Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes! - Redkey USB

  • Ajoutée 17 févr. 2019
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    We investigate a USB key that claims to irreversibly destroy data.
    Disclaimer: The only way to guarantee data removal is to physically destroy the disc.
    Buy the RedKey USB
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Commentaires • 5 692

  • stinking polecat
    stinking polecat Il y a 17 heures

    so it was an ad for the redkey usb

  • ArsenalAbove
    ArsenalAbove Il y a jour

    Boot n nuke it's free

  • Ghosthand
    Ghosthand Il y a 3 jours

    I can remember when you could write zeros to your hard drive right from DOS.

  • Roguishly Handsome
    Roguishly Handsome Il y a 4 jours

    This does the exact same thing as dban but it lets you do it on a SSD. Are you absolutely certain that you need to overwrite a SSD to reset it? I am pretty sure this is a waste of time and can end up reducing the lifespan of your disk.
    You referred to the specific tools for specific manufacturers and you were looking for a free alternative. Well, any Linux live distro will let you use hdparm to reset a SSD in minutes. There is no way that a reset drive will present you with any intelligible data. Even running trim on an emptied drive should render the data inaccessible at least by software means.

  • Matt R.
    Matt R. Il y a 5 jours


  • Charlex Alexandre
    Charlex Alexandre Il y a 5 jours

    *S E N D N U D E S*

  • Pimphand Gamester
    Pimphand Gamester Il y a 6 jours

    For any PC I would sell. I simply buy a cheap HD for it and take my old one and drill holes in it then toss in salt water.

    • Youri
      Youri Il y a 4 jours

      or you could keep it

  • Seldom Pooper
    Seldom Pooper Il y a 7 jours


  • Tim Boer
    Tim Boer Il y a 9 jours

    If I would use the red stick USB, would my windows also get wiped?

  • PinkGirl2242
    PinkGirl2242 Il y a 9 jours

    Thank you LTT I've backed them on Indiegogo. I'm going to give it to my family so they can wipe my drives if anything happens to me.

  • Skvala Gaming
    Skvala Gaming Il y a 12 jours

    Those selfies at 1:10. Linus looks like a hostage holding a todays newspaper

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato Il y a 15 jours

    Boot Nuke is a free that will wipe everything out i mean everything

  • Артём Х. Местный
    Артём Х. Местный Il y a 20 jours +3

    haven't they ever heard of
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda

  • Mduduzi Dube
    Mduduzi Dube Il y a 21 jour

    hi i'm just curious I never questioned this I just thought it was the nature of an hdd but is it normal for a hdd to hover around 100% usage ? it seems all over the place 100% then 1% then 80 something ? what is normal for an HDD and when should I consider a replacement ?

  • A Travelling Bleach
    A Travelling Bleach Il y a 25 jours +3

    Woah, this'll be a great prank on my friend!!
    *EDIT:* He lost some important documents and stopped talking to me, and kicked me out of his house, wow it was just a prank smh

  • Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    BleachBit is free and open source...

  • Steve RazeNax
    Steve RazeNax Il y a 27 jours

    Jamie Hyneman memes never get old 8:51

  • Ekl Haft
    Ekl Haft Il y a 28 jours

    only a stick of dynamite could do it faster :D

  • Chris
    Chris Il y a 28 jours

    cipher /w: works pretty good for freespace wipes.

  • viktorv22
    viktorv22 Il y a mois +1

    Well, if a person can access the bios/boot section, that same person is surely capable of downloading any of many free software to delete and scramble files.

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming Il y a mois +1

    Thanks. Now i have a better april fools joke next year.... Hehehe school Library is gonna cry

  • Lucas M.
    Lucas M. Il y a mois

    What was the scan and recovery tool name?

  • George Ashford III
    George Ashford III Il y a mois

    Anyone use Eraser?

  • Mr. Kamran
    Mr. Kamran Il y a mois

    wipe in 2 min but this video is about 12 min???

  • Xenotale 787
    Xenotale 787 Il y a mois

    1:11 whoa there linus 😂

  • diana cardenas
    diana cardenas Il y a mois

    Any other way to get this result on a Mac?

  • Daniel Schenk
    Daniel Schenk Il y a mois

    you should go to drive savers and see what they can do, would be interesting!

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King Il y a mois

    oh my god i need crystal rgb it's so much better than regular rgb which is shit now

  • Tom
    Tom Il y a mois

    If you don't expect anyone to try and read the reallocated sectors, this might be secure enough. But overwriting an SSD or even a normal HDD with random data doesn't destroy ALL data on the disk. The only way to destroy all data is by using the secure erase function from the drive itself.
    Boot live linux and follow this tutorial: ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/ATA_Secure_Erase or indeed just use the vendor tool.

  • RoiGamez
    RoiGamez Il y a mois +1

    OR you can boot any linux distro and run `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda` and you're done

  • Lucas Khouri
    Lucas Khouri Il y a mois

    BUT HOW!?!

  • Mr. Chungis
    Mr. Chungis Il y a mois

    I prefer to use the usb killer to wipe my whole pc

  • Andrew Simpson
    Andrew Simpson Il y a mois

    I had to erase a ton of HDDs back in the day with a handheld electromagnet the size of smaller clothes iron and "Wax On, Wax Off" those damn things many times over (for approx 2 weeks!!) ... before being thrown into the dumpsters and taken straight to the dump (landfill no doubt too). It sucked btw

  • jnielsen20
    jnielsen20 Il y a mois

    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/"disk id" change disk id as needed... Works on any linux with dd and urandom.

  • Luc Konosuke
    Luc Konosuke Il y a mois +1

    but what if he had click on that 'nudes' folder tho

  • Daniel Hounshell
    Daniel Hounshell Il y a mois

    Luckily windows 10 gave us a pretty decent tool to do this with, the "reset this PC" option. If you go about doing a complete reset using this tool, it does in fact write over the entire drive with 1's and 0's before reinstalling Windows. Although the tool shown here seems to be a little bit faster on the default setting, and the additional security options make it a very good tool for enterprise use. Plus many of the comparable utilities take much, much longer, I remember using one of them that said it would take five days.

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris Il y a mois

    I love your voice crack at 4:55!! Grow some before you want to talk sh to the MEN. lol

  • Zero Efficiency
    Zero Efficiency Il y a mois

    You can wipe out all your data in a matter of few seconds. Just use USB killer. Really cool tool, highly recommended to be used in public places where there are many computers 😂😂😂

  • Alan D1
    Alan D1 Il y a mois

    A good erase/delete program could erase data off the drive when the delete option is selected and not just remove the file allocation table (FAT) entry. A proper deletion rewrites new data to the file location twice.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones Il y a mois

    Just use acid

  • Sean Embry
    Sean Embry Il y a mois

    Most embarrassing moment ever: A good frind of mine quit, and left a lot of thumb drives behind. He thought they were defective, but it turns out his USB port was defective. He left a rich collection of weird porn. I covered for him though.

  • TheBestLettuce
    TheBestLettuce Il y a mois

    rm -rf /

  • Will
    Will Il y a mois +1

    I'm old school. I always take the full format reset approach.

  • Allen Kass
    Allen Kass Il y a mois

    Anyone ever tell you that you sound like Steve Carell? hahah

  • Damian Frost
    Damian Frost Il y a mois

    Use bleach

  • Aonodensetsu
    Aonodensetsu Il y a mois

    HDDGURU works better for me, you can even wipe USBs (though you won't wipe the the system drive with it - that's the downside)
    EDIT: and you can actually choose what you want to wipe

  • Nyx Mulder
    Nyx Mulder Il y a mois

    Can't you just 'format /p'?

  • DolanSaw
    DolanSaw Il y a mois

    did i just get put on a list

  • Sarah Bingham
    Sarah Bingham Il y a mois +1

    Is that a Titan RTX just sitting there

  • Strong
    Strong Il y a mois

    The key info (not that red key), the revelation, is that magnetic HDD data is not actually digital. Instead, there is a magnetized area with ones and zeros.
    So, with proper equipment, one can read overwritten data. (Multiple passes make it harder)

  • Øyvind Hytten
    Øyvind Hytten Il y a mois

    Seems to me Jake wrote off DBAN as it states it can't handle SSDs. How about you disregard that disclaimer and just give it a shot anyway?

    • Z
      Z Il y a mois

      It can handle SSDs. I've used it before

  • Houyhnhnm
    Houyhnhnm Il y a mois

    Also I have actually recovered hard drives owned by Masonic lodges, and boy do they keep a lot of weird shit.. been wanting to leak it to the web for a while. Just gotta.. you know... do it under certain circumstances xD and yes, there are some questionable nudes on there, some of which I'm afraid CANNOT be leaked >.> I think you get the idea..

  • Houyhnhnm
    Houyhnhnm Il y a mois

    STILL waiting for Linus to do a Mococoa commercial like on The Truman Show....

  • sLaMz1o1
    sLaMz1o1 Il y a mois

    Can't you just reformat a drive in like a minute

    • POTLOS
      POTLOS Il y a mois

      Doesn't always make files unrecoverable, especially with quick formating.

  • Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson Il y a mois

    He never showed how to make one....

  • stephane sonneville
    stephane sonneville Il y a mois

    $45 and you stil read the file names? What a scam. Just boot on any Linux distribution on a key and then cat /dev/zero > /dev/sdx ! Fast & free.

  • Property Enhanced
    Property Enhanced Il y a mois

    Oh! I know how to do this one! Fire!

  • Felix The Guy
    Felix The Guy Il y a mois

    Wipe any PC in 2 hours*

  • Bunny Buns
    Bunny Buns Il y a mois

    anyone else reading comments before you wipe your pc?

  • Tom OOO
    Tom OOO Il y a mois

    I wipe my old disks with a 6 inch nail and 20 pound hammer. Relieves stress too....

  • jorph1
    jorph1 Il y a mois

    Oh my thanks. I knew this was true still.

  • Snailman
    Snailman Il y a mois

    Hillary Clinton would like to speak to you

  • Paul D
    Paul D Il y a mois

    Can somebody please point me towards how to make a bootable gui like redkey has?

  • Moussa Bayou
    Moussa Bayou Il y a mois

    To wipe a file simply open HxD or any other hex editor, replace data and header with a single letter or symbol, save and then remove it.

  • Neeraj Kungwani
    Neeraj Kungwani Il y a mois

    Linus got nudes!!!

  • C.C. G.
    C.C. G. Il y a mois

    James has 0 chill 😂

  • kamilko2006
    kamilko2006 Il y a mois

    Challenge: wipe 1pb in 2 mins

  • Tassie Spirit
    Tassie Spirit Il y a mois +1

    Their site is running and they raised - £73,912 GBP total funds raised ......About $135,456 AUD
    453% funded on February 1, 2019

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti Il y a mois

    That Trident Z RAM is fancy af!

  • Spaceballzy
    Spaceballzy Il y a mois

    How to wipe a computer in 2 minutes. Takes 10 minutes to explain.

  • Spaceballzy
    Spaceballzy Il y a mois +1

    Question: How to wipe a computer
    Answer: Throw it into a volcano.

  • George PRIV
    George PRIV Il y a mois +1

    macOS disc utility can easily over write drives securely. One mode even has military standards.

  • rarakat
    rarakat Il y a mois

    You can get free with dban or partedlinux(nwipe) . Lol

  • Ein Antonius
    Ein Antonius Il y a mois

    if you really want to fuck your drive up and delete all data you could just boot a linux environment, open a terminal and type "dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sdX" where X is the letter linux assigns to the drive.

  • Gari Makaya
    Gari Makaya Il y a mois

    Hirens boot cd - kill disk

  • Denis Pro
    Denis Pro Il y a mois +1

    Ever tried the free CCleaner tool to wipe drives?

  • Nathan The Neko
    Nathan The Neko Il y a mois +1

    Linus plays GTA 5. I saw that in his home screen.

  • Matthew Hensley
    Matthew Hensley Il y a mois +1

    lol seems that the red key is a paid version of Dban

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Il y a mois +1

    Aaaaand the recommended FOSS and/or cmdline equivalents are....

    • Nert Berble
      Nert Berble Il y a mois

      DBAN - Darik's Boot and Nuke. It's always been a great go-to choice of FOSS software for securely wiping a PC... although these days the author seems keen to push users towards the "better" paid version by a different name - Blancco Drive Eraser. Don't know what that means for the future of DBAN.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Il y a mois

    So guys, what's the hypothesis / explanation as to why and which files were recoverable after a supposedly irrecoverable erasure?

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud Il y a mois

    Gutmann FTW!!!!!

  • Vishal Bothra
    Vishal Bothra Il y a mois

    Destroying a pc in 2 min video took 6 times more time @linustechtips

  • mercuriallimit
    mercuriallimit Il y a mois

    My drive says it needs to be initialized, what dies this mean? The drive doesn't seem to be broken. How do i get my files back?

  • Robert
    Robert Il y a mois

    The kickstarter page of Redkey says PC/MAC. I'm assuming it doesn't care what type of OS is installed; Linux/GNU right? It just recognizes the disk and RedKey kicks-in to intro mode for erasing.

  • Hippieinthewoods
    Hippieinthewoods Il y a mois


  • Toby Bardon
    Toby Bardon Il y a mois

    PIA VPN, what happened to Tunnel Bear you whore?

  • TheAsh
    TheAsh Il y a mois

    So basically, you've reinvented dd and paid $45 for it.

  • DasNasu
    DasNasu Il y a mois

    How about using the cipher command from windpws commandline?

  • CrzyFox
    CrzyFox Il y a mois

    I have always used the secure erase on the storage solutions firmware. You just need a way to access it. Parted magic Linux distro ultility has a couple of ways to do just that. Paid software but I'm sure the old school.free versions still are out there to be had.

  • Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker Il y a mois

    Just to note: there are a whole bunch of free tools online that do exactly this with unused space on the system.
    So you can clear off all your files and data (don't miss the iTunes backups), run one of these tools overnight and same result.
    You don't even need to wipe your OS to do it! Maybe make a new user and delete the old user before you do, just to make sure you have everything.

  • Jacob Satireus
    Jacob Satireus Il y a mois

    Ever heard of gparted tho?

  • Jacob Satireus
    Jacob Satireus Il y a mois

    Linus likes Windows too much
    he's just an NSA cumdumpster

  • Ed Porter
    Ed Porter Il y a mois

    Easy + Free wipe:
    1. Steal a empty usb from your friend
    2. Put all data on usb
    3. Mallet

  • Kyle Sunderland
    Kyle Sunderland Il y a mois

    With government hard drives they wipe the disk then drill holes in it. No red keys for them!

  • Nikkolas Nowak
    Nikkolas Nowak Il y a mois

    who chose the font for that trident z memory..... gross

  • John kopy
    John kopy Il y a mois +1

    So easy even Hillary can do it.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Il y a mois +1

      I threw out a bunch of broken laptops recently and did the Hillary method by taking a hammer to the hard drives.

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Il y a mois +1

    2019 -UPDATE TODAY I LEARNT HOW TO > 🤵🎤LEARN🎶 how to Scratching A video > Using the number keys & video speed 🎵 TRY THIS >>
    Hit O.5 speed and THE No 7 and 9 oh and O alot Haa 🤪👍🎵 sounds like 👋 🎵

  • Matteo Tiber
    Matteo Tiber Il y a mois

    Could it wipe the os off of a chromebook?

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King Il y a mois

    I wonder how long it would take for the 33-pass wipe to work, and if that's considered overkill. I know in some instances people can still pull files off a HDD that have been supposedly deleted, but I wonder about that...

  • 2Legit The Gamer
    2Legit The Gamer Il y a mois +1

    FLV files? I know what you've been watching.