EXOTIC Iranian Food!!! The Most Unique Food of Isfahan City!! (Do They Really Eat That???)

  • Ajoutée 13 oct. 2019
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    1. PEDARKHAN: Ab Goosht + Beryan
    SOCIAL MEDIA: @pedarkhan_esf
    AB GOOSHT (veal/lamb stew): Broth: Cut the windpipe of the lamb. Cut veal leg and lamb leg. Put in a pressure cooker with the sheep fat, sheep bone and two onions. Boil for 30 minutes. Put fresh water in the pot. Add lungs to pressure cooker. Cook for 2 hours. Grind veal and lamb and season with ginger powder, salt and chopped mint. Dish: In a bowl, add pieces of torn sangak bread. Pour in broth and allow the bread to soak. Pour out broth and drizzle the fat on top. Add kashk (sour yogurt) and drizzle more fat on top. Add chopped mint, cinnamon, a slice of tomato, pickled cauliflower and minced lung meat into the bowl. Top with sesame seeds, saffron (sauce/water) and almonds
    BERYAN (bread with minced meats): On a grill, mix minced veal and lamb with chopped mint and saffron. In a giant spoon/mini skillet, add cinnamon and sesame seeds. Scoop the mixed veal and lamb and put it into the giant spoons/mini skillets and cook over fire. While this is cooking, take a piece of sangak and drizzle fat on it. Put a scoop of lung meat on the bread. Add green pepper, half a boiled tomato and yellow pickled cauliflower. Add the cooked veal/lamb on top of the bread. Top all of this with almond, mint and saffron sauce. Fold the bread in half and enjoy.
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    2. KEBAB RESTAURANT: Variety of Kebabs
    KEBABS: Cut the meat into cubes and place on a skewer. Grill sheep heart, liver and kidney kebab. Wrap the kebabs in bread and remove the skewers. Eat with this bread, yogurt and basil.
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    3. DALMAN (GAZ FACTORY): Gaz (candy)
    SOCIAL MEDIA: @gazdalman
    GAZ: Mix water, sugar and glucose and cook for 2 hours. Add some rose water, honey and herbal manna (desert plant sap). After cooking for 2.5 hours, add egg white. After cooking for 3 hours, add pistachios and almonds. Remove from heat and place it on flour so it doesn’t stick. Put in trays to cool down. Cut smaller and package.
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