or this court look so small?

  • Awsome Dude
    Awsome Dude Il y a mois

    The dude sounds like he says c**t at 10:00

  • Vinman Phamee
    Vinman Phamee Il y a mois

    These Amercians don't give a crap about representing their country unless its the Olympic games hahahahahahahahaha

  • Nori Bu
    Nori Bu Il y a mois

    I thought Kyrie was making the younger Celtics player play bad? 🤔

  • Mickey McLane
    Mickey McLane Il y a mois

    Lookin at this USA team....they would lose to at least 8 of the current NBA teams we have. What a joke!

  • dab savage
    dab savage Il y a mois +1

    GREECE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP. - Filipino fan here

  • J.O.B. MSKP
    J.O.B. MSKP Il y a mois

    Now you need kuz on the line up. But pop already kick him that's bullshit. No gold for usa this time

  • Carlieto' Way
    Carlieto' Way Il y a mois

    Embarrassing is not the word

  • Deco Joe
    Deco Joe Il y a mois

    How did you achieve this video quality ? Good job

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai Il y a mois

    We need more Australian commentators.

  • tymd130
    tymd130 Il y a mois

    this team is vulnerable without fox

  • tymd130
    tymd130 Il y a mois

    if Kuz can score 40 from 3 he's gonna get some serious lebron love no pun intended, Kev

  • Shanted
    Shanted Il y a mois +1

    looks like another redeem team is coming...

  • MarkTheShark9
    MarkTheShark9 Il y a mois

    Patty Mills had an extra glass of wine at dinner last night after that performance.

  • Max Whelan
    Max Whelan Il y a mois

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  • Max Whelan
    Max Whelan Il y a mois

    Fuck yeah Australia

  • AkeMusic
    AkeMusic Il y a mois

    joking or not, them NBA boys get paid too much to be losing, and it’s embarrassing. They all ask for money and can’t compete with Australia. Australia 🇦🇺 got my respect, my country lost mines...again.

  • Nicholas S.
    Nicholas S. Il y a mois

    I like the camera angle, I wish the NBA used it

  • Kurt Richardson
    Kurt Richardson Il y a mois

    Government #FBI American Express #

  • Jordan Anwar
    Jordan Anwar Il y a mois

    7:22 USA be like "where da fuq is the ball"

  • bigGaza1
    bigGaza1 Il y a mois

    Final score USA-999 AUS 20

  • bipolar _asp
    bipolar _asp Il y a mois

    If people want to know why the Angle look different is because they have a raised basketball court

  • Lux mid
    Lux mid Il y a mois

    the game almost looks like everyone before got together and said listen guys we know usa is going to win, just let the aussies keep up

  • Evans Lemont
    Evans Lemont Il y a mois

    Man if Australia had Ben Simmons.

  • Noel Muga
    Noel Muga Il y a mois

    What happened to Team USA?????? you are beatened by the Aussies....Where are the NBA superstar???? Its a World cup....ITS YOUR COUNTRY PRIDE.

  • ConnorWaddell
    ConnorWaddell Il y a mois

    Such an awkward venue though

  • Official 0
    Official 0 Il y a mois

    If Australia had Simmons they could go all the way but I got Greece winning it all

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Il y a mois

    A sad performance by USA team. Sad our super stars dont wanna play.

  • TheGHunter
    TheGHunter Il y a mois +1

    10:12 " Penetration of brown, hits the dick hard"

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Il y a mois

    I thought bogut and dellevendova (or how ever hus name went) were still in the nba.

  • Eduardo De Guzman
    Eduardo De Guzman Il y a mois

    that court is pretty dangerous in hustling the ball..just in my opinion.^_^

  • Eduardo De Guzman
    Eduardo De Guzman Il y a mois

    is it just me or KMidd move like KD35..

  • Erwin Norwood
    Erwin Norwood Il y a mois

    Wooow great game but why dont that lil guy shoot like dat for spurs