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  • Sokrates Andre

    The actual point of pre-rounding is that the patient gets a chance to tell the medstudent he wouldn‘t have allergies just to deny what he just said in front of all the doctors at great rounds.

  • Oscar Álvarez

    The point of pre-rounds is to avoid getting destroyed during the rounds.

  • Lucy
    Lucy  +3

    why are hospitals so determined to deprive anyone and everyone of sleep? the staff is working 24 hour shifts, the patients are getting blood drawn at 2 am. it’s insane

  • anton gunther

    Pre-rounds sounds like one of those things that an overachiever kept doing that quickly became the standard.

  • maplelump

    My pre-round post spinal surgery was surgical resident and anesthesiologist coming in to tell me that I made them laugh hysterically when they were putting me under. Because allegedly, I stopped them while they were injecting me, and went "Is that propofol?" them "yes." "FYI, that feels like fire in the veins, probably why we don't use it in the vet clinic. Anyways, have fun with my intestines and spine boys!" and was out.

  • Omaew
    Omaew  +559

    Ideally, pre-round is for medical students to practice managing their assigned patients.

  • Lee Dunn
    Lee Dunn  +11

    Yes. Hospitals are a great place to stay if your condition is dangerous, or you need urgent or emergency care. They are a terrible place to stay if you need rest and convalescence.

  • Archishman Mukherjee

    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the growing bureaucracy"

  • Sarah Garcia

    In nursing school we would spend hours the night before clinicals researching our patient and writing up their med list, nursing goals, etc. Half the time we would get there in the morning and they would be discharged and we had to write up everything on a different patient 😬 don't miss those days at all

  • Marrow Man

    You missed the best part of pre-rounds -- none of the blood work has come back (or hasn't even been drawn) and last vitals were at 2 am, so absolutely nothing relevant to present to the team other than patient cursed at me for waking them up early. Good times.

  • Sarah
    Sarah  +538

    Pre-rounds are an exquisite excuse for us, poor, med students to take difficult histories that the patient isn’t willing to give. Also we wake up at extremely ungodly hours if we want to complete the ward. Then we get publicly ridiculed while “presenting the data” as the patient denies ever being diabetic.

  • Sean Kathleen

    I always wondered the point of pre-rounds. Having a rare syndrome and being in a teaching hospital, I talk to a lot of med students. I generally like pre-rounds because it gives me someone to discuss things that I want to discuss with the doctor since the final round tends to go rather quick and the med student can have my back if I forget anything I wanted to ask.

  • Apparently my name was not good enough for Google

    In vet med, pre-rounds are secretly extra-time to cuddle with the new puppy/kitty litter that was delivered overnight. The length of the round is also directly proportionate to the cuteness of the patients. All need to be informed repeatedly they are the goodest of girls/boys.

  • Misein
    Misein  +46

    So I worked the night shift at a nursing home a while back, specifically, memory care. This hits a little too close to home. I had one resident who would throw her poop at us when we came in. I literally started carrying a cardboard shield with me when I went into her room and threw it away every day, made a new one, and so on. I know how this works on an emotional level.

  • Angela Smith

    As a patient, I’m not appreciative of pre-rounds, they usually happen an hour after the last time my poor nurse takes my vitals before rounds, between 3-4am 🤣. I’m grateful to y’all regardless of the mild sleep deprivation 😎✊🏽🙏🏽

  • Tiberiu Nicolae


  • Plagg's camembert

    So basically pre rounds are unnecessary except for when the med student gets to be scolded about something they did or didn't do 🤣

  • no1bandfan

    “Because that’s how we’ve always done it.” Is one of the biggest inhibitors of continuous improvement.

  • MrGoudeyman95

    Because what could be worse than letting your patients get a restful night’s sleep :,)

  • Julia
    Julia  +45

    I'm convinced it's all just a tactic to make sure the sick patient gets as little sleep as humanely possible😉 I'm kidding lol but ahhh, I swear it's not possible to get more than 2 hours of sleep uninterrupted while in the hospital. Between the meds, the blood pressure checks, 6am blood draw, 7am shift change, and then the begining of what I call the doctor parade around 8am🤣 I generally come home from lengthy hospital stays and sleep a ton just to catch up(I know, I am there to get better and I totally appreciate all my nurses and doctors lol I'm just teasing)