Rich Brian - History (Official Video)

  • Ajoutée 10 oct. 2018
  • Rich Brian - History
    Directed by James Defina & Brian Imanuel
    Video Producer: Chris Heinrich
    Prod. by Brian Imanuel
    88 Degrees & Rising Tour ft. Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, KOHH, NIKI, AUGUST 08, Don Krez, and more in select cities.
    Thu, Oct 11 -- West Lafayette, IN -- Purdue University
    Sat, Oct 13 -- Detroit, MI -- The Fillmore Detroit
    Sun, Oct 14 -- Chicago, IL -- Aragon Ballroom
    Tue, Oct 16 -- Atlanta, GA -- Tabernacle
    Tue, Oct 19 -- Austin, TX -- ACL Live
    Sat, Oct 20 -- Houston, TX -- Smart Financial Center
    Tue, Oct 21 -- Dallas, TX -- Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
    Fri, Oct 23 -- Denver, CO -- The Fillmore Auditorium
    Sat, Oct 26 -- Vancouver, BC -- Pacific Coliseum
    Sun, Oct 27 -- Seattle, WA -- Showare Center
    Tue, Oct 31 -- San Francisco, CA -- Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    Rich Brian
    88 is double happiness
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Commentaires • 11 805

    DEVILMYFAIRE Il y a 19 heures

    indonesia mana suranya ?

  • Azka Natan
    Azka Natan Il y a 19 heures

    I tought it was elevator song

  • Urmom Gayfox
    Urmom Gayfox Il y a 19 heures

    I cried man

  • Robby _
    Robby _ Il y a 20 heures


  • Döner
    Döner Il y a 20 heures

    Wow, great job Rich Brian! Keep it up!

    ALIF PUTRA ZIDANTO Il y a 20 heures +1

    1:01 how she can tore it very perfect?!?!

  • imam sh
    imam sh Il y a 21 heure


  • Fleunaflic Fleunaflic
    Fleunaflic Fleunaflic Il y a 21 heure

    I covered the song and now my voice is deep

  • GFox
    GFox Il y a 21 heure

    God please make this song #1 trending

  • Telic
    Telic Il y a 21 heure


    JAJANAN PASAR Il y a 21 heure


  • Muhammad Syahrial
    Muhammad Syahrial Il y a 22 heures


  • Daniel Sihombing
    Daniel Sihombing Il y a 22 heures

    Bukan kaleng-kaleng👍👍👍

  • Jiohtyjn
    Jiohtyjn Il y a 22 heures

    I’m depressed after listening to it cuz it’s 2 good.
    Can’t accept reality

  • Stephanie Weber
    Stephanie Weber Il y a 22 heures

    ugh i love him so much 😍🤤🖤

  • SGK•TMRahtamaTM channel
    SGK•TMRahtamaTM channel Il y a 22 heures

    Indonesian rapper

  • Toto Heine
    Toto Heine Il y a 22 heures

    Dude. The outro sounds 100% like pokemon music

  • DICKY 21
    DICKY 21 Il y a 22 heures

    I love ski safary..

  • Anna Yani
    Anna Yani Il y a 23 heures

    Indo ada gk nih

  • jazzylovesth
    jazzylovesth Il y a 23 heures

    Rich Brian, if you're reading this.... marry me

  • Hamfish
    Hamfish Il y a 23 heures

    does anyone else get strong pokemon vibes from the beat?

  • Lil Rock 44
    Lil Rock 44 Il y a jour +1

    Dude is talented, he makes his beats and this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  • Olivia
    Olivia Il y a jour

    Can you ppl stop with the "like if rich brian is better than lil pump" like there is no comparision they arent even in the same realm.

  • Jade[d]
    Jade[d] Il y a jour


  • Xavier Couillard
    Xavier Couillard Il y a jour

    1:45 this is my life when i go to the bar

  • Eskent
    Eskent Il y a jour +1

    Best song ever!!

  • Pan K.
    Pan K. Il y a jour

    Dayum... he is stronger than before

  • Nikolaus Heru Susanto
    Nikolaus Heru Susanto Il y a jour

    history without vocals like anime song

  • lambe congor
    lambe congor Il y a jour

    Video2 rich brian smuanya ngg ada content sex nya...ini baik.membuktikan dengan yg baik pasti dapat penghargaan yg baik juga

  • Slinty ™
    Slinty ™ Il y a jour

    drake and brian need a collab... this song has that hotline bling vibe.

  • Orinomi
    Orinomi Il y a jour

    Omg i want make this song on my prom

  • Armando Teran
    Armando Teran Il y a jour

    Been trying to get into rap again lately since I have that "old school is better" mentality. Glad I found Rich Brian because I love his melody and this song is just great! Keep up the good work! 👍

  • Danang Vicky
    Danang Vicky Il y a jour

    Gue suka ama musik nya Enak ajah 😂

  • Jesus69
    Jesus69 Il y a jour


  • Troll M8
    Troll M8 Il y a jour

    Thin Kim Jong un with downs syndrome

  • Low Zhi Seong
    Low Zhi Seong Il y a jour

    Indonesian killed so many chinese now they thought they very proud

  • Al Wilczynski
    Al Wilczynski Il y a jour

    They need to play this song in every elevator.

  • D. V.
    D. V. Il y a jour

    I'm sorry Brian that your producers don't get it. You were unexpectedly cool because you were a combo of ridiculous fanny bag guy and a low voice rapper. But now you're trying to be a drake or something? No, no. No!

  • Maine a legend
    Maine a legend Il y a jour

    It be your own bro

  • Vinsmoke Arifka
    Vinsmoke Arifka Il y a jour

    keren, hiphop campur jazz

  • Paulo Sousa
    Paulo Sousa Il y a jour

    The beat tho 🔥

  • Ozai Rus
    Ozai Rus Il y a jour

    Forever Rich Chigga

  • HYW
    HYW Il y a jour

    This song makes me sad for not being in love even tho I’m single??? Someone h e l p

  • Simply Amazing
    Simply Amazing Il y a jour

    Elevator Music Rap Version

  • Meilia RP
    Meilia RP Il y a jour


  • jirayu chulacharit
    jirayu chulacharit Il y a jour

    when beat intro up, it remind me of the song on the elevator.

  • JK SH
    JK SH Il y a jour

    The song is good but rich chigga lost his unique and original visual. Hes becoming one of common rappers nowadays

  • Mo Sy
    Mo Sy Il y a jour

    this guy would literally spread and tear apart lil pump

  • Abahime
    Abahime Il y a jour +1


  • Solihin Solihin
    Solihin Solihin Il y a jour

    Like song

  • RyuReaTV
    RyuReaTV Il y a jour

    Take my time then take your clothes off
    One more time, maybe :v

  • Fhaqi Wahyuna Radja
    Fhaqi Wahyuna Radja Il y a jour

    Intinya ini lagu tuh tentang ketikung temen :(

  • Xay Harris
    Xay Harris Il y a jour +1

    ThIs Is A ReAl SlApPeR

  • Kira TV
    Kira TV Il y a jour

    what do you call that haircut?

  • precious !!
    precious !! Il y a jour


  • Linkthrone 321
    Linkthrone 321 Il y a jour

    This is it a little bit, chief

  • Dooey Tee
    Dooey Tee Il y a jour

    Rarely see an Asian with an under bite that bad

  • Ivan Alvarado
    Ivan Alvarado Il y a jour

    This dude started off as a joke .. I can’t take him serious

  • • Asz-TUBE
    • Asz-TUBE Il y a jour


  • M Fahrizal Ramadhan Hsb

    Coba elu bikin lagu rap bahasa indonesia brian please,

  • M Fahrizal Ramadhan Hsb

    Bro tranding in indonesia,

  • Rapz Vamp
    Rapz Vamp Il y a jour +1

    Kapan ke Indonesia bang?

  • Rifki Rif
    Rifki Rif Il y a jour

    0,75X that suck!

  • Epic Banana Bread/EBB
    Epic Banana Bread/EBB Il y a jour

    I bet everyone preferred the clips...I did they were lit

  • KermitNekRope
    KermitNekRope Il y a jour

    The only thing i like is the beat

  • bORED nOT
    bORED nOT Il y a jour

    lol fucking diablo

  • OBY
    OBY Il y a jour

    Damn bro you gon let some soundcloud rapper steal yo girl lmaoo

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Il y a jour

    Who’s the guy with the red and black hair that brain shakes hands with and ends up taking the girl at the end?

  • Bass Life Blog
    Bass Life Blog Il y a jour

    Who is better rich chigga or rich Brian

  • Bantü
    Bantü Il y a jour +1

    This song made someone eat all my beans.

  • Dean Verdejo
    Dean Verdejo Il y a jour +1

    We will be right back

  • DjBacto
    DjBacto Il y a jour +1

    Man I'm going through something similar I'm glad I didn't run after that whore yeah we got history... but fuck that shit !

  • Liz Sifuentes
    Liz Sifuentes Il y a jour

    LMAO that’s ending had me DEAD😂😂💀🤟

  • P Pao
    P Pao Il y a jour

    Does he wear make-up ? :/

  • Sasaki Umiquema
    Sasaki Umiquema Il y a jour +1

    My boiiii

  • Lily Higg
    Lily Higg Il y a jour

    I love this

  • Meltdown
    Meltdown Il y a jour

    I keep thinking it's elevator music at the beginning lmao

  • Ponda Ronalda
    Ponda Ronalda Il y a jour

    03:15 I thought it's you Rich Brian!

  • Mau Almagher
    Mau Almagher Il y a jour

    His voice doesn't match with his face 🤨🤨

  • Annisa Fepy Nabila
    Annisa Fepy Nabila Il y a jour

    Kena tikung akakak

  • Repeat1 XXX
    Repeat1 XXX Il y a jour

    I love this but where is the my wrist clearer than water video

  • M.A.J.
    M.A.J. Il y a jour +1


  • Mita En Ef
    Mita En Ef Il y a jour

    Love it ❤

  • Fajar Deni Nuhgroho
    Fajar Deni Nuhgroho Il y a jour


  • Fred Zou
    Fred Zou Il y a jour

    Love u

  • WorldwideRailfan
    WorldwideRailfan Il y a jour


  • Art Official
    Art Official Il y a jour

    that guys mouth at the end of the video is so low on his face

  • Suet Suet
    Suet Suet Il y a jour


  • Francisco Faria
    Francisco Faria Il y a jour +1

    How does this only have 2,7 M views?

  • danarr
    danarr Il y a jour

    is that diablo and sneek? 1:06

    • Winkle
      Winkle Il y a jour

      danarr yuh

  • K T
    K T Il y a jour

    WATER IS LIT!!!!!!

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson Il y a jour

    Ehhhh this is lame

    • Winkle
      Winkle Il y a jour

      Robert Paulson Rob?

  • Cisu
    Cisu Il y a jour

    U re such an inspiration for me dude keep doing this

  • Nelda Narcisse
    Nelda Narcisse Il y a jour

    Imagine kids bop ruining this song😂

  • Rib Riddler
    Rib Riddler Il y a jour

    I swear hes a robot. Didnt even react the that water hittin his face

  • Matias Estay
    Matias Estay Il y a jour

    so this is actually gold

  • James Sadler
    James Sadler Il y a jour

    That girl gonna want you back now eh

  • duttylin bhai
    duttylin bhai Il y a jour

    The soundtrack is the one of some city in pokemon platinum

    • Winkle
      Winkle Il y a jour

      duttylin bhai nope

  • Ben Baldwin
    Ben Baldwin Il y a jour

    Such a bop

  • PuffyScrub
    PuffyScrub Il y a jour +1

    The instrumental kinda sounds like it came from Pokemon ruby/sapphire. That game has some history

    • Winkle
      Winkle Il y a jour +1

      PuffyScrub Finally some agrees. It sounds like mauville city right?