Sharky Reacts To SIDEMEN Charity Match!

  • Ajoutée 23 sept. 2022
  • Sidemen charity match was today and today I react to all the goals and funny moments including Speed Sidemen match highlights, Filly goal, Chunkz goal and many more!
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Commentaires • 479

  • Victor Colon

    a cool fact to note is that toby actually started the play from manny's header, he passed it to Chris and ran the entire field to receive the ball back from Chris before passing it to Manny.

  • Reginald CollinsTurner

    Speed standing over KSI will be iconic forever😅

  • YuzuBoi
    YuzuBoi  +1

    If only Speed's goal counted, the entire stadium would've erupted.

  • LukeClanWalker

    HP's defending was amazing. Didn't know he had it in him. 👏🙌🏾

  • Chris Beevor

    Niko surprised me. He’s definitely a poacher, always moving forward and following everything into the box

  • QuantumRice

    A huge W of a match this was! I would say the Tobi- Manny goal was the best, professional highlight level goal. Filly and Chunkz were good as well, but a good goalie would've saved them, at least the Chunkz one.

  • Sarah
    Sarah  +504

    Honestly this channel needs more recognition.

  • DoubleA
    DoubleA  +78

    Simon came so in clutch 3 goals 3 assists, plus he scored the 87th minute winner

  • Jonathan Archer

    Manny's goal was all the play leading up to it. The finish was great, but Tobi's cross was amazing.

  • JayTeeUnleashed

    teared up a bit when he was talking about W friends. We gotta see Sharky on the pitch next year for sure!

  • Kennzy
    Kennzy  +23

    Manny’s goal was so perfect and clean 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ndlsupremacy

    Niko absolutely smashed it!! Two goals in his first charity match?! That's insane!👏👏

  • Vizual
    Vizual  +66

    not a lot of people are talking about Noah cuz he didn’t get to score, but his passes were perfect

  • couldbesam

    so entertaining to watch, love how honest you were when ranking them LMAO, HOPEFULLY TO SEE YOU ON IT NEXT YEAR

  • Barraccuda

    This was by far the best charity match so far. Perfect mix of class football and absolute shite.

  • Ptao Tom

    Wish there was a defense highlight video too! There was a lot of good defense going on in the game too.

  • JAcK fAsSuM

    Snarky needs to be in the next one

  • Matt Fisher

    a sidemen vs beta squad game needs to happen, have a draft to pick the rest of the team.

  • krish sharma

    This match was perfect, perfect time for it too in the middle of a boring intl break, enjoyed it a lot

  • AFC Pressure

    Can we see a Beta Squad Vs Sidemen 5v5 in the future. That's a match I wanna see.