I Solved A 5 YEAR Fortnite MYSTERY!

  • Ajoutée 29 sept. 2022
  • Fortnite FINALLY Solved This Mystery..
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  • Elias Gonzalez

    Here's a Tip: the herald has a huge weakness. When she summons wolves, you can just run away and they’ll despair and she’ll go back to doing her idle animation without healing. Doing this over and over let’s you cheese her so easily so long as you have a decent amount of ammo.

  • InfernoPumpkin

    My theory is that Midas will have a big part to play in getting rid of the chrome seeing as I cant think of another way to defeat it then simply having Midas just touch it. The aftermath could lead to a golden island or a golden version of chrome that still consumes everything. Not sure hpw they will save the seven though

  • Noxy AKA Cute lizarb

    Something tells me Midas has a bigger part to play in the storyline, bigger then we can imagine

  • Shadow Midas

    I hope Midas comes back to help the seven because he could break the loop something the seven couldn’t do even with the I.O gone

  • Attmoz
    Attmoz  +84

    Midas might be the solution to chrome, the chrome spreads silver over anything it touches and midas turns anything he touches to gold, they both have a coloured outline when taking over something and if midas touched the island it probably would become chrome so maybe epic will release a unique map that after u finish all the quests on it u can't play on it anymore and it is to get midas before he is eaten by a shark, or the chrome source is a corrupted midas

  • TheWooperMan

    I think that 1. Midas runs "The Syndicate" 2. Klombo was created to make it look like the reality biome was "natural" 3. Klombo escaped when the war started 4. Klombo's were used to make the reality biome 5. Jones is from "Save the World" mode's universe 6. The new map could be the zero point terraforming the map so the chrome could not consume the zero point

  • Jay._.
    Jay._.  +14

    I hope we can all agree that Midas needs to come back

  • Zachary Ortopan

    I think Midas could use his ability to turn things to gold against the chrome changing the chrome to gold

  • Jonathan Taylor

    With something you did a few days ago with Midas makes me believe he is the key to the Herald's end. Since his golden touch has no effect on the evochrome weapons, like it does with everything else, could he stop the Herald's plan?

  • nullsmack


  • MarskeBear

    I really hope they bring Midas back cuz if they don’t the community will be so sad also I liked and subscribed keep up the good work T5G team!! 😀😀😀

  • YouTube help & issues

    Ok guys remember when we decode the message in season x and it says “the nothing is now inevitable etc. and in this Seasons battle bass on page 2 the record disk has the heralds face on it and it is called (nothing is inevitable). tying in with the black hole in season x. And no he didn’t cover this I just noticed. If you got this far you are so cool❤️

  • Glitch
    Glitch  +45

    I think the herald created klombo and the seven killed klombo to avoid from the herald coming as the herald could probably sense klombo and finally found the zero point.

  • Veltzon

    Something I have been speculating for a while, and though it sounds far fetched, I think it would be quite revolutionary to see

  • Animalnature

    Who agree’s that we would be clueless about the Fortnite storyline without T5G

  • duzza4779

    I think midas will be apart of the live event at the end of the season seeing as his ability to turn anything gold could combat the chrome therefore solidifying it.

  • neon_wolf

    Got an interesting theory for ya Tommy, though it's probably a helluva stretch.

  • Drifty
    Drifty  +12

    Even when it looks like we've solved the storyline so far there are still so many mysteries

  • nullsmack

    I have a theory that Paradigm's reality-659 might be the one that Cuddle Team Leader went to and returned from as Mecha Cuddle Master (June 2021 crew pack). Her loading screens are pretty neat and have several now familiar things in them like The Foundation's crest and the MLEM emoticon from c2s7. It's a very futuristic tech looking place and in one screen there are even futuristic motorcycles (hovering?). Motorcycles were leaked as an upcoming vehicle by Hypex during the recent summer season.

  • DaBoyz A-Money

    Midas and Herald both have a touch that turns it into something so could that mean Midas might know Herald?