Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh (Live from Madison Square Garden) (REACTION) with my wife

  • Ajoutée 12 août 2022
  • Hi All! Welcome back to our reaction channel! We are pleased to have reacted to another of Rammstein song. This time we went for live performance to Ich Tu Dir Weh! And as expected that was a show like no other! Hope you'll enjoy our reaction! Don't forget to subscribe! 😀
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Commentaires • 124

  • @Coyote818181

    Here's another twist in the song. He sings I hurt you all the time and he does terrible things to someone, but in the end it turns out that he says all this in a mirror. So to himself. The stage show also fits the theme wonderfully. Some people simply feel more comfortable and like new person after self-harm. That's exactly what happens here with Flake. He is thrown into the bathtub in a black suit, doused with sparks and comes out in a glitter suit. A new person.

  • @RolandDeschain1

    This concert was special in that it was their first show in the US for nearly ten years.

  • @ildaramirez1194

    The 2 of you are quickly becoming one of my favorite Rammstein reactors 😃 I look forward to your future reactions to Rammstein 😍💕💕

  • @boqndimitrov8693

    as always, Till demonstrates that he can sing a song in two ways, and if he chooses - twenty-two ways! and the banter between him and the keyboardist is a characteristic part of the show.

  • @jessicam.245

    I love this song so much. Till's voice in the chorus is so beautiful. I like when he shows this other side of his vocals once in a while! From Madison Square Garden I would recommend "Rammlied" it's the entrance of the show. And for another ballad where Till again sings TOTALLY different I would recommend "Seemann" live video 2016. Please! I love your reactions :))))

  • @duncanmccann2715

    Don't worry Dominica - it's good to hear real reactions, real thoughts. Both of you keep going with Rammstein please, I'm really enjoying hearing what you think!

  • @user-sk3tm2op5o

    You can definetly take on the whole madison square guarden list - they are all great. Too bad you never get real sound picture from videos tho. GOAT liveband of all times!🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • @fabiang1465

    "Frühling in paris" is one of the best songs of theme in my opinion. Very melodic and im sure you will love it

  • @thatonesarah91

    I really recommend "Frühling in Paris" live from Paris. It is a very good Ballade that I personally really enjoy

  • @tosa2522

    Among other things because of this song the "Liebe ist für alle da" album was censored in Germany. It was not allowed to be advertised and sold to people under 18.

  • @nobodynemoq

    As usual, you did great job - with so much charm and warmth, it's always so pleasant to see your reactions! We all love your discussions ♥️

  • @tigerlily8447

    Andrei, you look at your wife with heart eyes 😍 it's so lovely to see. Glad you enjoyed the theatrics of this, Mein Teil live is also a great one

  • @jovanakk

    I was waiting for this one, so thank you! 🖤 But this one is for entertaining, not for get deep inside you like "Zeit" or "Deutschland". For being touched I will recommend "Wiener Blut" (live) or "Donaukinder" ( both from educatedmarine's channel). Or let me be selfish and recommend my no.1 forever - "Mutter" (live from Paris).

  • @fellowchucker7224

    You can avoid the copyright sometimes by making the video window slightly transparent 👍🏻👍🏻Also you guys should check out Rammsteins song Mütter live from Helfest!

  • @tinonielebock8932

    🤘🤘🤘 what a voice, what a sound, what a performance....RAMMSTEIN YEAHHHHHH🤘🤘🤘

  • @user-gp1qw3qz4l

    Oh I got happy when I saw this, a good live performance as well as a song that might push the limits a bit in terms of lyrics compared to what you have heard so far! Hope to see even more of the live stuff :D

  • @brettmarlar4154

    There is no way one cannot love Flake, he is truly the embodiment of what it means to be a good sport. He is the brunt of all their jokes, and Til constantly tortures him on a nightly basis throughout the show. He would be the first one in the band for which I would buy a beer as he truly earns it.

  • @neiletordee5407

    Here are some great live perfomances 😜✌️

  • @stephenmiller195

    You two are awesome, love your Rammstein reactions, thank you 🙏

  • @loltimno

    I think you guess need to do the opening song from the Madison Square Garden set - Rammlied. You will absolutely love Till’s character, and while it’s not a song which will make you *feel*, it will make you feel the music and set up the show.