Developing Microservices with Apache Camel

  • Ajoutée 15 déc. 2015
  • Apache Camel is a very popular integration library that works very well with microservice architecture. This talk introduces you to Apache Camel and how you can easily get started with Camel on your computer. Then we cover how to create new Camel projects from scratch as microservices, which you can boot using Camel or Spring Boot, or other micro containers such as Jetty or fat JARs. We then take a look at what options you have for monitoring and managing your Camel microservices using tooling such as Jolokia, and hawtio web console.
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Commentaires • 14

  • froop
    froop Il y a an +1

    Its alsolutly impossible to build microservices with apache camel. A framework, designed for integration is the wrong tool. Applying buzzwords to a frameworks that exists long time before the buzzwords are "invented" is very bad antipattern. I am working for more than 8 month with camel and i am getting more and more angry about the bad documentation, the extremly error prone exception handling and the missing capabilities to devide complex routes into reusable parts. The concept of an ESB is dead, so any framework designed for an ESB should not used any more.

    • Bruno Guimarães Carneiro
      Bruno Guimarães Carneiro Il y a 6 mois

      I am enjoying this conversation. I started with Camel about one week and I think that the documentation is poor. I am steel trying to figure out exactly what is the Camel role.

    • Rodrigo Ramalho
      Rodrigo Ramalho Il y a an +1

      you are absolutely wrong, if you have been using camel for 8 months and this is your conclusion... I could affirm that you are using it wrong. It's very important to understand the camel roots before start to using it.

    • froop
      froop Il y a an

      @Gary Smith i watched this talk you reccomened and i think most if it is correct. but i cant see any relation to an esb. and most if his suggestions (which are not new to me) are not realizable with camel.

    • froop
      froop Il y a an

      Carlos Brito have a look at vert.x

    • Carlos Brito
      Carlos Brito Il y a an

      froop, thanks for your answer. By the way, what would be the best way to do it?

  • Minou Jss
    Minou Jss Il y a 2 ans

    free download camelserver from hier

  • satguru srivastava
    satguru srivastava Il y a 3 ans +1

    Hi Claus,
    Nice presentation.
    Might be a good idea to update the "Running Camel standalone and have it keep running" page on camel site ( ) with information on running camel standalone using spring main, spring boot fatjar and CDI. Right now it only shows camel main method way.

  • Claus Ibsen
    Claus Ibsen Il y a 3 ans +2

    I just pushed the slides to my slideshare at

    • worse01
      worse01 Il y a 2 ans

      Thank you very much sir.

    • Woyce Batkins
      Woyce Batkins Il y a 3 ans

      Thanks mate.....
      Camel is a killer technologie.

  • Jamie A
    Jamie A Il y a 3 ans

    This is great. Do you have copies of the slide deck for re-distribution?