MultiVersus - Rick Gameplay Trailer

  • Ajoutée 26 sept. 2022
  • Let the MultiVersus Battle of the Ricks commence. May the best Rick win.
    Play as Rick today!
    In MultiVersus, the Multiverse is at your fingertips as you battle it out in intense 2v2 matches. Up against Batman & Shaggy? Try using Bugs Bunny & Arya Stark! This platform fighter lets you play out your fantasy matchups in a fun co-op or head-to-head fight for supremacy.
    MultiVersus is an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter videogame. With an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes, MultiVersus will feature multiple online modes, including a team-based 2 vs. 2 format, 1 vs. 1 matches and 4-player free-for-all, along with upcoming content-filled seasons.
    From their world, straight into ours! Check out our legendary roster of Icons!
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Commentaires • 677

  • C J
    C J  +954

    This was probably my favorite character trailer so far, the editing was spectacular!

  • Kkoopa's Nostalgia

    Finally Rick and Morty are a team once again

  • Drifty
    Drifty  +486

    He is so freaking awesome. Glad he is finally in the game!!

  • Nivinya Fate

    This is a great trailer! I haven't seen Rick and Morty yet, but Rick looks so fun. He seems to have a very solid move set all around but if you can take advantage of his set up game he seems like he'll be absolutely crazy.

  • Milo
    Milo  +185


  • Dillon George

    That was a great trailer! I love the editing in this one 👏👏

  • That Ghostie Boi

    This game is gonna be insane in a year after beta because I have faith

  • Cole's Royale Gaming

    I can’t believe we have a fighting game that’s actually so good who contains both Rick and morty in it!!!

  • Marcus Rondo

    I really wish they would make character videos whenever they add a character. Explaining all their moves and giving a gameplay demo like NASB does.

  • Onestep
    Onestep  +92

    It's cool seeing black Adam and stripe in the dog pile cloud at the end in the new logo 😎

  • Jeric White

    Just need some new maps imo. Love that it's essentially a new character every two weeks

  • SS4 Gogeta (Lewis)

    He's HERE!!! The character I've been waiting for!

  • Snickers Cereal

    Rick looks like a lot of fun! I think I found another character to main.

  • Jason o
    Jason o  +9

    Can't wait till they get recorded voice lines, feels weird that they interact with nobody but other characters do. Also get Rick in story trailers to start breaking viewership records.

  • SuperNatural510

    Whole time I had a smile on my face. I love it

  • giz
    giz  +5

    The fact that this is the 3rd time Rick and Lebron James have been together is so crazy

  • Richie
    Richie  +50

    Awesome trailer! Rick looks Amazing, Can’t wait to play as him.

  • Raptor Face

    Give the trailer team a raise they are outdoing themselves on every reveal

  • Joshua
    Joshua  +6

    Definitely the best trailer you guys have made so far. Keep it up!

  • Mr. Camman18ForHumor3706

    I love how unique this trailer was. It was very amazing to see how good of a job the editing was in the trailer. I hope the upcoming multiversus characters have amazing trailers like this one😁