Door Monster - Crazy Awesome Halloween Decoration

  • Ajoutée 2 nov. 2014
  • For Halloween this year, we built a giant monster puppet into our front door - it was quite a hit!
    Thanks to Ethan Gelinas for helping me operate it and to Reid Sullivan for helping me come up with the idea!
    Music by David Walsh:éo.html
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  • infinityproductions
    infinityproductions Il y a 14 jours

    The kid in the hat at 2:01 looks familiar, but it seems unlikely we've seen home before

  • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

    This is why they are called door monster

  • Who cares who I am
    Who cares who I am Il y a mois

    My favorite is the little kid at the end. "I like that monster"
    So cute

  • Who cares who I am
    Who cares who I am Il y a mois

    Most of those kids are so polite, that's cute.
    Then there are those who just decide to kick the eyeball

  • Smaug the Dragon
    Smaug the Dragon Il y a 2 mois

    What was that blur effect for?

  • TheRealX1ras
    TheRealX1ras Il y a 2 mois

    A legend was born

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee Il y a 2 mois

    "Bye... Whoever you are"
    *points at "I am monster" sign*
    It's the tiny details like that that I love about this video.

  • JoelCrafter43
    JoelCrafter43 Il y a 4 mois

    Furry arm *furry arm* ...

    That man cut off a furries arm! I mean yikes dude that's a little harsh I know they are weird but you don't have to cut off their arm and skin them!

  • Rob Guerra
    Rob Guerra Il y a 5 mois +1

    Middle schoolers are the only kids you can ethically punch

  • Daniel Knapp
    Daniel Knapp Il y a 6 mois

    is this what inspired the door monster channel?

  • Aric Bray
    Aric Bray Il y a 8 mois +1

    So this is where the name came from

  • David E
    David E Il y a 9 mois

    Fecking middle schoolers

  • Robert Urquiza
    Robert Urquiza Il y a 9 mois

    3:17 get recked

  • Rachel Petrie
    Rachel Petrie Il y a 9 mois +3

    Wait, is this why your channel is called Door Monster? I feel like my life finally makes sense!
    This is really awesome. I just started watching your channel and you guys are brilliant!

  • Kal-El Steel
    Kal-El Steel Il y a 9 mois

    this would be a wonderful mascot

  • MarbleSwan666
    MarbleSwan666 Il y a 10 mois +1 its literally a door monster?

  • Collin Douglas
    Collin Douglas Il y a 11 mois

    That was awesome.

  • Teagan Alexander
    Teagan Alexander Il y a an

    Middle Schooler: "You wanna go? YOLO."
    Door Monster: "..."
    *Door Monster gives a cringy middle schooler the stare of death*

  • TheRealX1ras
    TheRealX1ras Il y a an +1

    A legend was born.

  • Adam Sharp
    Adam Sharp Il y a an

    That's super cool
    its so funny when you miss and do the droopy hand you put alot of personality into just those two parts
    You need to make it so the eye can blink

    • Adam Sharp
      Adam Sharp Il y a an

      The catbug girl has so a cute voice!

    • Adam Sharp
      Adam Sharp Il y a an

      Are you watching us
      "Shakes no"

  • Lt_Darkseeker /Antique


  • Anglo Empire
    Anglo Empire Il y a an

    Wholesome as Fuck

  • Atheist Edge
    Atheist Edge Il y a an

    I would be scared to do this on my channel. So many warnings from FRclip about including minors in your videos. I would rather not risk it. It would be interesting to know why they blurred out some people but not others.

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black Il y a an +1

      They were taken down for something around that point and blurred it to try and get it back up. It worked but I think the actual reason it was taken down was the girl who has her underwear showing as she pets the eye (just before a long blur) they even said they had no idea so put a random blur.

  • TonytheCapeGuy
    TonytheCapeGuy Il y a an

    Oh so that's where it's from.

  • Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm Il y a an

    If them old peoples ever think that people born in this day are not nice watch them on Halloween I've never seen kinder people, both children and adults alike.

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc91 Il y a an

    Door monster defends itself by throwing candy.
    It is perhaps not the best deterrent.

  • chungga94
    chungga94 Il y a an

    Thus Door Monster came to be.

  • T.S.P.G
    T.S.P.G Il y a an +1

    Now I know where what the channel name is about...

  • (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    But the point is to make them scream and cry! Whatever...

  • BM03
    BM03 Il y a an

    These kids (the vast majority) are beyond adorable and the one that apologized to the eye and pet it and the one that sounds like catbug made my mouth taste like rainbows. It may be a four years old video, but dammit, I had to say it!

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black Il y a an

      The girl who pet the eye got it taken down by accident I think. They said they were told around the time they put the blur but not what caused the takedown exactly so they put the blur randomly. I've been sure for about 3 years now that the cause was her underwear hanging out as she pet it (just before the blur)

  • Frak Cadillac
    Frak Cadillac Il y a an

    4 years later and this is still fuckin awesome.

  • Locklin Lampe
    Locklin Lampe Il y a an

    That’s why thare called door monster

  • Ceephalon
    Ceephalon Il y a an

    years late to this comment but i love the kid who goes "i see a flaw to your design that kis could jsut sand here and come back in diferent costumes" thats, thats just halloween in general little guy, but if you wanna swap costumes and go to one house then go to the whole neighborhood in one you do you

  • Gentleman Fox
    Gentleman Fox Il y a an

    This vid predicted the future cuz your channel name is Door Monster 🚪

  • d tczyk
    d tczyk Il y a an

    God i hate middle schoolers. Also that one girl was nice, but she is way too young to have an exposed midriff costume. What is wrong with parents

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black Il y a an

      The girl who has her underwear hanging out as she pets the eye?

  • Decay0823
    Decay0823 Il y a an

    You could've easily flipped off those kids hitting the eye...

  • Pinemoon
    Pinemoon Il y a an

    I would have punched those kids in the mouth

  • Cale C
    Cale C Il y a an

    "Give him a high five, Cale."

  • Xander Richards
    Xander Richards Il y a an

    Joke one "its the door monster!"
    Joke 2 " what should we do for Halloween?" "Use the doors."

  • Alex Benton
    Alex Benton Il y a an

    That is awesome!

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian Il y a an

    Awwww, the cheeta girl who pet the eyeball after it was punched is so precious!

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black Il y a an

      The way she acts, yes, the way she was dressed is just spewing bad parenting.

  • Liam Cave
    Liam Cave Il y a an

    was that actually catbug?

  • Ned Killy
    Ned Killy Il y a an


  • Raven
    Raven Il y a an

    2:34 omg thats crazy

  • Ducks
    Ducks Il y a an

    so this is where you got your name?

  • TrueDestroyer 321
    TrueDestroyer 321 Il y a an

    Damn those doors are beautiful

  • TooManyVoices
    TooManyVoices Il y a an

    That is so cool

  • LegendaryRuBalalaika

    It must not be easy for poor Door Monster to get punched in the eye when he has no eyelid :/

  • Markus FIN
    Markus FIN Il y a an

    You guys are so talented, in so many ways.

  • Briarpelt
    Briarpelt Il y a an

    That is so cool! Probably the best Halloween costume/decoration I've ever seen.

  • Gromit
    Gromit Il y a an

    next time I thibk a water pump and yrennw after to show your love to the middle schoolers

  • Wizardxeze
    Wizardxeze Il y a an

    Just need brow above the eye to convey emotion :D . . . Maybe it needs two brows . . . could make the eye seem sad, mad, angry, qurious . . .

  • Aedenn
    Aedenn Il y a an +1

    Door monster.....WAIT A SECOND

  • billnyethescientologyguy

    This both massively impresses me and reminds me how much I hate kids at the same time.

  • LeagueOfFox
    LeagueOfFox Il y a an

    that really cool but it could be funny seeing the door open an a big month open to eat hows ever in the other side

  • Sherb13
    Sherb13 Il y a an

    It would have been hilarious if he flipped them all off.

  • Jomarcenter Media
    Jomarcenter Media Il y a an

    2:33 is he the actual voice actor of catbug?

  • William Inluv
    William Inluv Il y a 2 ans

    Wow. That was so cool!

  • Shiny Dewott
    Shiny Dewott Il y a 2 ans +2

    This is awesome
    You shouldve had a button for a growling sound for those middle schoolers

    • Shiny Dewott
      Shiny Dewott Il y a 2 ans

      Door Monster Awesome!
      this makes my countries lack of Halloween extra sad

    • Door Monster
      Door Monster  Il y a 2 ans

      We added that in the most recent version!éo.html

  • spencer powell
    spencer powell Il y a 2 ans

    Where is this house?