First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

  • Ajoutée 10 juil. 2019
  • A new addition to the Nintendo Switch family will arrive on 9/20. Nintendo Switch Lite is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on the go! This dedicated handheld device lets you play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode. It will be available in three different colors.
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Commentaires • 29 300

  • mogadonien
    mogadonien Il y a jour


  • yEeT yEeT
    yEeT yEeT Il y a jour

    Wow a mini Wii U 😑

  • Kayla Freenote
    Kayla Freenote Il y a jour

    I really love how a lot of people are so negative at almost everything. I think this is amazing and pretty cool, even if it doesn't have the some features like the regular switch, I find it interesting and unique.

  • extreme luigi
    extreme luigi Il y a jour

    Looks like a Game boy Advance

  • Audrey Starrett
    Audrey Starrett Il y a jour

    So is the Lite actually going to have improved (attached) joy-cons that *won't* drift?

  • ShruggedHook 9
    ShruggedHook 9 Il y a jour

    Oh no. This is gonna flop.

  • ToonLink's ALT
    ToonLink's ALT Il y a jour

    Introducing the Nintendo 1DS

  • thisisnotmyrealname
    thisisnotmyrealname Il y a jour

    Can't help but feel that this is a Wii U under the name of 'Switch Lite'...

  • thisisnotmyrealname
    thisisnotmyrealname Il y a jour

    Incoming: laggy players...

  • Vera Lúcia Lúcia
    Vera Lúcia Lúcia Il y a jour +1

    Vai tomar no cu Nintendo vocês não estão nem aí para o Brasil 😪🖕

  • Hannah Brea Sanchez
    Hannah Brea Sanchez Il y a jour

    Nintendo fixed.. joy con stock forever.. 🤣

  • Valerie Glez
    Valerie Glez Il y a jour +1

    Can't you do the same with Nintendo switch just not take out the joy cons?

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto Il y a jour

    I want to ask something is it going to smaller than nintendo switch

  • Kermit's Grandpa
    Kermit's Grandpa Il y a jour

    Wow I can't wait for the down graded switch

  • The Cringe Lord
    The Cringe Lord Il y a jour

    Little kid: Mommy I was accidentally messing with my joysticks and one of them came off.

    Mom: Now I have to go buy a new one

  • KarenTookTheK1ds
    KarenTookTheK1ds Il y a jour

    Welp, guess you could call this the "Nintendont Switch".

  • Henry Vlogs
    Henry Vlogs Il y a jour

    i got cockblocked today

  • Faded Camper
    Faded Camper Il y a jour

    Is it worth it?
    Short answer: Yes!
    Long answer: Yes! Why? Because some people don't have a Switch and they can save 100 dollars for the Switch Lite. Ok, I get it for some people who have a Switch it isn't worth it, BUT what about us who don't have a Nintendo Switch? So stop saying bad things about Switch Lite.

  • Restless Lego Syndrome Expert

    Nintendo switch comment
    Nintendo lite LIKE

  • Sunny Hoang
    Sunny Hoang Il y a jour

    ps vita 2.0

  • Dan Nigro
    Dan Nigro Il y a jour +1

    It’s really not bad. If you only want a strictly portable switch.

  • Trev ツ
    Trev ツ Il y a jour

    I mean, whats the point, its buying half a console, id rather have more features

  • Hiecrashgeek Studios
    Hiecrashgeek Studios Il y a jour

    This kinda seems like the future 3ds

  • Adrian V.
    Adrian V. Il y a jour

    I bet you one drop and its busted

  • Naser Ramahi
    Naser Ramahi Il y a jour

    My stand for the Nintendo Switch broke

  • Adrian V.
    Adrian V. Il y a jour

    So it's more of a tablet

  • Krezzi
    Krezzi Il y a jour

    2:51 nintendo on a camping tour? *social 0*

  • Tolep .///.
    Tolep .///. Il y a jour +3

    I wish Etika could see this and hold it...Joyconboys forever ♾

  • ExcaliburZ
    ExcaliburZ Il y a jour +1


  • Matrix GODZ
    Matrix GODZ Il y a jour

    Ima call this the Nintendo NonSwitch!!

  • Chimp Assassin
    Chimp Assassin Il y a jour

    So like it's worse in every way?

  • Doodle Noodle
    Doodle Noodle Il y a jour

    The Nintendo switch, a portable console device..

    Got a portable version.

  • DEMii
    DEMii Il y a jour

    Alrighty boiis, just 2 more years until the XL!

  • tizi troll jajaja
    tizi troll jajaja Il y a jour

    Es horrible la nintendo switch lite

  • Untamed Artist
    Untamed Artist Il y a jour

    Where do you insert the game? I don't see a slot or anything

    • GamingGeek
      GamingGeek Il y a jour

      Untamed Artist since the whole thing is the console, it's hard to find the slots.

  • NiGhTcOrEs. ExE
    NiGhTcOrEs. ExE Il y a jour

    The release date is my birthday! 9.20.19 Gonna get it as my gift

  • • TheRealRafa •
    • TheRealRafa • Il y a jour

    Switchless switch...


  • Edy Cibrian
    Edy Cibrian Il y a jour +1

    Since it's a dedicated handheld, does it has a better battery life??

  • Rashaan Valies
    Rashaan Valies Il y a jour

    Sell the oppositie

  • wonkman
    wonkman Il y a jour +1

    Joy-con drift problems, unfixable edition confirmed

  • Drake Jimenez
    Drake Jimenez Il y a jour +1

    What is the point of this?😂

  • Dark Serpent
    Dark Serpent Il y a jour


  • ABHMughal
    ABHMughal Il y a jour

    Nintendo Switchless

  • Dana W
    Dana W Il y a jour

    Its going to be so much fun when the stick drift kicks it in and most people have to send them back to Nintendo, instead of sliding on another controller.

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S Il y a jour

    I heard their improving the original switch. I just bought a switch!!!!

  • Lil Sprite Cranberry
    Lil Sprite Cranberry Il y a jour

    Nintendo Switch: You may be “Nintendo Switch Lite,” and playable in space, BUT CAN YOU DO THIS? *detaches joycons*

  • Christmas Queen
    Christmas Queen Il y a jour

    They should've called it the Nintendon't Switch

    • GamingGeek
      GamingGeek Il y a jour

      Christmas Queen I call it the Nintendo Lite/Mini

  • Xnard 278
    Xnard 278 Il y a jour

    Pls help me for some reason i cant play my nintendo switch

  • Asher Gacha
    Asher Gacha Il y a jour

    Like a smaller version of the Wii U

  • General of the G M A
    General of the G M A Il y a jour

    This is literally a Wii U but on the go

  • david schizophrenic santoyo

    I think a controller not a device but a controller with wifi and a stub button you know and have a speaker system.

  • Epic acid
    Epic acid Il y a jour

    Sooo how does it charge? And does Animal crossing new horizons work with it? Haha

  • Moops Song
    Moops Song Il y a jour

    So the Nintendo Switch Lite is just the Wii U gamepad.

  • TwistedReaper134
    TwistedReaper134 Il y a jour

    Ok so a nintendo switch lite is a switch and a Wii U. But more on the Wii U side.

  • IMakeITLookEasy
    IMakeITLookEasy Il y a jour

    I support this but Nintendo without the switch is like kool aid without any sugar, it might as well be a upgraded gameboy. I hope y’all do drop a pro version down the line though.

  • Hiecrashgeek Studios
    Hiecrashgeek Studios Il y a jour

    I bought a new Nintendo 3ds 2 weeks before this announcement now I don’t have enough money to buy this...

  • david schizophrenic santoyo

    I like nini and my thought are of the controller and write a buffer playing others and packing the controllers and wash the control.

  • david schizophrenic santoyo

    Nintendo should speed up the program and make the switch a control.

  • well thy
    well thy Il y a jour +1

    I have a question to ask to person who have two nintendo switch.Is it possible to connect one of the switch to the other and use it as a controller cause I want to buy a switch lite and don't know if I will be able to play split screen with his original switch.

  • youtube yandere-Kun
    youtube yandere-Kun Il y a jour

    April fools is over Nintendo 😕

  • kanav romi
    kanav romi Il y a jour

    Nintendo is soooooooooooo boring

  • kanav romi
    kanav romi Il y a jour


  • Sir_Loin
    Sir_Loin Il y a jour

    Me: asks grandma for a 3DS
    Grandma: here’s that three dee ess you wanted sweetie it’s all I could find
    *grandma hands me the Nintendo Switch Lite*
    Me: grandma this isn’t a 3DS this is a NS lite
    Grandma: but it’s all cool and colorful just like a rainbow like you said it would be.

  • Danielsbest Gaming
    Danielsbest Gaming Il y a jour

    My life is about to turn into darkness

  • GamingGeek
    GamingGeek Il y a jour

    I call it Nintendo Lite.

  • Sir_Loin
    Sir_Loin Il y a jour

    I guess it’s just called innovation

  • Sir_Loin
    Sir_Loin Il y a jour

    I hope Nintendo realizes that the NS lite it a worse version with the exact same price probably even higher

  • KyD25 Films
    KyD25 Films Il y a jour

    Too bad we’re gonna be raiding Area 51 on September 20th.

  • Ehren Games
    Ehren Games Il y a jour

    I don’t want a DOWNGRADE to my Nintendo switch