Monologue: Price of Admission | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Ajoutée 16 mars 2019
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    Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including a college admissions scandal and Beto O'Rourke's foray into the 2020 presidential race.
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Commentaires • 1 678

  • Global Jay
    Global Jay Il y a 5 jours

    Damn Bill is so liberal but oh so damn funny! Haha!

  • Nick St. John
    Nick St. John Il y a 10 jours


  • Jo Wauneka
    Jo Wauneka Il y a 20 jours

    You used to be funny Billy. Now all you do is kiss liberal butts. Boring.

  • muttonchopred
    muttonchopred Il y a 24 jours

    this show is becoming completely unwatchable, The Establishment centrist positions, of Bill and the vast majority of his guests, are laughable.
    These fucktards haven't a clue as to what is actually going on. the fact that they continue to blame the progressive left is clear evidence of this.

  • Gioachino Rossini
    Gioachino Rossini Il y a 26 jours

    Beta O'Cuck sucks.

  • Justin Lakely
    Justin Lakely Il y a 27 jours

    What an asshat!

  • lisa beaudoin
    lisa beaudoin Il y a 28 jours

    Beto is a republican in disguise

  • Ru Lz
    Ru Lz Il y a 29 jours

    Its a sad day when people who are awake to the Corruption of America/ Pro Trump (just for the purpose of shaking things up in politics) are now the targets.

    The Masses have been converted and now side with Corruption due to hatred for Trump! The worse part about it is most of you have no idea that you are apart of the scheme. Why? Because you still have blind folders on in 2019 and would rather 4-8 years of Hillary Clinton and "politics as usual" than Trump.

    I am not saying Trump is perfect or for the people much less... but people elected him to shake up Political Ring rather than sit back and watch this Country's further dive into implosion.

  • Tom D
    Tom D Il y a mois

    Bill is close to being a liberal, but most of the rest of democrats are progressive leftists not liberals.

  • Henry Wayne
    Henry Wayne Il y a mois

    Hey kiss my Maher. I never watch HBO never because they pay a stupid person money to make fools of the owners. If you watch this POD (piece of dirt), you hate yourself.

  • chris kramer
    chris kramer Il y a mois

    Did all you Bill Maher fans know that Bill is good friends with Felicity Huffman and the Laughlin's? Yeah true story. This clip shows how much of an asshole he is! Fucking retarded big nose cunt!!!

  • The New Minority
    The New Minority Il y a mois

    Is this where the alt-left hangs out??

  • Anwar Rahman
    Anwar Rahman Il y a mois

    Watch how he didn’t even more than 2 seconds on the mass murder that took place in NZ.

  • Lucifer_the_Saint
    Lucifer_the_Saint Il y a mois

    Good Luck on being sued, you fake, pasty looking MF.

  • Allan Hegyes
    Allan Hegyes Il y a mois

    Oh if only Trump's tough guys would put me out of my misery, at this point, yes even death would be better than Kentucky Fried Caligula's second term.

  • tidak ada
    tidak ada Il y a mois

    Wow, Maher really wants to re-lect trump eh? These talk show people really don't get how much they are accidentally helping 45.

  • Barbara Brennan
    Barbara Brennan Il y a mois


    STEVE SMITH Il y a mois

    100,000 a month 100,000 a month 100,000 a month, who is going to pay for these people, we are about to automate most of our manufacturing, what happens to the people who are working now, where will they work, where will all of these illegal aliens going to work, fruit picking? Well that is being converted and being automated right now, turns out robots can pick peppers and tomatoes, why would you invite people into your home and try to take responsibility for them when you cant even take care of yourself. what are you people thinking? if we figure out how to take care of ourselves, we can assist people where they are. we can donate, send aid, "we already send more aid to other country's then anyone else" we protect the worlds trade routs so you can have the precious iphone. You people don't seem to understand, If you let to many people into the boat it will sink. o and you'll have to kill me to get my guns. E pluribus unum

  • E North
    E North Il y a mois +1

    Bill, just saying thanks for keeping me sane since the trump dictatorship!

  • Yougonasorry's channel

    Bill Maher supports the Israeli massacre of Palestinians, he is pro zonists. Fuck him.

  • Jem Mejidov
    Jem Mejidov Il y a mois

    Thanks for dumbing down the lives of 49 people you muslim hating pos. Used to be a fan...

  • Julian Birch
    Julian Birch Il y a mois

    The only thing surprising about the scandal is that people were actually CHARGED for it.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder Il y a mois

    Liberal scumbag colleges, LOl.

  • Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker Il y a mois

    i never found him funny Bill Maher should be working in a Burger King

  • naught yue
    naught yue Il y a mois

    guns are obsolete.

  • Jackyboy335
    Jackyboy335 Il y a mois +2

    What about Sumdum College... or... Lotzadet University ? Don't let schooling interfere with your education.

  • Lamp Camp Ramp Champ
    Lamp Camp Ramp Champ Il y a mois +1

    Corporate Democrat pushing Russia gate narrative, CIA talking points. Wrapped in a comedy bit. Perfect.

  • James Green
    James Green Il y a mois

    1:21 Yeah kind of reminds me of someone

  • Jaime Quinones
    Jaime Quinones Il y a mois

    “My parents wouldn’t do this: the phrase that BM followed with is the important one: “...their hard earned money”.

  • DR Kojack
    DR Kojack Il y a mois

    It's not that Beto O'Rourke is white, it's because he's a dork like Jeb Bush and he lost to Ted Cruz. Trump would squash him flat. If you really want to stop orange, vote Bernie

    • DR Kojack
      DR Kojack Il y a mois

      +Smilley MLK The delegate vote was rigged against Bernie last time, the DNC has made changes since then. Bernie himself is also a stronger candidate this time around. I just don't see any of the other candidates standing a chance against Orange Hitler. None of them are good campaigners and they don't have enough charisma.

    • Smilley MLK
      Smilley MLK Il y a mois

      And Bernie lost to Hillary. Just sayin'.

    • CC Ryder
      CC Ryder Il y a mois

      Shit Bernie is a joke along with Beto white boy o rourke.

  • Verona P
    Verona P Il y a mois

    Someone bribed their way into the university of spoiled children? Wow im so shocked

  • paul signac
    paul signac Il y a mois

    Not many people are aware of this but Albert Einstein got into Princeton on a fake football scholarship. This is because, although he did take the Swiss Polytechnic (later ETH) college entrance examine in Zurich in October 1895, and his performance in physics and mathematics were obviously excellent, his results in some of the other associated test areas were unsatisfactory. So he did not gain automatic admission

    As a consequence when he came to Princeton the Board discretely asked the ‘Tigers’ head coach Fritz Crisler to place him on the then equivalent of the NCAA intercollegiate player transfer list as a punter for the 1935 season to quickly qualify for university admission. He was only obliged to take the field once with the long snapper ‘Kipper’ Jones (who immediately took a knee) in a pre-season game to fulfill collegiate requirements and thereafter sat on the bench and wrote rude notes in Yiddish to Niels Bohr.

  • Lizzie Dee
    Lizzie Dee Il y a mois

    Fuck you Bill and some of your brain dead followers. I think I will vote for Trump just to pay you back and I despise him

  • Tangible Focused
    Tangible Focused Il y a mois

    A whole bunch of clowns in the audience wanting to laugh at any corny ass joke right along with the laugh track. Smmfh

  • SuperLeica1
    SuperLeica1 Il y a mois

    A***ole factories! On the spot!

  • P Smith
    P Smith Il y a mois

    Go Pacers!!

  • Myacono
    Myacono Il y a mois

    I always said in civil war II the right would win because they own most of the guns

    • Ft Wolfe
      Ft Wolfe Il y a mois

      LOL... what makes you think that liberal don't own guns? Is it because they don't pose with guns on Facebook?
      Believe it or not, liberals own as many guns as conservatives... they just aren't stupid about displaying it... which is to say; they aren't stupid about guns. (but we do have them.)

  • Paul Romano
    Paul Romano Il y a mois +1

    Trust millionaire Maher to call out how the rich rig college admissions while failing to connect the story to the big picture which is how the rich rig EVERYTHING in America. What happened Bill? Oh yeah, you got rich.

  • gruntqueen
    gruntqueen Il y a mois

    Honestly? My White parents were happy to spend 3K a semester for a brand new Catholic college just to get me out of the house. That shitty degree got me jobs that better-qualified people couldn't get. I cheated my way through life.

  • Michael Chrisman
    Michael Chrisman Il y a mois

    In other news, 200 Christian's were murdered by Muslims in the past week....MSM...crickets

  • cynthia van teylingen
    cynthia van teylingen Il y a mois

    i dont see collor. oh another white guy for the dem caravan. u americans can either choose orange guy or all the other skin collors lol. good luck with that in 2020.

  • Ake Hilding
    Ake Hilding Il y a mois

    I didn't watch the show for a while because I got tired of how it bluntly supports corporate Democrats but I thought I would give it another chance and immediately Bill Maher says that spanking kids isn't such a big deal .. well, sorry, this is just to dumb, I've had enough.

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch Il y a mois

    Stephen Colbert has been reared and reared from Hollywood for years and year's before he got his whores pay

  • George Tsitsiani
    George Tsitsiani Il y a mois

    Bill you are awesome. Amazing wit, dark humor. That is why I can't understand why you shilled for Hillary in 2016.

  • Janelle Etsitty
    Janelle Etsitty Il y a mois

    LMAO.... "A double major of redbull and vodka" ;*D

  • Janelle Etsitty
    Janelle Etsitty Il y a mois

    "No Holds Barred" here with Mr. Bill............

    HUMANITY PJ Il y a mois


  • Caswell39A
    Caswell39A Il y a mois

    Notice how Maher isn't MAN ENOUGH to still support his race-baiting attack on those Covington Kids?

  • Caswell39A
    Caswell39A Il y a mois

    Why isn't Maher MAN ENOUGH to go on Tucker Carlson's or Hannity's FOX show? Republicans have the courage to face his stacked audience of applause seals but Billy here is afraid of going on Fox to sell his climate change and Russian Pee video conspiracy nonsense. He's worth 33 million yet doesn't welcome poor immigrants into his mansion and/or studio. You think everything he owns is solar and windmill powered? Anyone know why?

  • Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis Il y a mois

    As a liberal...I'd like to say...we have the guns too. It's America after all. Doesn't everyone have a gun or two in their closets?

  • jack
    jack Il y a mois

    Donald KKKrump and Pooohtin's plan: DIViDE and CONQUER the world.

  • Darrell Kocha
    Darrell Kocha Il y a mois

    This monologue was funny, true, and infuriating. This nation values money over strength, and we'll see which wins.

  • June Smith
    June Smith Il y a mois

    Charming how he laughs at his own tongue slips.

  • R. Whitaker
    R. Whitaker Il y a mois

    Loughlin and her husband recently sold a couple of their homes.
    I wonder if this is significant?

  • Jay Gray
    Jay Gray Il y a mois

    Bill's parents may not have done that but other parents did, it's nothing new. It may not have been done in an organized way, but money would be donated, or someone would get special consideration from a politician, and next thing you know the dumbest kid in the class was going to university. They could be your next president. Money talks, always

  • Bhagwat Shah
    Bhagwat Shah Il y a mois

    Why is anyone surprised?
    Money always talks!

  • C C
    C C Il y a mois

    Vote for Bernie! #Feelthebern

  • Phillip White
    Phillip White Il y a mois

    Wonder why Maher did not say anything more about the massacre? About how he is one of the people always vilifying Muslims? Moderate?! Pfffttt! He seemed so jolly too, when he mentioned it the first time.

  • Zach_Are_I Ah
    Zach_Are_I Ah Il y a mois

    Olivia Jade took a Instagram pic in her dorm room with her initials in the background. "OJ." If you dont see why thats funny as fuck I'll explain.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve Il y a mois +1

    What are the odds that Drumpf will declare the elections rigged against the GOP and so they're cancelling future elections 'until we figure things out' (like their Muslim ban, never...) becoming America's first (bigoted) dictator, and all with GOP support?!?!

  • ICO ToDay
    ICO ToDay Il y a mois

    I love the misconception that liberals don't own guns. We just don't treat them like they're a personality trait or compensation for a micro penis.

  • Michael B
    Michael B Il y a mois

    Bill, you're the present-day George Carlin. Lose the $1000 suit and you'd be the next Saint! But you've still got a way to go. Geo wouldn't have f'ed up his lines. Keep trying, tho.

  • G RJ
    G RJ Il y a mois

    We have the scientists

  • northofyou33
    northofyou33 Il y a mois +3

    Instagram influencer -- one of the most useless things anyone could aspire to be. It's sickening.

  • Riley Nold
    Riley Nold Il y a mois

    I liked your joke which was at my expense because it was funny

  • orbitsun
    orbitsun Il y a mois

    In the end freedom wins out. Freedom fighters are willing to die for a cause while those who choose to go to war to deny others of freedom end up wondering why they're dying for a false leader.

  • widows son
    widows son Il y a mois

    Bill maher aka netanyahuuu puppet. He's so atheist everybody just don't bring up Israel he become so religious

  • bledback2life
    bledback2life Il y a mois +1

    Deep pockets, shallow minds.

  • Ty , First of his name

    “Asshole factories”

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 Il y a mois

    'Suddenly the 'I dont see color' people see color?' No shit Bill. And its not recent. The left - not the liberals - but the regressive lefties have been race baiting idiots since they started gaining momentum 10 or so years ago.

  • Jeremy Dale
    Jeremy Dale Il y a mois

    It's easy to dismiss the scandal as a joke, and it is funny. But there are kids out there who threw away their childhood working hard for spots some stupid rich brat stole from them thanks to bribe money. That's not a joke.

  • cutme withscissors
    cutme withscissors Il y a mois

    One word to describe Bill Maher ....smarmy. I usually agree with what he has to say, but he is probably the greasiest voice on the left. Maybe use less car salesman pomade??? White privilege remarks on rich privilege. Interesting....

  • nora robinson
    nora robinson Il y a mois

    I have one of those who whole purpose in life right now is taking selfies in the bathroom too

  • CJ Martin
    CJ Martin Il y a mois +3

    NPR, vegans, academia, millennial's in their pajamas...😂

  • Nelly King
    Nelly King Il y a mois

    Rich peole cheat, and their kids are fucking stupid that is so true

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow Il y a mois

    Not just Hollywood. Where are the faces of the CEOs?

  • Tyler Moses TM DESIGNS
    Tyler Moses TM DESIGNS Il y a mois +4

    I just watched some of Lori Loughlin's daughter - Oliva Jade's videos on youtube. The self-indulgence and pampered personality are quite disgusting. What is more disgusting is that our youth look up to people like this.

    I had to wait till I was 25 to be considered an "Adult learner" in my state to be able to attend university because I would have had to rely on my parent's taxes for aid and loans...Even though I was kicked out of my house at 16 because my parents wouldn't accept me as their son because I am gay. I spent my high school time from one friend to another and working illegally at a nightclub with a fake ID my boss had made for me while trying to make enough money to survive and still keep grades up.
    I would get up at 6 am to finish any homework not yet done, go to school, get out at 3:45, have a couple of hours till I started my bartending shift at 7 pm, work till 3 am, sleep a couple of hours and repeat. 18, graduated and packed up to move from WV to Sacramento California to try to find my own life away from everything I hated and the poverty in WV. I Spent the next few years working as many hours at as many places as I could at the same time to save enough money to be able to pay for as much of my tuition and living costs possible. Survived on canned food and ramen while sharing a bedroom with two other people. My mom's health goy bad with cancer, and I moved back to WV to be close to her at 23. I did the same there as I did before. WORK WORK WORK and SAVE SAVE SAVE.
    Finally got into university at age 25. Got my Bachelors and went on to achieve my Master's degree. WIthin 2 years, I paid off all my loans and was able to finally take pride in knowing I was the first person in my family to earn a higher education and get out of the debt trap. After my mom passed away, I went on to leave WV, go to Denver Colorado and create a successful business and marry the love of my life. Now I am 36 years old, I own 1 company in America and 2 in China. My husband is an American Citizen now, but from China. He has a great family and I wanted us to start a business in China so he wouldn't regret not spending time with his family before they are gone. I spend 9 months of the year in China, I enjoy my success and most of all...I enjoy the hard work and years of sacrifice to get to this point in life and finally be comfortable.
    I did not ever envy the rich or the benefits they possess in society. My grandmother used to tell me "Some people walk to the city of their dreams on a nice new paved road... However, some have to reach that city walking through mud. Walking through that mud will just make you stronger when you finally arrive". I never envied those born with privilege... However, when people cheat their way through life, that is different. Coming from wealth is great...I wish we all could. But when that wealth causes you to never be taught sacrifice and appreciation...You become something which offers little value to society.
    In the end...I feel sorry for her. She will never know what it feels like to truly appreciate what gifts she has been given in life and the privilege of a comfortable upbringing. It is actually quite sad and the complete fault of her mother, father and her upbringing.

  • Alangara Abishek
    Alangara Abishek Il y a mois

    Hey Bill, the point of being rich is to afford anything.

  • bohemianwriter1
    bohemianwriter1 Il y a mois

    Speaking of neocons who supports Donnie's war on democracy in other countries: via @FRclip
    It's strange to see Bill Maher and Donnie Draft dodger being bed fellows on this one... Selling the same lie....

  • SteadyNUnremitting
    SteadyNUnremitting Il y a mois +1

    More like a blow to wealthy white privileged legacy families

  • F B
    F B Il y a mois

    And affirmative action is a legal way to cheat their way into Universities. And legacy policies are a legal way for alumni’s to get into universities. They should drop all of these cheaters and just has merit only

  • Lincoln Paul
    Lincoln Paul Il y a mois

    Mimi Boucher, being a racist, being a sheep, being a Trump supporter is not patriotic or progressive any more than the followers of Hitler in 1933 Germany

  • nigel cairns
    nigel cairns Il y a mois

    The day before the cheating scandal broke I wrote to Harvard Law School to say that I found a way to cheat on the entrance exam. They did not reply. S o I called the FBI. Our conversation ended with me saying 'why don't yo understand me, you idiot'. He wished me a good day and hung up.

  • Vegan Nurse Traveler
    Vegan Nurse Traveler Il y a mois


  • Ng Soon Lee
    Ng Soon Lee Il y a mois

    The truth is out. Now we know that hypocrite arrogant deceitful white Americunts are cheats and corrupt. Diaz, the corporate ethics and security staff of globalfoundry, the deceitful son of a hispanic whore, is one of the cheats.

  • Pete Gonz
    Pete Gonz Il y a mois

    Where did this piece of work buy his diploma from? I hear he's a child molester of the Jimmy Savile caliber. Here, take a look at this ugly misfit:

  • billy pilgrim
    billy pilgrim Il y a mois

    jail time?not a chance.

  • spartan god
    spartan god Il y a mois

    Old story

  • Doom2exe
    Doom2exe Il y a mois

    The real smart people get screwed.

  • Jackson Wagner
    Jackson Wagner Il y a mois

    Some of the most prestigious asshole factories in America

  • joe rioux
    joe rioux Il y a mois

    The crowd cheers for Beto.... That's your crowd Billl.

    • Gerald Huber
      Gerald Huber Il y a mois

      When t rump and Beto were having campaigns in El Paso. Beto had 8000-9000 attendees while t rump boasted of 35,000 when the stadium he was in has a capacity of 10,000. Just more lies to inflate his ego.

  • Conner Fields
    Conner Fields Il y a mois

    I bet a lot of undergrads of all (socioeconomic) classes have thought that about "not caring about what you're learning". Middle class parents might urge their kids to go to college, but some might urge their kids to go to technical school. I bet upper class and upper-middle class parents think their kids are below that.

  • 刘宇龙
    刘宇龙 Il y a mois


  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog Il y a mois

    "Rich people cheat and their kids are fuckin' stupid" Reason why Donald's father kept bailing him out.. same reason why Donald wanted his stupid offspring out of the White House..

  • 5%LowBattery
    5%LowBattery Il y a mois

    People think George W. Bush got into Yale for his cognitive abilities? Ha!

    • Gerald Huber
      Gerald Huber Il y a mois

      Bush 41 allowed 43 to join the military but then hid him in some backwater so he wouldn't see any action. The joke was to see 43 in his flight suit yelling " Mission Accomplished"

  • Desert Sky
    Desert Sky Il y a mois +1

    0:17 is that AOC + Bernie Sanders = Venezuela

  • RMK
    RMK Il y a mois

    Bill is a moron so I didn't watch this

  • vial.of.photons
    vial.of.photons Il y a mois

    Beta Oroark looks like Orville Reddenbacher's grandson.

  • malenurse1999
    malenurse1999 Il y a mois +2

    Closer to 30 options now, and getting funnier by the day