Sarah Paulson Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ

  • Ajoutée 20 sept. 2019
  • Sarah Paulson breaks down her most iconic characters, including her roles in 'American Horror Story,' '12 Years a Slave,' 'American Crime Story,' 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,' 'Ocean's Eight,' 'Game Change' and 'The Goldfinch.'

    Sarah Paulson stars in 'The Goldfinch,' in theaters now!
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    Sarah Paulson Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ
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Commentaires • 1 482

  • Open Brackets
    Open Brackets Il y a 16 heures

    Wow she uses the metric system.

  • Imeiyah Talbert
    Imeiyah Talbert Il y a jour

    I love her but I wanna fight her for skipping AHS this season 🙄

  • Society Against evil
    Society Against evil Il y a jour +2

    cordelia, the one true supreme

  • Zoomin
    Zoomin Il y a jour

    i liked her best in coven and apocalypse

    iKETOURAGE Il y a 2 jours

    Adina Porter,Sarah Paulson,Evan Peters...I wonder why many didnt return this season? Especially Adina...I thought she would be one of the new Faces of the franchise.

  • Gamer Player
    Gamer Player Il y a 2 jours

    Lana Winters is my favourite Sarah Paulson character.

  • nada v
    nada v Il y a 2 jours

    The best season was the Cult

  • Ryfo Juan
    Ryfo Juan Il y a 3 jours

    she look like lana del ray

  • Rebecca Shale
    Rebecca Shale Il y a 3 jours

    Mrs. Balsamo 😭

  • Ben Fico
    Ben Fico Il y a 4 jours

    Asylum and freakshow

  • LBBH Brandon
    LBBH Brandon Il y a 5 jours +1

    One of the best actresses out there. SUPER, super talented. ❤️

  • Calol Argbo
    Calol Argbo Il y a 6 jours +2

    Sarah Paulson is art herself come on you know I am right when I see Sarah Paulson in different seasons in AHS I know it is going to get good and I love how she played like 3 characters in apocalypse

  • Kelsey Belle
    Kelsey Belle Il y a 7 jours +2

    She is literally uhh I don’t know how to put it into words but like magnificent

  • Mrs LJ Mitchell
    Mrs LJ Mitchell Il y a 7 jours +1

    She explained brilliantly! I didn't know her career spaned that far back. 😀

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Il y a 7 jours +1

    I just tried writing with my right hand and doing something else with my left... wow! She’s truly amazing

  • James Leonard
    James Leonard Il y a 7 jours

    acting is doing!

  • melea mcghee
    melea mcghee Il y a 7 jours +1

    Bless her. She really does suffer for her art. It shows a true depth that she has. You can tell that acting is her niche.

  • Princess Galindo
    Princess Galindo Il y a 7 jours +1

    She’s so pretty ❤️

  • Rez T
    Rez T Il y a 8 jours

    20hrs. OMG. how does she do!

  • Matt Lower
    Matt Lower Il y a 8 jours +2

    I always loved her on AHS but this interview genuinely made me realize what a phenomenal actor she is - her expressions can be subtle yet piercing

  • Evie Mae
    Evie Mae Il y a 8 jours

    And ya know.. RHIANNA

  • Lucy  Heartfilia
    Lucy Heartfilia Il y a 8 jours

    Her scream should have its own star on the walk of fame

  • ashley dixon
    ashley dixon Il y a 9 jours +1

    Her and Jessica Lange are the best actresses on AHS hands down periodt!!💯 Love them both!!!

  • Kink
    Kink Il y a 9 jours

    Im only here cuz family guy said I should google her

  • Chloe Toye1992
    Chloe Toye1992 Il y a 9 jours +1


  • Bruna Lourencini II
    Bruna Lourencini II Il y a 9 jours +1

    She's AMAZING. I truly miss her in AHS.

  • Susan S.
    Susan S. Il y a 9 jours +2

    American Horror Story is not the same without Sarah & Jessica. They are the queens.

  • Crofter LP
    Crofter LP Il y a 9 jours +1

    I Love her forever!

  • misha
    misha Il y a 9 jours

    Jack & Jill ?

  • Samuel Trujillo
    Samuel Trujillo Il y a 9 jours +2

    Ms Lana banana ❤️

  • dawn Clemons
    dawn Clemons Il y a 9 jours

    My favorite charcters sara played are lana winters and cordiella goode i can't choose which i like more shes such a AMAZING actor

  • 7ate9
    7ate9 Il y a 9 jours

    Anyone else thinks she kinda looks like Drew Barrymore

  • Jordan Dahl
    Jordan Dahl Il y a 9 jours +2

    Uhh Sara Paulson is one of my favorite actresses 🙏🏻

  • Kat Saskowski
    Kat Saskowski Il y a 9 jours +2

    there's an interview where cody fern says that sarah paulson invented acting. he's right. sarah paulson did invent acting

  • Kat Moon
    Kat Moon Il y a 10 jours +1

    My wife is so cute

  • forever SHAMPOO
    forever SHAMPOO Il y a 10 jours +1


  • Fran Olaguer
    Fran Olaguer Il y a 10 jours +3

    TBH, She is in the same category as Meryl Streep and Jessica Lange. 😍❤️💕

  • Johanna Weaver
    Johanna Weaver Il y a 10 jours +1

    She's just great! Love everything she does, Game Change is one of my favorite movies and she was great in it.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M Il y a 10 jours

    she also played young ellis grey

  • Jinkx Monsoon’s chipped tooth

    **Breathes in**

  • Larina G
    Larina G Il y a 11 jours +1


  • Bailey Ann
    Bailey Ann Il y a 11 jours +3

    I could tell she had Sagittarius in her chart somewhere, turns out that’s he sun sign lol my moon is in sag too so I relate to a lot of what she’s saying

  • Shindle Xo
    Shindle Xo Il y a 11 jours +2

    Love asylum season 🤪🤪

  • Ari Monique
    Ari Monique Il y a 11 jours +2


  • River Laurie
    River Laurie Il y a 11 jours +3

    I'd say her role as Merlyn Temple on the 90s TV show 'American Gothic' was pretty iconic, too. It was for me, anyway. "Someone's at the door..."

  • XA
    XA Il y a 11 jours +2

    i love she

  • Just Cade
    Just Cade Il y a 11 jours +2

    Lana Winters was such a complex character, and she played her to the max. She plays all of her roles flawlessly, but that one to me is her crown jewel.

  • J O R D A N
    J O R D A N Il y a 11 jours +9

    *Lana Del Rey Breaks down her most iconic characters|

  • Aldrin Smithson
    Aldrin Smithson Il y a 11 jours +3

    Shes an amazing actress

  • Rat
    Rat Il y a 12 jours +3

    My all time favorite character is Cordelia

  • Lauren
    Lauren Il y a 12 jours +1

    Please have Meryl streep do one of these , love love Sarah Paulson tho

  • Cgb0813
    Cgb0813 Il y a 12 jours +2

    Already a legend ❤️

  • Hacky C
    Hacky C Il y a 12 jours +1

    She's so amazing. I'm educated. RESPEC

  • Monique Sinha
    Monique Sinha Il y a 12 jours +1

    Sarah is too funny

  • Thomas
    Thomas Il y a 12 jours +1

    It’s crazy to me that an actor can get into a roll so much that their body gets traumatized. I can’t really imagine it

  • arjai figueroa
    arjai figueroa Il y a 12 jours +4

    No wonder she and Cate Blanchett has gotten along so well, she's so eloquent. She also has a naughty sense of humor like Cate. I love them both. I hope they'll collaborate again next time, with a more serious theme, perhaps.

  • arjai figueroa
    arjai figueroa Il y a 12 jours +1

    7:17-7:54 I never want to watch this People vs OJ Simpson, but after this scene. Wow! No wonder she won almost all of the awards. I'll definitely watch the series after this video.

  • Lana Del Rey
    Lana Del Rey Il y a 12 jours +6

    kinda heartbroken she’s not in the most recent season

  • transcendence productions
    transcendence productions Il y a 12 jours

    I’m sorry Louisiana is hot we know 😂

  • Anita Blunt
    Anita Blunt Il y a 12 jours +7

    Sarah Paulson: breaks down her most iconic characters
    me: breaks down mentally