• Ajoutée 19 oct. 2019
  • Phase 4 is exciting but phase 5 of the MCU is going to be insane! Here's some Marvel mcu phase 5 leaks to hold you over till phase 4 starts! We have so many movies to look forward to: Black widow, thor love and thunder, doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, the eternals, and so much more!
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Commentaires • 562

  • Abdiasis Abdirashid
    Abdiasis Abdirashid Il y a 21 jour

    Like and comment about Ant-Man 3 please?

  • Jozay Zay
    Jozay Zay Il y a mois

    Fantastic 4!? 2024

  • Anas Teli
    Anas Teli Il y a mois

    Not much excited for the movies After the end game

  • Kishan Sanchit
    Kishan Sanchit Il y a mois

    Really excited for Antman 3. Can’t wait to see witch new characters will make their debut in the movie.
    Favorite hero: Captain America

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans Il y a mois

    Black Panther is badass and all but "Played a big part in Endgame & Infinity War"??? He was onscreen for like 10 min in both those movies combined. The only time you even see him in Endgame is at the final battle and Tony's memorial.

  • BrantheBroken
    BrantheBroken Il y a mois

    Awesome stuff. Good Marvel movies don't have to mean destroyed buildings so bring on the Widow.
    And hope the VFX teams get enough time to complete BPII CG properly this time 👍🙃

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Il y a mois

    Can’t wait to see marvel phase four with ant man and Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila Il y a mois

    Great video like always, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man Because he is very relatable as a teenager

  • Josh Castic Show
    Josh Castic Show Il y a mois +1

    I was hoping for an Ant-Man 3, and my favorite superhero is Iron Man.

  • AlanBoy L
    AlanBoy L Il y a mois

    Favorite Superhero: Raven and Batman
    Favorite Villain: Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) and Doc Ock

  • The Assassin of the Caribbean

    "OH MY GOD it's happening, it's happening, everyone stay calm, stay calm, stay f$@# calm!!!!!" 😂😂

  • The Assassin of the Caribbean

    Favorite hero:Captain America
    Favorite villain: Thanos

  • Loutzenheiser
    Loutzenheiser Il y a mois

    It's gonna be the Deapool 3 movie!

  • Jason Tindall
    Jason Tindall Il y a mois +1

    My favorite superhero is Scarlet Witch!!

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose Il y a mois

    I just hope we can have more Paul Rudd
    Favourite hero storm
    Favourite villian Norman osbourne

  • Alex Wetton
    Alex Wetton Il y a mois

    I think as well the one which be 2024 could be the new avengers in phase 6 maybe and so looking forward of ant an 3 in phase 5?🙏🤔

  • cityboy tip
    cityboy tip Il y a mois

    Yes......! Nova

  • J 7777
    J 7777 Il y a mois

    My favorite villain is annihilus

  • chris antunes
    chris antunes Il y a mois

    i need a ps4 :(

  • Ricardo Machado
    Ricardo Machado Il y a mois

    For me Ant-man is key part of the MCU is one of the most important characters in the infinity saga. He deserves a thirty movie.

  • Anthony LaGreca
    Anthony LaGreca Il y a mois


  • Brendan Lafferty
    Brendan Lafferty Il y a mois

    Favorite superhero has got to be Batman, his no killing rule always supplies for great moments and his origin goes hand in hand together to bring forth compelling stories for a great character.

  • Taahir Patel
    Taahir Patel Il y a mois

    A Scarlett witch movie

  • jordan sharkey
    jordan sharkey Il y a mois

    Favourite hero is iron man

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer Il y a mois

    Favorite hero Spider-Man
    Favorite villain Mysterio or venom

  • Sam Kulkarni
    Sam Kulkarni Il y a mois +1

    Favorite superhero BATMAN ❤️
    Favorite Villain Dr doom

  • Epic Fandoms
    Epic Fandoms Il y a mois

    I still kind of want a Thunderbolts movie with Red Hulk (They already have an actor for Thunderbolt Ross so that's covered), Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds obviously), Punisher, Elektra (Her and him having their respective actors from Netflix if possible), Agent Venom (possibly someone else than Flash Thompson since he is still pretty young) and ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) if they can fit him in.

  • Frederick H. David V
    Frederick H. David V Il y a mois

    Ant-Man was the first MCU film I ever saw, so it's because of it that I got into Marvel.

  • carlos williams
    carlos williams Il y a mois

    Hulk Batman Wolverine favorite heroes

  • Jason Foster
    Jason Foster Il y a mois

    Woof woof keep the Marvel news coming thank you for keeping us all informed

  • Rob Charls
    Rob Charls Il y a mois +1

    Awesome video..... Favourite superhero iron man

  • Rob Charls
    Rob Charls Il y a mois +1

    Favourite superhero iron man

  • Kjawn Steppe
    Kjawn Steppe Il y a mois

    Hero: Iron Man (easy)
    Villain: Green Goblin

  • Vlad-Andrei Maxim
    Vlad-Andrei Maxim Il y a mois

    💪 💪 💪
    Favorite superhero is Thor

  • Dandu Gowtham Varma
    Dandu Gowtham Varma Il y a mois +1

    How many want to see HULK movies

  • Craig Toy
    Craig Toy Il y a mois

    All I know is I've been a huge Marvel fan since the early 90's when the cards were big, I honestly just want to see Wolverine facing better villians like Cyber or Omega Red there are so many Villains out there. Plus they have never even touched on Thor's 'magic belt' mentioned in Spider man Homecoming

  • Liam's Animation World for kids

    I'm glad SPIDER MAN is back in the MCU so SPIDER MAN 3 I guess is the last SPIDER MAN, Tom Holland, MCU, film

  • Adam Gallyot
    Adam Gallyot Il y a mois

    Great! I want a new Avengers movie!
    My favorite superhero is Ant-Man

  • djmulder
    djmulder Il y a mois

    *most boring hero in the MCU (black panther)* "the future of the MCU" .. barf :(
    Movie for 2024 .. Iron Man 4!

  • Tomaž Ocepek
    Tomaž Ocepek Il y a mois

    Let's first focus on Phase 4 and worry then about Phase 5

  • Will Frasure
    Will Frasure Il y a mois +2

    I think that a black widow trilogy will be a great move by marvel
    Fav superhero is rocket

  • Nick white
    Nick white Il y a mois

    Welcome to the first flop in marvel MCU Shang-Chi normal martial arts movie never do well
    He a normal person fighting a superpower villain waste of money that could be spent on inhumans or good CHARACTERS like moonknight or wonder man
    Phase 4 only got 3 movie that wont suck thor. doctor strange. and blackwidow. Every thing else looks CRAP phase5 has like 6 movies Shang-Chi is not a solo character side kick maybe.

  • minerdude336
    minerdude336 Il y a mois

    I want DEADPOOL!!!!!!!

  • sean brown
    sean brown Il y a mois

    what they gonna do with xmens quicksilver

  • Aaron Bright
    Aaron Bright Il y a mois

    Phase 5?? Marvel are really winning the game goner be 🔥🔥
    Favorite superhero is rocket raccoon

  • OsO MaLOsO
    OsO MaLOsO Il y a mois

    My favorite super hero is Ant-Man and my favorite villain is Thanos! Thanks!!

  • Nithish Murugesh
    Nithish Murugesh Il y a mois

    how about venom

  • hannah van de laar
    hannah van de laar Il y a mois

    My favourite character is Hawkeye woof woof

  • shubham das
    shubham das Il y a mois


  • timbo1989fl
    timbo1989fl Il y a mois +1

    Marvel saved my life I love all of them

  • MkTekno
    MkTekno Il y a mois

    Fav. villain Thanos !!!!

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master Il y a mois

    Hope I win an Xbox!

  • Black Brother
    Black Brother Il y a mois +1

    Favourite hero: wolvy
    Favourite villain: x-23
    Hugh Jackman amazing villain and hero😄

  • Breezy Meister
    Breezy Meister Il y a mois

    One would've expected Black Panther 2 sooner after its success but there's just too much goin on at MCU

  • Seán Hegarty
    Seán Hegarty Il y a mois

    The BP2 release date was announced weeks ago at D23...

  • Emmanuel Addison Barce Espanto

    Love This Channel...Just Sub😆😆😆

    ILOSTMYCOOKIE Il y a mois

    Can’t wait to see Ant Man 3, Paul Rudd is awesome.

  • Isreal Vallejos
    Isreal Vallejos Il y a mois

    Favorite hero Deadpool

  • Tandy Bowen
    Tandy Bowen Il y a mois

    I wish I worked for marvel studios just so I could never miss out on anything

  • Adhi techy
    Adhi techy Il y a mois

    My favourite hero are spider man and iron Man