Dumbo Official Trailer

  • Ajoutée 15 nov. 2018
  • Watch the new trailer for Dumbo, and see the film when it soars to theatres March 29, 2019!
    From Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, “Dumbo” expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, family is cherished and dreams take flight. A new trailer, images and poster are now available. The trailer features Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Finley Hobbins and Nico Parker.
    Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist, Colette Marchant (Eva Green), until Holt learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of dark secrets.
    Website: disney.com/dumbo
    FRclip: frclip.com/user/disneymovietrailers
    Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyDumbo/
    Twitter: twitter.com/dumbo
    Instagram: instagram.com/dumbo/
    U.S. Release Date: March 29, 2019
    Cast: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Alan Arkin, Finley Hobbins, Nico Parker.
    Director: Tim Burton
    Producers: Justin Springer, Ehren Kruger, Katterli Frauenfelder, Derek Frey
    Screenplay by: Ehren Kruger
    Executive Producer: Nigel Gostelow
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Commentaires • 4 314

  • Timmy
    Timmy Il y a 16 heures

    Where's Timothy the mouse?

  • Jack O Lantern
    Jack O Lantern Il y a 16 heures

    Everyone should be against circus with animals

  • TrollsandRen&StimpyFanatic 2004

    So that’s how Dumbo flew!

  • King3337 Aj
    King3337 Aj Il y a 16 heures

    Some huge eyes there.

  • Pamela Navarro
    Pamela Navarro Il y a 16 heures

    Ya la quiero ver 😍😍

  • crashpal
    crashpal Il y a 16 heures

    *Will The Acid Drug Trip Scene Be in This?*

  • Andman8210
    Andman8210 Il y a 16 heures

    Where the fuck is jimminy cricket, oh yeah that's pinocchio

  • Torriyell Ingram
    Torriyell Ingram Il y a 16 heures

    Why dose the thumb nail look werid

  • THE Patriotic Warrior
    THE Patriotic Warrior Il y a 16 heures


  • Shahu Raje
    Shahu Raje Il y a 16 heures

    If anyone abuses dumbo,I will personally find you and I will kill you

  • Lady Red
    Lady Red Il y a 16 heures

    So when are we getting a movie about a prince?

  • irish ralph limas
    irish ralph limas Il y a 16 heures

    get teary watching the trailer

  • SuperUmizoomiFanAlt
    SuperUmizoomiFanAlt Il y a 16 heures

    I love it! :)

  • Lotthawottha
    Lotthawottha Il y a 16 heures

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying.

  • - Hawk -
    - Hawk - Il y a 16 heures

    It's jumbo right?

  • Sangam Kalyan
    Sangam Kalyan Il y a 16 heures


  • SpYder Singh.
    SpYder Singh. Il y a 16 heures

    How anyone Can be cute like this..? 😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • RocketRacoon67
    RocketRacoon67 Il y a 16 heures


  • Janine Pillay
    Janine Pillay Il y a 16 heures

    I felt so sad seeing the clown make up on Dumbos face. I Hope This good.

  • Gilberto Tabares
    Gilberto Tabares Il y a 16 heures

    I like what I see. Lets hope it works out.

  • Kang Ph
    Kang Ph Il y a 16 heures

    When pokemon dectective pikachu got trending

  • jorje vanelle
    jorje vanelle Il y a 16 heures

    I cried so much... nostalgia... can't wait to this !!! Looks amazing !!!

  • Azeltirish
    Azeltirish Il y a 16 heures

    Directed by Tim Burton, Music By Danny Elfman, Starring Michael Keaton...Dumbo is Batman

  • vivek sajeev
    vivek sajeev Il y a 16 heures

    Why am I getting so emotional.... My eyes just fills with tears watching this... Only Hatchi could do that...

  • Dorica Nuccio
    Dorica Nuccio Il y a 16 heures

    already crying :'(

  • CVerse
    CVerse Il y a 16 heures

    So this is why Danny isn't in Detective Pikachu

  • Samy Montoya
    Samy Montoya Il y a 16 heures

    Boycotting, BOYCOTT

  • kim piya
    kim piya Il y a 16 heures

    Woo can't wait

  • ฟหกด่าสว
    ฟหกด่าสว Il y a 16 heures

    Prepare to cry

  • Semyon Galtsev
    Semyon Galtsev Il y a 16 heures

    The girl was absolutely terrible. No emotion whatsoever. How do you cast like that and keep takes like that?

  • JurassicFan2006
    JurassicFan2006 Il y a 16 heures +1

    o my god percival graves is in dumbo!!

  • Jona Tan
    Jona Tan Il y a 16 heures


    KBK KNIGHT Il y a 16 heures

    Who else here before Trending

    ENGLAND IS MY CITY Il y a 16 heures


  • olly bollie bee
    olly bollie bee Il y a 16 heures

    Can someone explain the mom situation?

  • 9894PRM
    9894PRM Il y a 16 heures

    WHY AM I CRYING!?!? 😭😭😭

  • Anthony Villanueva
    Anthony Villanueva Il y a 16 heures

    But I think I will have seen everything, when I see an elephant fly.

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar Il y a 16 heures

    Ok let me a take a breath
    Toy story 4
    Lion king
    Detective pikachu
    Infinity war 2
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • plckid18
    plckid18 Il y a 16 heures

    Dumbo the Dumber

  • A R I S
    A R I S Il y a 16 heures

    My childhood favorite!

  • Reshme Subramaniam
    Reshme Subramaniam Il y a 16 heures

    Aladdin, The Lion King, Dumbo and Toy Story 4 ? 2019 is definitely going to be the year of throwbacks for all of us 😭😍😍😭

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Il y a 16 heures

    what the FUCK!!

  • Groundhog
    Groundhog Il y a 16 heures

    @1:44 Oh no - not again - I was an infant when I saw first release & I was so upset then. I cried for hours afterwards. I'm almost dreading taking my Grandchildren to see this as I know the result will be the same. Tissues won't cut this! I'm taking a hand towels...

  • Pham Nuwen
    Pham Nuwen Il y a 16 heures

    Will the racist crows make a return?

  • Lena Storm
    Lena Storm Il y a 16 heures

    I‘m already crying! Poor Dumbo!

  • Arthur Awai
    Arthur Awai Il y a 16 heures


    BIG POPA PUM Il y a 16 heures

    Alexander loved Elephants 😂🤣

  • merrie melodies
    merrie melodies Il y a 16 heures

    I'm already teary-eyed. I won't survive this in a theater. I too will wait for a blu ray release. I do however hope it is done well and is successful at the box office.

  • kreena shah
    kreena shah Il y a 16 heures


  • Jerome Alday
    Jerome Alday Il y a 16 heures +1

    Where's the talking animals? Also, The singing birds? Where's the infamous drinking scene? They're ruining a classic beloved story.

    • GucciGinger
      GucciGinger Il y a 16 heures

      its 2 minutes of the whole film mate its probably fucking there if you wait my god do you want every good thing shown already have some patience

  • Christopher Bluhm
    Christopher Bluhm Il y a 16 heures

    Stop, don’t ruin my childhood.

  • Evy2526
    Evy2526 Il y a 16 heures +1

    Kudos to the special effects team who created Dumbo. They did a fantastic job.

  • Reshme Subramaniam
    Reshme Subramaniam Il y a 16 heures

    I cried watching the cartoon version and now I teared up watching a CGI baby elephant cry for his mom. Disney has brought back my childhood and all the emotions with it

  • Crocoduck
    Crocoduck Il y a 16 heures

    inb4 1m views
    also i can tell this is gonna be a great movie

  • Benny Boi
    Benny Boi Il y a 16 heures

    Stop. That's it. Just stop.

  • Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson Il y a 16 heures

    Where is Johnny Depp?

  • brian appshole
    brian appshole Il y a 16 heures

    batman and penguin got new jobs did they? what so they replacded the crows with kids then?

  • Samarth Duvines
    Samarth Duvines Il y a 16 heures

    Oh god this trailer gave me goosebumps .😍😍

  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew Hughes Il y a 16 heures

    Tim Burton was the perfect choice of director for this!

  • Matthew Ko
    Matthew Ko Il y a 16 heures +1

    Is someone chopping onions or what?

  • Maya Jewkes
    Maya Jewkes Il y a 16 heures +1

    I can't wait

  • Ducktor Quack
    Ducktor Quack Il y a 16 heures

    yay more cgi crap

  • Aadithya S
    Aadithya S Il y a 16 heures

    Oh god! Im I the only who is getting old memories?

  • Houssam Assabahi
    Houssam Assabahi Il y a 16 heures

    Wtf did i time travel in the past? First a pikachu childhood movie and now dumbo??

  • IttiOnYouTube
    IttiOnYouTube Il y a 16 heures

    Inb4 trending

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan Il y a 16 heures

    I predidct myself crying only 4 times!!

  • Joshua Setyawan
    Joshua Setyawan Il y a 16 heures

    I hope Tim burton Will finally make good movie again

  • Jyoti Singh
    Jyoti Singh Il y a 16 heures +1

    Thankyou Disney

  • Studio077 Webdesign
    Studio077 Webdesign Il y a 16 heures

    Why do i hear star wars in every first second of a trailer these days?

  • this is green text
    this is green text Il y a 16 heures

    Dumb Elephant like a Dumb Republican

  • miap
    miap Il y a 16 heures

    Why did they think this was a good idea? I’m so confused

  • Sonali Bhosale
    Sonali Bhosale Il y a 16 heures

    1:28 lets hope she fulfill her promise.

  • Oscar Fish
    Oscar Fish Il y a 16 heures

    Yay another generic remake of the classics (I hope it's better than cinderella and beauty and the beast) it's nice that we already know they're shoehorning in other characters that we didn't need, and we now know that the scene with the mom in the cage is just rushed, also dumbo dream scene will be gone because DRUGS ARE BAD

  • Daniel Ansari
    Daniel Ansari Il y a 16 heures +1

    Next year could be the GREATEST year ever for movies! So many BIG ones coming I can’t even keep count...

  • Swift Lightning75
    Swift Lightning75 Il y a 16 heures

    I liked the cartoon version but I'm not sure about this it definitely makes you feel sorry for Dumbo though.

  • silja lin
    silja lin Il y a 16 heures

    Fuck this piece of shit movie. Completely missing the point of the original. Good job Tim Burton.

  • Aromaseraphy Cinnamon
    Aromaseraphy Cinnamon Il y a 16 heures

    The real question is if they balls to find a way to have Pink Elephants on Parade and the out dated racial stereotype crows.

  • Eric Mayer
    Eric Mayer Il y a 16 heures


  • ยิ้ม กรุ่มกริ่ม

    Asia elephant

  • Samantha Luis
    Samantha Luis Il y a 16 heures


  • tinidor08
    tinidor08 Il y a 16 heures

    "The gang goes to a circus"

  • Penny
    Penny Il y a 16 heures

    Disney, you should be ashamed of yourself! You are making a movie, which it encourages kids to go to the circus with animals and love ! Don't you realise how much sickening and twisted is your action? The original caroon had that error too, but it still had the courage to show the true horror of the living, working conditions and suffering that the circus animals are going through! I mean, what's next?! Are you gonna make a movie about Holocaust, in which all the Jews from the concetration camps were saved by Cinderella's animal friends?

  • maarij hassan
    maarij hassan Il y a 16 heures


  • Prince Lavender
    Prince Lavender Il y a 16 heures

    Wtf where are the crows!? they taught dumbo how to fly

  • Wang Minn
    Wang Minn Il y a 16 heures +1

    Is this a rip off of Bollywood movie "Jumbo"?😂

  • Arnav Swift
    Arnav Swift Il y a 16 heures


  • adam warren
    adam warren Il y a 16 heures

    Dumbo You’re one of a kind

  • LuigiAnimates
    LuigiAnimates Il y a 16 heures +1

    This looks beautiful!... I can’t wait for this to come out!

  • maddy099
    maddy099 Il y a 16 heures

    Its gonna be very emotional story

  • Pranay Matla
    Pranay Matla Il y a 16 heures +1

    Me: Elephant's can't fly
    Disney Studio: Hold my beer

  • VickiA17
    VickiA17 Il y a 16 heures

    2 questions, dafuq are these kids, and more importantly WHERE DAFUQ is Timothy Mouse?!

  • Davidx66 Vlog channel and Pokémon content

    I’m gonna cry watching this movie Dumbo was my childhood growing up you dumm people you seperating mom for a short time I love this movie 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aadeez Nayim
    Aadeez Nayim Il y a 16 heures

    No word I can say
    Just awesome 😍😍😍

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Il y a 16 heures +1

    That song is killer

  • Bethany Alcraft
    Bethany Alcraft Il y a 16 heures

    Omg I'm crying! 😭

  • annoying person
    annoying person Il y a 16 heures

    Damn, 2019 gonna wipe my wallet clean bc of this movie and pikachu and possibly avengers 4 :/

  • Erasmus
    Erasmus Il y a 16 heures

    I honestly feel the same way about these endless live action remakes as I did about the endless direct to DVD sequels of the 90s and early 2000s. I can't wait until they stop. This movie looks like more manipulative empty content with horrible CG and by committee character designs.

  • EyedWeevil
    EyedWeevil Il y a 16 heures

    I cried because of the trailer

  • CultClassic/ DeadInside
    CultClassic/ DeadInside Il y a 16 heures

    The scene when Dumbo visits his mom makes me cry every time

  • Homie fox I luv DORITOS
    Homie fox I luv DORITOS Il y a 16 heures

    cool cute lol