The Return of Eugenia Cooney

  • Ajoutée 19 juil. 2019
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Commentaires • 182 902

  • shane
    shane  Il y a jour +187737

    This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

    • C.
      C. Il y a 16 heures +1

      Hey! 💕 I really appriciate this video as I have been following the changes Eugenia have gone through (bodywise) on her channel aswell. I hope you have seen her friends video about the subject, and maybe if you thought of talking to them and get to know more about what is really going on? As there must be more to this story since her family didn’t seem to put an effort into taking her into rehab themselves, according to them. Who really knows, maybe they have? But would be nice to hear more from her family/and/or her friends who claim the family enabled her eating disorder instead of helping her. 💕keep it up! Looking forward to your makeup by the way!

    • Natalia Gonzalez
      Natalia Gonzalez Il y a jour +3

      Emilee Autumn excuse what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you disrespectful bitch she’s been through a lot clearly and Shane had worked so hard for this video and now you’re gonna go and say that as if she did anything wrong

    • MyLifeAsCharley Eaves
      MyLifeAsCharley Eaves Il y a jour

      The love in this video is so heart warming. Thank you Shane for posting such a positive video, the world has to many ugly hearted people in it who love to bring struggling people down. Bless this beautiful soul on her road to recovery ❤️

    • Bryan Gallagher
      Bryan Gallagher Il y a jour +1

      Happy Birthday Shane!

  • the octopus girl
    the octopus girl Il y a heure

    Well that's cute

  • jamie
    jamie Il y a heure

    No one:
    Kati's nose:

  • Mr. Internet Man
    Mr. Internet Man Il y a heure

    Shane, thank you for this.

  • Chris Chross
    Chris Chross Il y a heure

    the beauty drama video will be everything 💯💯

  • Rosyy **
    Rosyy ** Il y a heure +1

    I would love to be her Friend 🥰

  • Sookie
    Sookie Il y a heure

    I can’t believe that girl half way through the video said what she said to Eugenia on a live video. That seriously just shocked me. People are so incredibly disgusting, what the fuck. Wow. I don’t even know what to say.

  • nonexistent Amaya
    nonexistent Amaya Il y a heure

    Thank you soo much for this video and also for that beautiful friendship we can see.
    This video hopefully helps more people to understand and respect eugenia and everyobe else with some struggles.
    I wish her the best on her journey and lots of love!

  • qwetty Steve
    qwetty Steve Il y a heure

    shes poor

  • Stephanie Chambers
    Stephanie Chambers Il y a heure

    Eugenia you are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart! (: life is amazing with you in it!
    Shane, you are my spirit animal you too are an amazing person with an amazing heart! I love your existence!

  • Akankshya Barua
    Akankshya Barua Il y a heure

    Her smile is sooo beautiful

  • Lovely Bunny
    Lovely Bunny Il y a heure

    (I'm Australian) That Aussie girl saying that was such an absolute idiot.
    I won't bash her for saying it, but she really should watch her mouth.

  • Beck Henry
    Beck Henry Il y a heure

    in my opinion i dont think eugenia realizes how serious this whole situation is, but thats not entirely a bad thing. she genuinely wants to make people happy, started putting others before herself, and stopped taking care of herself. she wanted her story to help people and was okay with shane asking anything if someone could be helped. shes such a sweet girl and if she went so long ignoring it, i hope she’ll be able to ignore the negativity and focus of the positive now that shes back 💕

  • Julieta Gracia
    Julieta Gracia Il y a heure

    What an adorable human being she is. I wish this world was kinder.

  • motherofmusic 2
    motherofmusic 2 Il y a heure

    Not have watched it all the way but I have a feeling she had/has body dysmorphia seeing as how she didnt want to "label" it. The people I know with it are that embarrassed to "admit" it when asked. I'm so glad you're back! Well you've always been here I just missed you! Still watching...

  • Emp D Guillotine
    Emp D Guillotine Il y a heure

    Güzel viral. Kırdı parayı

  • kaori
    kaori Il y a heure

    what is said at 23:11

  • TALBI Sabrina
    TALBI Sabrina Il y a heure

    god damn it she's soooooo beautiful

  • Yuli M
    Yuli M Il y a heure +1

    Hey guys 🖐🏼I hope this gets seen. Am a Hispanic 🇭🇳14 year old small youtuber tryna spread my channel so if y’all could like this comment so more people could notice it that would mean the world to me. My friends are telling me to give up and are making fun of me because I am not a big youtuber but I want to prove them wrong by not giving up so if you could help by just subscribing it would really be a great help. Thank you for reading sorry to take away some of you time 🥰I hope you are having or have a great day. ❤️

  • Hung Hoang
    Hung Hoang Il y a heure

    I didn't eat a thing today, until this video pop up.

  • Yuli M
    Yuli M Il y a heure +1

    Hey guys 🖐🏼I hope this gets seen. Am a Hispanic 🇭🇳14 year old small youtuber tryna spread my channel so if y’all could like this comment so more people could notice it that would mean the world to me. My friends are telling me to give up and are making fun of me because I am not a big youtuber but I want to prove them wrong by not giving up so if you could help by just subscribing it would really be a great help. Thank you for reading sorry to take away some of you time 🥰I hope you are having or have a great day. ❤️

  • Sousse Saint Lucia
    Sousse Saint Lucia Il y a heure


  • Big Bad Emo Boi
    Big Bad Emo Boi Il y a heure

    I'm so proud of her, she's been through so much and is still an absolute angel

  • A.イザマル
    A.イザマル Il y a heure

    Im so scared for Eugenia. She needs help to get her free from her family. :(

  • salt y
    salt y Il y a heure +1

    im younger than her and my room has nothing but a bed and a closet

  • dalino oo
    dalino oo Il y a heure

    I cant... 😓

  • maiters
    maiters Il y a heure

    She seems liKE LITERALLY the sweetest person on earth 💓 so happy for her!!

  • Diabolical Butler
    Diabolical Butler Il y a heure

    im proud of her. and i know its still so hard for her. its all so much to take in. weird to think that someone 400 lbs. overweight can have a longer life than someone 40 lbs. underweight

  • Samantha Blanchard
    Samantha Blanchard Il y a heure

    Shane! You have to start a FRclip film fest! Create something for people who are actually striving to make moving content, and celebrate the art of that. Make a fest for people who care about the content, not themselves. If anyone could do it, you could.

  • Chef A.m.
    Chef A.m. Il y a heure

    Bruh de real herb is ya kno give ya de munchies

  • joshuwha
    joshuwha Il y a heure

    She's so fake. Barely eating enough just to get people off

  • Damn Love
    Damn Love Il y a heure

    Ive always adored this girl now that shes bettering herself i swear i will marry her

  • Miss Molls
    Miss Molls Il y a heure +1

    I know this is literally gonna sound SO bad and I apologize in advance but her smile seems fake. not in the “hehe I’m depressed smile” more like “if I don’t smile, I’m scared of what’s gonna happen” like I genuinely feel like she’s hiding something or something happened because I realize that she’s been through hell and back and in my opinion if I had beet through that, I would not have her attitude. I know me and her are different people but idk that’s just my opinion

  • Lois Llama
    Lois Llama Il y a heure +1

    Shane texting Eugenia: love you!!
    Ryland comes in and sees his phone... “why u cheating on me Shane?!?”

  • George Brewer
    George Brewer Il y a heure +1

    She seems so fake, trying to project an overly nice, care free and happy personality. She had her opportunity to be real with Shane and demonstrate to others her struggles. Yet, she minimises her illness and makes out that 'well I'm already skinny I just got skinnier'. Seems like she's still in denial.

  • Dranciuc Andreea
    Dranciuc Andreea Il y a heure

    Song 52:53

    MIGJY MUMBLE Il y a heure +1

    I could easily donate my fat to her.

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum Il y a heure

    According to her friends you didn’t do this right

  • salt y
    salt y Il y a heure +1


  • Amy Lowe
    Amy Lowe Il y a heure +1

    I 100% learnt from this. Especially the ‘you look so healthy’ comment. We all need to be more positive to people and avoid commenting on looks. Eugenia is definitely the nicest, purest person ever! Nothing negative about her personality in the slightest. We should all seek to be more like her, I wish her the best x

  • Jenna
    Jenna Il y a heure

    Omg i Love you Shane! I actually never heard about Eugenia before but now I love her too 😍 this series is so wholesome, I can't get enough of it

  • Amelia Williams
    Amelia Williams Il y a heure

    Omg I love shane and the vibe of his new vids

  • Pip Squeak
    Pip Squeak Il y a heure

    This was beautiful 😭❤

  • Haaaaayley
    Haaaaayley Il y a heure +1

    Thank you for this video Shane. I’m so glad to see Eugenia looking healthier and happier! You’re such a supportive friend and that’s exactly what people need to help on their journey to recovery ❤️

  • katie f
    katie f Il y a heure +1

    That eyeshadow is popping 😍 beautiful person inside and out



      KARA & JAMIE LYNN ZOR EL & MADDEN Il y a heure +1

      Flamey Tube

    • Flamey Tube
      Flamey Tube Il y a heure +1

      KARA & JAMIE LYNN ZOR EL & MADDEN i just read your story! Are you in recovery

  • Tamira
    Tamira Il y a heure +1

    she should collab with James Charles!!

  • Heidi Powell
    Heidi Powell Il y a heure

    I wish Shane could see me bc I have very very bad depression and my theropist tries to help but it don't work.😔 and this is hard bc I am 10 turning 11 in November . But I live far away from Shane I live in north carolina😶

  • Veronica Calderon
    Veronica Calderon Il y a heure +1

    She has such an amazing spirit and soul, shes sooo good at being okay. I wish her lots of love and prosperity❤️❤️

  • You Look A Lot Like Destruction

    Everyone go and watch Jaclyn glen's video. It covers a lot that Shane didn't. Eugenia is hiding things. Notice that her lawyer was with her the whole time.

  • Mel Style
    Mel Style Il y a heure +1

    The doctor tells him to be careful of the things that he says but he keeps saying things that would be triggering. Talking about things not fitting on him and not totally supporting the recovery program.

    • Mel Style
      Mel Style Il y a heure

      She has trouble with self-esteem and that’s all he’s pointing out the trouble with his self-esteem. She’s got it more together than he does.

  • Y A N N
    Y A N N Il y a heure

    ths entire episode gives me life

  • renisha woodard
    renisha woodard Il y a heure

    She is soooooo beautiful!!! inside && out. Wonderful soul❤

  • laila
    laila Il y a heure +2

    where are all the comments that talk about the fact that she has locks in her own house that she can’t open? Also the links to her friends video where she ACTUALLY tells the story and how her mother is manipulative and abusive???????

  • essence arielle
    essence arielle Il y a heure +1

    I love this kind fucking soul ♥️ so happy for her. So proud of her. Actually crying. Thank you. ♥️♥️

  • lil peep and lil tracy
    lil peep and lil tracy Il y a heure +1

    she's so sweet and positive

  • salt y
    salt y Il y a heure +3

    i love it how andrew just zooms in every funny furnitures

  • Salty Potato
    Salty Potato Il y a heure

    You can't say she didn't know she was having an impact on impressionable young fans. I don't buy the act.

  • Zayna Hester
    Zayna Hester Il y a heure

    so i’m not even about shane’s channel now and i feel like it’s just about cashing in on other people but i am SO glad to see she is doing well and i’m not even a religious follower of hers. it’s just good to see she is happy and well

    • SL66PZ
      SL66PZ Il y a heure

      Zayna Hester 🧞‍♂️

  • izaiahOwO
    izaiahOwO Il y a heure +2

    How can people say mean stuff to such a nice/wholesome person?

  • Epil Hype
    Epil Hype Il y a heure

    Had to skip some parts cause i got a lot to do this sunday but i want to watch the whole video later and i relised it was an hour long

  • Raven Bergeron
    Raven Bergeron Il y a heure

    I'm so happy to see her addressing what was going on and wanting to get better. She truly is a beautiful person inside and out and she deserves all the praises because it really is fucking hard to battle mental illnesses and she's doing her best. I definitely cried watching this. We love you Eugenia!

  • Fr4ntic Fr4ntic
    Fr4ntic Fr4ntic Il y a heure

    I'm so happy she's doing better, all my love and support goes to Eugenia

  • dreamysword 1
    dreamysword 1 Il y a heure +1

    I have a bad eating disorder called being fat

  • Killamonjaro
    Killamonjaro Il y a heure

    son making bank from this

    • Killamonjaro
      Killamonjaro Il y a heure

      SL66PZ 💰💰💰

    • SL66PZ
      SL66PZ Il y a heure

      Killamonjaro wat that mean

  • Amy Rhianon
    Amy Rhianon Il y a heure

    She is so beautiful inside and out ❤️

  • Clover1745
    Clover1745 Il y a heure

    I love you guys so much

  • Danielle Watson
    Danielle Watson Il y a heure

    She seems like such a lovely person 😩

    • SL66PZ
      SL66PZ Il y a heure

      Danielle Watson ❤️

  • salt y
    salt y Il y a heure +1

    curious, funny, sad, shocking. So many emotions in this

  • Nico I.
    Nico I. Il y a heure

    If i could like a million times i would, but if i could everyone else could as well and you would have infinite amount of likes. I dont want sound like and be that weeb, but if anime has shown me anything, its that you can see the kindness in peoples eye; and its very true for her. I'm glad all is well :)

  • Ariana grande Who
    Ariana grande Who Il y a heure

    I really hope that she gets better and that she has our support on this

  • B4BYD0V3
    B4BYD0V3 Il y a heure

    She's still pretty! She just has that cute personality and I love her house!
    I'm also so glad she was able to share her story!
    Thank you to the both of you for these videos!

  • bored broke bitch
    bored broke bitch Il y a heure

    that's just rude

  • Sina Norman
    Sina Norman Il y a heure +1

    the only 1 hour video i’d never skip through, we love you Eugenia and Shane ❤️❤️❤️

  • Morella Forest
    Morella Forest Il y a heure

    This cannot have been easy for her. Very courageous young lady. And for Shane to put his own energy and experience of recovery into it, is brave too. He chooses subjects that have a personal meaning, not just what is popular and will make money.

  • fira bug
    fira bug Il y a heure

    i suffer for a eating disorder pople think i eat to much but i eat to leattle

  • Candy Floss
    Candy Floss Il y a heure +1

    I wasn’t really prepared for her to be such a genuinely lovely person. Truly has a heart of gold.

  • Ruthie Cyrus
    Ruthie Cyrus Il y a heure

    Happy birthday shane

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    Did you listen to the song I just wrote & sang @Eugenia Cooney... Please don't attack The USA... I even played the BANJO!

  • Extuberad
    Extuberad Il y a heure +3

    I really don't feel like she's being honest and take responsibility for herself and her issues. This should have been filmed when she's recovered, not while she still is struggeling....

  • Laiman Tukumoeatu
    Laiman Tukumoeatu Il y a heure

    Shane, don't be afraid to grow/evolve your brand! DM me @beardcharisma so we can chat about how to push your platform to reach new heights! Been a fan since your wigs n third eyebrows bitch!! I want to help you in the next step! 💘

  • char._.73
    char._.73 Il y a heure

    that first song they played was banger

  • The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    Did you listen to the song I just wrote & sang for @SHANE... Please don't attack The USA... I even played the BANJO!

  • Amy Moore
    Amy Moore Il y a heure

    The ending was sosweet I cant

  • Dank lu Lucas
    Dank lu Lucas Il y a heure

    Whats the name of the song at 18:00

  • Amorisaiya
    Amorisaiya Il y a heure +1

    She's such a lovely person who just radiates positivity and kindness

  • Haylie Porter
    Haylie Porter Il y a heure

    Yay you posted.also I hope that she stops getting hate.

  • SL66PZ
    SL66PZ Il y a heure

    Gucci gang oh I fuck em

  • GgPérezR GgR
    GgPérezR GgR Il y a heure +1

    I would literally DIE for her(and my family and Friends) u love her and everyone i just wish she got the love and kindness she deserves because the people who think She's a bad influence, She's not, she helped me through my ed i Saw how happy and possitive she was, and i thought she gets WAY MORE HATE for ABSOLUTLY NO REASON She's not tell people they should look like her She's beautiful no matter what, She's just a great person in and out. I love you. Okay, she helped me become a better person, a healthier person, my mind set is awesome, i'm not scared to eat i'm not scared to gain weight, when i see another pound, it's another smile, i was ***** lbs at ** yrs old and. Now ar ** i'm 106.8 lbs she helped me because she was bubbly and AMAZING she repelled hate so i did too, thats how i fixed me.

  • Salti
    Salti Il y a heure +1

    Her mum is so suspicious

  • Madi Xo
    Madi Xo Il y a heure +2

    anyone else think she was born skinny and never had a eating disorder like she was always just born like a skeleton girl and all the hate she got made her try to gain wait?

    • K
      K Il y a heure

      No. She has anorexia, and it was killing her.

  • Miss_ _Minty
    Miss_ _Minty Il y a heure

    *plays evil music over opera story*

  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose Il y a heure

    You did another amazing job Shane, to be honest this was the best one. This was a beautiful and such a meaningful story. We all love you both and this will change and help a lot of kid/teenagers that are going through the same issues or think like you did.

  • m1ss0utsp0k3n
    m1ss0utsp0k3n Il y a heure

    Wish I had her positive attitude.

  • Kate Bemrose
    Kate Bemrose Il y a heure

    SO SO Proud of Eugenia. I've been watching her for years, and when she announced she was taking a break to focus on herself and her health. I was so happy. She's come a long way in such a short amount of time. This kind soul deserves the best in life

  • •? Yuko ¿•
    •? Yuko ¿• Il y a heure

    😤NICE👏 ughh shes so pure😖

  • dani.hana
    dani.hana Il y a heure

    Andrews camera work is soooooo good!! Great job to the both of you

  • Mia Bolton
    Mia Bolton Il y a heure

    I've never watched Eugenia (not out of malice, just because i never have) but i heard about her, she is so so sweet and cute >,< she seems so genuine and lovely.

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E Il y a heure +2

    Let’s be honest we all know something still isn’t right here.

  • Rainy Day Radkey
    Rainy Day Radkey Il y a heure

    Such beautiful souls