Microservices made easy with cote.js - lecture by Armagan Amcalar - Code Europe Autumn 2017

  • Ajoutée 20 mars 2018
  • The concept of microservices is extremely hot. Unfortunately, we see a lot of ideas from the past rebranded as microservices; whereas the thinking behind microservices imply and promise a bigger change. This talk will go over the details of what actually makes a microservices architecture and how other distributed systems - that rely on queues and other mechanisms to function - fail to fulfill the promise. A modern microservices implementation should be:
    * Zero-configuration
    * Highly-redundant
    * Fault-tolerant
    * Self-healing
    * Auto-discovery We will specifically focus on such an implementation with Docker and cote, a Node.js library.

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    I cracked so hard at "Hello do we have any electricity here?" hahaha