Why Do Coffee Naps Recharge You So Well?

  • Ajoutée 23 juin 2018
  • With their powers combined, coffee and naps create a greater sum than their parts.
    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Commentaires • 543

  • Zack Morrison
    Zack Morrison Il y a 14 jours

    In the '70's it was called a "Disco Nap," and it definitely wasn't coffee or caffeine, but rather a different white powder that put the "Disco" in the "Nap!" =)

  • Aeturnalis
    Aeturnalis Il y a 2 mois

    next step up: meth coma, you should try it :)

  • keiichi maebara
    keiichi maebara Il y a 5 mois

    One time I drink coffee and I don't know how this happened but I went to lay down and I woke up 2 hours later and I was wide awake

  • Zes
    Zes Il y a 6 mois

    no such thing as recharge or not, infix energy no matter what

  • Rifeen
    Rifeen Il y a 8 mois +1

    I work 6:30pm to 5am four days a week. You'd be surprised how many people i know that use their 30min lunch to take a nap after some coffee. It really does help.

  • Squirrel ASMR
    Squirrel ASMR Il y a 9 mois +1

    Omg wow I didnt even know this was a thing but I always talked about it.

  • Douglas Delia
    Douglas Delia Il y a an

    I mean I drank some coffee today and then passed out for a few hours... is that unhealthy?

  • J. Mc.
    J. Mc. Il y a an

    That is to say one can fall asleep at will in an instant without taking 20 minutes of laying there to actually fall asleep.
    And... by that time CAFFIENE has kicked in... no point in taking a nap now, right?

  • cyb0rgirl
    cyb0rgirl Il y a an

    you misspelled *cracknap

  • J.D. Maya
    J.D. Maya Il y a an


  • Michsel Holiday
    Michsel Holiday Il y a an +1

    I got a question how does sugar affect coffee naps

  • Diana Gibbs
    Diana Gibbs Il y a an

    What I want to know is, how the heck do people manage to nap like that? It takes me 15 minutes to fall asleep when I'm completely exhausted, let alone when I'm just normally tired (then it's 30-60 minutes). How do people fall asleep so fast??

  • DorkieAsianTv
    DorkieAsianTv Il y a an

    i did this and woke up 4hours later wth.

  • Steven Dodd
    Steven Dodd Il y a an

    What do you do if your naps only feel satisfactory when they're an hour and a half long?

  • ntm4
    ntm4 Il y a an

    Must be nice to be able to fall asleep fast and consistently enough to plan out nap lengths. I'd be lucky to fall asleep at all between drinking the coffee and the caffeine high hitting.

  • Mayur T
    Mayur T Il y a an

    Where is the skinny guy?

  • Tricia C
    Tricia C Il y a an

    I love my coffee, and will get headaches without it, but it also makes me sleepy. I can drink a triple shot mocha and fall asleep within an hour. The struggle is real. ☕️

  • MeWho
    MeWho Il y a an

    Oh man, this episode has me wanting to rewatch LBD again. :)

  • Emily Corbett
    Emily Corbett Il y a an

    Naps at work is probably one of my most favorite things about working in Korea. We have a special "resting room" with a bed, comfy chairs, a bean bag, and foam mats just so we can go take a nap or chill if we're feeling tired/ stressed/ sick. The general idea (from what I've been told) is needing a nap during the day means you're working hard. (Plus I work in a middle school and teenagers are *stressful* hahaha)

  • ashley yancey
    ashley yancey Il y a an

    I cant fall asleep in 20 minutes unless I've taken Benadryl. It's more like 20 minutes of laying with my eyes closed, and then I get so relaxed that I don't want to get back up. Actually falling asleep at night isn't even that easy. Takes an hour and that's usually with the aid of a nature documentary.
    Also, it takes me at least 20 minutes to drink a cup of coffee, and it mellows me out, it doesn't make me more alert. I guess for some people though this would work better.

  • Tom F
    Tom F Il y a an

    Coffe also increase aspirin effect on the brain.

  • Benjamin Abruzzo
    Benjamin Abruzzo Il y a an +1

    Basically, it's why a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning is more effective than several cups late at night to keep you awake.

  • Jebediah Clang
    Jebediah Clang Il y a an

    Coffee gets me to sleep so hard, i can not keep my eyes open.
    Then if i fall asleep 20-30min, i am fully awake though.
    Can you do a show about coffee putting people to sleep?

  • Younes Layachi
    Younes Layachi Il y a an

    Today I learned how I'll ultimately kill myself -_-

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi Il y a an

    Not only have I just now learned about coffee naps (which sound awesome), I also learned THEY WORK! This is a glorious day!

  • seasong
    seasong Il y a an

    This is the opposite of what they said in the caffeine video

  • Uraneum
    Uraneum Il y a an

    Honestly I still prefer sock naps. It's when you huff a shitload of spray paint through a sock and pass out for 45 minutes, then you wake up feeling like you just huffed a shitload of spray paint through a sock.


    These are the Most Warmly Cozzy Naps!

  • Explicitt
    Explicitt Il y a an

    I have yet to try a coffee nap

  • Andy GK
    Andy GK Il y a an

    is this video only for the old or the busy executives, because A) drinking coffee and then having a nap for me is impossible, its freaking coffee im good to go, i cant sleep now and B) who the frick naps apart from old people, if i took a nap it would mean im tired and turn into a full blown sleep and even if i forced myself awake it be like the morning again where i dont wanna wake, never heard of this nonsense, i blame you Americans.

  • chris roberts
    chris roberts Il y a an

    Why don't we tether things out in space to earth? If there was literally a rope of some kind that went out to space wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to send things out there?

  • Islarf
    Islarf Il y a an

    Question: is there a thing where having had ADHD in the past would cause caffeine to make you more calm / tired.
    As when u was young, say 7 or 8, I did have ADHD (not anymore it's basically gone completely but). Coffee does make me tired. Not alert/awake as people suggest.
    Any scientific reason for this?

  • TheLizardLass
    TheLizardLass Il y a an

    I drink at least .5 of a litre of water before I nap -- half the time the reason I'm tired turns out to be dehydration and if I don't drink the water first I just wake up feeling worse. The added bonus is that the water makes its way through my system which wakes me up naturally and stops me from over-sleeping without the need for a harsh alarm.

  • Elucidarian
    Elucidarian Il y a an

    I was about to thumb up this video, and then he said "Once you down that Starbucks..." He lost me there.

  • Tina McLaughlin
    Tina McLaughlin Il y a an +1

    I guess tea naps work too! I can't stand coffee!

  • Quito Tito
    Quito Tito Il y a an

    No wonder I felt more jettery after a coffee nap

  • Boho Bunny
    Boho Bunny Il y a an

    Instant thumbs up for the Austen misquote!

  • Nastassja Riemermann

    I take Ritalin naps - makes me wonder if Ritalin bonds to adenosine receptors as well.

  • Alyssa Morales
    Alyssa Morales Il y a an

    coffee makes me awake in the night when I drank one cup in the afternoon.

  • Joshua Wells
    Joshua Wells Il y a an

    20 minute nap? That’s adorable.

  • Simona Veselá
    Simona Veselá Il y a an

    Tried to give it a go, was too curious to see if it works, didn't fall asleep :)

  • Mama Val Promise
    Mama Val Promise Il y a an +1

    That intro is a ref to Jane Austen's *Pride and Prejudice,* BTW, in case anyone missed it.

  • TheGenericCereal
    TheGenericCereal Il y a an

    How do people do this? I can see it with an espresso but I don't see how it's possible with a normal cup of coffee. By the time i finish my coffee I am feeling the effects of it.

  • Everyday Science
    Everyday Science Il y a an

    I used to feel ashamed of wanting to nap, even with the siesta culture outside of the US - but I love all the research that’s come out over the last ten years about the effectiveness of naps :)

  • inue windwalker
    inue windwalker Il y a an

    Idfk but last night I was tired so I had 3 cups of coffee at 9pm, went to bed at midnight and woke up about 3:20 am... And right now it's 10am and I'm very awake and alert Ave have been since. Crazy that this video was uploaded today because I was curious about this....

  • Brandon Kimaryo
    Brandon Kimaryo Il y a an


  • Larkyn
    Larkyn Il y a an

    But are you a responsible person taking steps to prepare for that coffee nap?!

  • Aditi Buch
    Aditi Buch Il y a an

    I can’t even nap. I legit cannot fall asleep

  • bat in the attic
    bat in the attic Il y a an

    Doesn't explain why I tend to fall asleep immediately after trying to wake myself up with caffeine. Does explain why the second awakening is more successful. Thanks.

  • Sydney Tonkin
    Sydney Tonkin Il y a an

    Naps are the only thing that keeps me from drinking the sadness away

  • Bear Lemley
    Bear Lemley Il y a an

    Yuk at 1:40 he said “starbucks”

  • Riya
    Riya Il y a an

    I get more sleepy

  • Oscar Mercado
    Oscar Mercado Il y a an

    I have a paradoxical reaction to coffee (and most other stimulants), could it be that when it comes to caffeine, it actually triggers the adenosine receptors in my brain?

  • sea b
    sea b Il y a an

    I can fall asleep relatively quickly if I’m tired, but I end up sleeping for 2+ hours and then I wake up feeling groggy with a headache. Even setting loud alarms doesn’t wake me up in 30 minutes. But if I accidentally fall asleep from utter exhaustion (say it’s exam week and I was trying to pull an all-nighter) and I leave the lights on, I will sleep for 4-5 hours and wake up refreshed. It’s like my brain goes for a turbo sleep and I feel more refreshed than if I had taken either a 2-hour nap or an 8-hour sleep.

  • Andreas Björkman
    Andreas Björkman Il y a an

    so... we could cure sleep by bio-engineering some kind of process to break down the adenosene faster?
    Well what are we waiting for? So must lost productivity!

  • Allah Turbo
    Allah Turbo Il y a an +4

    so... to make this work you must
    1) drink whole cup of coffee in one big gulp
    2) be able to sleep immediately
    3) be able to wake up just 20 minutes later
    who are these people

    • Meg Ashley
      Meg Ashley Il y a an

      1.) Mildly warm coffee or espresso, easier to chug.
      2.) Magic? I have no idea how people do this one
      3.) Set an alarm on your phone to buzz you back awake, this one is pretty universally possible.

  • rosenvitae
    rosenvitae Il y a an

    I experience hypnagogia when transitioning from wake to sleep (meaning I'm aware that a change in consciousness takes place). I've found that quick naps (around 10-20 minutes) hovering in and out of that stage results in a noticeable clarity afterwards without falling completely asleep. I suppose this is what they mean by 'power-napping'. I haven't tried a cop of coffee right before napping, but might be interesting to try.

  • TestingU 4Research
    TestingU 4Research Il y a an +1

    WTF SciFi! do have coffee sponsors? What's will all the pro coffee propaganda?
    Coffee is never good for you. It blocks your body's natural sleep/wake mechanism, raises cortisol (stress hormone), raises blood pressure, and on and on...

  • TestingU 4Research
    TestingU 4Research Il y a an +1

    Coffee is never good for you. It blocks your body's natural sleep/wake mechanism, raises cortisol (stress hormone), raises blood pressure, and on and on...

  • HexManiacMaylein
    HexManiacMaylein Il y a an

    but its caffine how the hell is my insomnia laden mind supposed to use caffine and nap at the same time?