Rammstein - Du Hast & Sonne - Philadelphia - 8/31/22

  • Ajoutée 30 août 2022

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  • Chief Pontius

    My 2 buddies and I drove from Indianapolis up to Minneapolis to see them and gotta say, the best rockshow I've seen. Even if they dont come to the US next year we might just have to go to Germany to see them.

  • Steven Pruitt

    I am proud to say "I was there"! Unbelievable concert, loved every minute, ready to go again!!!

  • K. K.
    K. K.  +48

    I have been listening to them since my age was in the single digits. Seeing them live was on my bucket list. I was at this concert in Philly and seeing this video I got to see everything that went on instead of what I just saw from where I was sitting.

  • Ralph Hughes

    It amazes me who never listened to rammstein and see them live become life long fans. Their shows are amazing but then you come home just to feel and understand their music ..the rest is a rabbit hole.

  • William Anderson

    We just saw them last night in Chicago and it was the best show ever! These two songs were a highlight of the evening. Thanks for the killer vid. 🔥🔥🤘🤘

  • Brubaker's Flatcakes

    This was my first Rammstein show and these two songs were simply killer with the lights and flames. Nice highlight! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Vito Drf
    Vito Drf  +82

    Just saw them last weekend in Minneapolis. Best concert ever!

  • Clelio Balbino

    Impossível não gostar de Rammstein, IMPOSSÍVEL!!

  • Hybrid Miranda

    This was the first 'big' concert I ever went to, I bought resold tickets for the 'feuerzone' and had no idea what it meant... or what the heck I signed up for. I was only 30-40 feet from the stage, and LET ME TELL YOU, that fire is HOT. I can't imagine how scalding it is for Till when I was having flashbacks of my first few glassblowing classes!!

  • Fontaine

    I just saw them 3 months ago in Hamburg. Best show I’ve ever seen.

  • J. Tiberius Kirk

    I went to Philly to see this, and this was not just a concert, it was a performance!

  • Comrade Chernov

    Best concert I've EVER seen.

  • Colin James

    I am a 63yr granddad, went to watch them in Cardiff (Wales) my chest was still pounding 2 days later, f**King awesome.

  • Rachel Snijders

    What a superb show! We've been fans for many years and finally got to see them in Philly!

  • Debra T

    Everything! Everything about this band is spectacular! Not just pyro. Incredible talent and showmanship. Plus one of the greatest frontmen! Til!! A concert I will never forget!

  • Harvey D

    What an epic concert. They come to the states once in a never so we had to go. Didn't get tickets until June!!! Loved it. Thank you Rammstein!!

  • Troggie42

    I was down there in the seats just past the 2nd tower from the left (as looking thru the camera) and this show was fucking INCREDIBLE. Absolutely fantastic energy the entire time, I would have stayed for a whole eight hour show if it was possible, excellent experience the whole way through!

  • SoldierDeChumbo

    Sonho em ver eles no Rock In Rio algum dia, quase impossivel de isso acontecer mas a esperança é a ultima q morre kkkkkkk

  • 12799MaDeuce

    My first concert ever. Took the train in from Pittsburgh. AMAZING! Thanks for posting!

  • Melanie Brown

    I felt like I attended church last night. Mind. Blown.