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  • Ajoutée 23 sept. 2022
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  • Allen Wu
    Allen Wu  +10


  • AmarettoDiSaronno

    KA-MI-KA-ZE !!!

  • Wendy Gilbert

    WoW!! That's a real big one!! ❤

  • hdrjunkie
    hdrjunkie  +15

    Horsey flesh light!

  • Айшат Устарова

    Те кто не знает.. чтобы получить семя от жеребцов нужна искусственная вагина, такое приспособление, и конечно для этого нужна кобыла в охоте(с признаками овуляции)..

  • Rabindra Giri

    So Beautiful and quiet

  • Gary Clarke

    In the stud farm in IRELAND, you want your horse covered, first she's brought buy "the most frustrated horse in IRELAND " , he tells the stud owner the fillies ready and she's then brought into a massive heated shed, there's camera's everywhere, they have about 7 stallions all with plenty of pedigree, winner's of multiple group 1s, I'd advise anyone to visit the national's one of the best horse places, WARNING!!! DO NOT GO NEAR THE STALLIONS, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE IN THERE BOXES....THE LITTLE RED N WHITE STALLION I NAME THE MICKY TEASER !!!, FELLA ONLY GETS A SNIFF AND NOTHING ELSE, I ASKED DON'T SAY HE NEVER GETS A SHOT ON A FILLY?? ANY FILLY, NO! GE WOULDN'T BE AS GOOD IF WE DID...AND HE'S GOOD, I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE FILLY AND HE WAS KICKING AND HOWLING, THEN THE FILLY STROLES PAST AND DOESN'T EVEN LOO AT MICKEY!!!😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  • cubaka ntamushigo

    So we humans do the same like animals. Wow God is great

  • Constance Stanley

    Whats happening there ?.

  • Ved prakash

    It is not good , nature provide female partner every creature for next generation not only enjoy , it is God gift to everyone

  • Adis tzazul


  • jim kidwell

    Love the team effort… looking for a team