Shopping in the MENS SECTION

  • Ajoutée 13 oct. 2019
  • Shopping in the MENS SECTION and trying on the clothes! Just doing a little clothing haul in the mens section! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment if you'd do this! Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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Commentaires • 1 332

  • Mishure chan
    Mishure chan Il y a jour

    lie plz lemmie know wbat trype jackets and brands they were please

  • Mishure chan
    Mishure chan Il y a jour

    i want that yellow jacket and the red pants with that bennie

  • Chelsi Hanson
    Chelsi Hanson Il y a 11 jours

    Lia do like Digital? Your bf is sausuge. NOT DIGITAL

  • Chelsi Hanson
    Chelsi Hanson Il y a 11 jours +1

    "Excuse me sir, I like my shirts boneless...Ow."

    Lia 2019-2019

    PUBGGAOT Il y a 11 jours

    Crop the white,black,and red shirt

  • Arianna Kamide
    Arianna Kamide Il y a 12 jours

    Y is your kid driving?

  • •Lorielle•
    •Lorielle• Il y a 18 jours

    I actually thought that was her mom. I said to myself, "Oh my gosh her mom is young!"

  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato Il y a 18 jours

    I don’t remember the last time a bought from the girls section

  • Sofia Romero
    Sofia Romero Il y a 18 jours

    Lia :can ware mans close and still look like a motel
    Me : were’s Gucci and still looks like trash

  • epix Army
    epix Army Il y a 19 jours

    She looked sexy in the underwear 🤤

  • Michelle Cabañas
    Michelle Cabañas Il y a 19 jours +1

    You look like a boy

  • James Magee
    James Magee Il y a 21 jour

    I want to go shopping with her so bad

  • Crusty Crystal
    Crusty Crystal Il y a 21 jour


  • Areagamer51 ENT
    Areagamer51 ENT Il y a 23 jours

    I like imitation boy you shoping 🧘‍♀️

  • DekuFan 125
    DekuFan 125 Il y a 23 jours

    I'm wearing that fortnite underwear

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez Il y a 25 jours

    Some of them made you look like you were attacked by Evans closet

    HEY STOB IT Il y a 26 jours

    I love these shopping and try on videos! You’re the only FRclipr I enjoy these videos from!

  • tiyana ligtford
    tiyana ligtford Il y a 26 jours

    Evans should I shop in the women's section for a video

  • AstralMarie Forever
    AstralMarie Forever Il y a 26 jours +1


  • Christianna Rodrigues
    Christianna Rodrigues Il y a 26 jours

    Lia is triggered

  • Kurt Spence
    Kurt Spence Il y a 28 jours

    Why she look like Billie Eilish in this 9:06 ...In a good way

  • Lauren Bond
    Lauren Bond Il y a mois

    Geez girl your hair is good compared to my 30 pound hair

  • Joebutters lol
    Joebutters lol Il y a mois

    She taught her mom well

  • Nikki & KellyJean Roeofer

    7:53 When you actually own one of those hats and do indeed live in Kansas on a farm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kailani Bridges
    Kailani Bridges Il y a mois +1

    I like all your outfits

  • Lakayla R
    Lakayla R Il y a mois

    No booty boys

  • Eucharia Ofoegbu
    Eucharia Ofoegbu Il y a mois

    Also Digital: I thought this was about outfits

  • Jay Murguia
    Jay Murguia Il y a mois

    That’s not really her mom right?? She doesn’t look much older than Lia XD

  • manuel zepeda
    manuel zepeda Il y a mois

    To all the guys out there 8:55

  • Isabella54372 Pie
    Isabella54372 Pie Il y a mois

    Sorry because I watch the intro and I thought that was your mom😥

  • Isabella54372 Pie
    Isabella54372 Pie Il y a mois

    Your mom looks so young

  • Maliya Long
    Maliya Long Il y a mois

    Pretty cute

  • marlie jones
    marlie jones Il y a mois

    “Excuse me sir” “ I like my shirts boneless”
    - Lia 2019

  • Grace Kornelis
    Grace Kornelis Il y a mois

    1.81M subs and you can't buy a mic for your vlogs😤

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller Il y a mois


  • Mariam Hanaa
    Mariam Hanaa Il y a mois +1

    Girls clothes are liars just like their friends

  • Baby Angle
    Baby Angle Il y a mois

    Your mom is young

  • Alyssia Spurgeon
    Alyssia Spurgeon Il y a mois

    You need the fortnight boxers

  • Katelyn Snyder
    Katelyn Snyder Il y a mois

    These are to baggy
    - Billie elish *NEVER!*

  • floofydude
    floofydude Il y a mois

    Lia: girls pockets so small and boys pockets so big
    Also lia: look at my skirt pocket it can carry two phones 😂

  • Livie
    Livie Il y a mois

    I wear those fuzzy hunting hats

    But then again I live in Canada

  • oMagicc
    oMagicc Il y a mois

    8:17 my eyes went 👀

  • ElsieZ Channel
    ElsieZ Channel Il y a mois

    3:39 my crush wears that exact yellow top

  • Fid
    Fid Il y a mois

    Wolf pack are y'all boys or girls? I'm curious before it was mostly guys but now I'm not sure! 🤔

  • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
    Alexis Yoko [Alexander] Il y a mois +1

    The majority of clothes I wear are unisex. I don't care if they are "for girls" or "for guys" (I'm a guy.)

  • CallYouClaped YT
    CallYouClaped YT Il y a mois

    Well I’m 1/2s

  • Sofiya Ahmed
    Sofiya Ahmed Il y a mois

    ' Hey mom can you see if they fit good '
    Lia - 2019

  • ß œ
    ß œ Il y a mois

    Mom = great boobz

  • Dria Thornhill
    Dria Thornhill Il y a mois +1

    Who’s here before sssniper wolf?

  • Dogs woves and Animals
    Dogs woves and Animals Il y a mois +1

    I live in ks on a farm and me and my brothers ware those hats I also love them cuse of a tv show called gravity falls

  • BattleAsh_ _125
    BattleAsh_ _125 Il y a mois +2

    I sometimes shop from the boys section but I’m a girl LoL (I like how the plain shirts fit me)

  • Yomamadanny
    Yomamadanny Il y a mois +1

    Love your vids sssniperwolf I'm subbed to both channels

  • Boss Hogg3
    Boss Hogg3 Il y a mois

    Your outfits were cute

  • Hannah Missu
    Hannah Missu Il y a mois +1

    Lol sh's been doing the ending for her other channel

  • karma
    karma Il y a mois +1

    Lia can make any piece of clothing look so nice.

    • karma
      karma Il y a mois +1

      @Alexis Yoko [Alexander] and that😂😂😂

    • Alexis Yoko [Alexander]
      Alexis Yoko [Alexander] Il y a mois +1

      Except when she's "missing something" :)))

  • Comfy Sundayy
    Comfy Sundayy Il y a mois

    Lia- *OMG ITS ON SALE*
    Friend- *Ahh yes mhm*
    lia- *where buying it*
    Friend- *DID I SAY I CARE*
    Lia- *ANA OOP+

  • Ariana Pirvu
    Ariana Pirvu Il y a mois +1

    7:52- have u seen anyone wear this ???
    Me- Sad life....

    FYTV FYTV Il y a mois

    I love you to sssniper wolf your my favorite out of all the youtubers

  • Amy Gallier
    Amy Gallier Il y a mois

    why do i lowkey feel like that other girl is trying to copy lias voice?

  • Leyla's Arts
    Leyla's Arts Il y a mois

    Do more cooking videos please,I love cooking videos 🥰