'American Idol' cast on life outside the show | The View

  • Ajoutée 5 mars 2019
  • Ryan Seacrest, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan discuss the details of their personal life on "The View.".
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Commentaires • 147

  • laughingstalk
    laughingstalk Il y a mois

    How disingenuous for Meghan to trash Michael Jackson in one segment over that mockumentary, and then sit with Lionel Richie in the next segment to talk about the anniversary of "We Are The World."
    Guess who co-wrote that song, and arranged the song with Lionel Richie???
    Just because you don't "like" Michael Jackson, doesn't make it OK to take away credit for his creations. He was as responsible for that song as Lionel Richie.

  • Always Right
    Always Right Il y a mois

    I love katy so much i seen her in concert very up close to on her birthday in Chicago 💜💜😂 best day of my life.

  • greg parch
    greg parch Il y a mois

    Ryan is not a hard worker, he is just a work addict

  • LadyPeace89
    LadyPeace89 Il y a mois +1

    Katy Perry tries too hard to be cute, funny, and/or likeable 🙄

  • mikelmn
    mikelmn Il y a mois

    6:20 notice how Katy and Lionel both shake their head but in different directions 😆

  • Esperanza62
    Esperanza62 Il y a mois

    Naiveness?! Mr Luke its naïveté. You’re welcome 😇

  • スターボーイアートポップ

    katy is so cringy

  • Smartkid2387
    Smartkid2387 Il y a mois +1

    Ryan is that much of a narcissist he can’t let someone else host American
    Idol. Also my gosh Katy can someone else have the spotlight without you weighing in

  • B Simms
    B Simms Il y a mois

    Luke Bryan looks like a hairy thumb.

  • denyse thomas
    denyse thomas Il y a mois +1

    Luke whatever his name story Is putting me to sleep he's soo boring

  • Texanboiii
    Texanboiii Il y a mois

    “Is math related to science...” -Katy Perry 😂

  • Keanu Orange
    Keanu Orange Il y a mois +1

    Katy Perry is the funniest pop star

  • Jojodazzle08
    Jojodazzle08 Il y a mois +4

    Interesting that Meagain asked Lionel about writing “we are the world” a song he co-wrote with Michael Jackson. A man they just bashed in the previous segment. She never bothered to ask him about the MJ allegations. I wonder why that is?

  • Kris Young
    Kris Young Il y a mois +1

    Another proof of that conspiracy theory of Stevie Wonder!!!

  • Candy Phillips
    Candy Phillips Il y a mois +1

    FBI investigated Michael Jackson for years yet he was still found innocent. The man was innocent! Wade Robson and Safechuck want money!!
    You’ve done enough during michaels life trashing his name. Calling him weird, calling him all these horrible things. When will you stop???? When will it stop????? He’s passed away 10 years now and you still make up lies on him????
    Wade Robson and Safechuck are acting for the cameras! They are liars.

  • Nosuperman
    Nosuperman Il y a mois +14

    Since when Perry became an 8 year old seeking for attention. So annoying

  • Nosuperman
    Nosuperman Il y a mois +7

    Katy Perry is so annoying

  • Wotan World
    Wotan World Il y a mois +2

    What about the Luke's teeth? Bleached to the core? Can't he keep his mouth closed?
    Truly awful...

  • Mike Lesesne
    Mike Lesesne Il y a mois +21

    Katy perky is acting obnoxious. 🙄

    • Esperanza62
      Esperanza62 Il y a mois +1

      Mike Lesesne This is simply her personality. Nothing fake.

    • Whitnie Nichols
      Whitnie Nichols Il y a mois

      She's so extra it drives me insane.

  • Cameron Cooke
    Cameron Cooke Il y a mois +13

    1:20 Katy called Whoopi, Wanda... I’m pretty sure she thought she was Wanda Sykes

  • Luci Boras
    Luci Boras Il y a mois



  • Zalari
    Zalari Il y a mois +26

    The chemistry between these 3 is so forced its hard to watch.

    • Betsy
      Betsy Il y a mois +2

      Yup I love Lionel but whoooo the 3 together have forced chemistry which is worse than no chemistry.

  • Jerry Miranda
    Jerry Miranda Il y a mois

    Those leather pants 🤤

  • BanDee_Rexhop
    BanDee_Rexhop Il y a mois +3

    This show is why TRUMP will win 2020. As a democrat, we have very few people to vote for. There are too many hypocrites and too many politicians who promise pie in the sky. There is not a single democratic candidate I will vote for in 2020. I'll just stay home :(

    • Speak the Truth
      Speak the Truth Il y a mois +1

      You're not a Democrat. You're a trumpian troll talking 💩.
      Go watch a Faux video.

    • Chris
      Chris Il y a mois

      +BanDee_Rexhop You're right. I should've just typed "Enjoy your free time on election day". I presumed your were unemployed and watching The View on TV at 11-noon. But we're here on FRclip watching the American Idol judges on The View. But think of it this way. This president is not getting rid of the national debt. Neither will the next one. Nothing positive for this entire country is going to happen in our lifetime.

    • BanDee_Rexhop
      BanDee_Rexhop Il y a mois

      +Chris You obviously did not read or understand my posts in this conversation. People vote when they get off work or on their lunch breaks.

    • Chris
      Chris Il y a mois

      Or you could get a job now instead of waiting until election day next year.

    • Nickolas Smith
      Nickolas Smith Il y a mois

      I agree @BanDee_Rexhop. I will stay home as well.

  • Applepie6
    Applepie6 Il y a mois +1

    So he is married to Gwen Stefani..?

    • Dartchy
      Dartchy Il y a mois +6

      No wrong bland country guy you’re thinking of lol

  • Barry Midikiner
    Barry Midikiner Il y a mois +2


  • Pavlina Kmetova
    Pavlina Kmetova Il y a mois +13

    Where is Whoopi, havent seen her there for ages

    • Viet Tran
      Viet Tran Il y a mois

      Who cares!!! Less ignorant comments from W. Less hello hello hello hello. Hello hello. Bye Felicia.

    • Texanboiii
      Texanboiii Il y a mois +1

      Pavlina Kmetova she left the country like she promised! Finally! 👏🏻🙌🏻

    • Holly Fenwick
      Holly Fenwick Il y a mois +3

      She has pneumonia ☹️

    • Nikola
      Nikola Il y a mois +6

      She's doing a sex reassignment surgery. He's comming back as Whoopo.

    • Premiere Group
      Premiere Group Il y a mois +1

      Her and RBG are both in a comma !!!! What? I can start rumours too!!!!

  • Winslow
    Winslow Il y a mois +1


  • Cad77
    Cad77 Il y a mois +38

    Conservatives think liberals have no family! "My family this... my family that..."

    • asbisi
      asbisi Il y a mois +5

      They think we come out of boxes.

  • Speak the Truth
    Speak the Truth Il y a mois +28

    Ryan Seacrest, the man who is to blame for putting the Kartrashians on television.
    He should be punished...

    • amal zuhair
      amal zuhair Il y a mois +1

      And he’s still doing odd jobs like he should bleeding money by now

    • Hoon Hashi
      Hoon Hashi Il y a mois +1

      Off the Brooklyn bridge he goes

  • Thomas Abbott
    Thomas Abbott Il y a mois

    The vew
    'American ideal cast live outside the show/The view. Found it very intresting about yous talking about different issues.

  • Speak the Truth
    Speak the Truth Il y a mois +47

    Jesus, stop with the sliding off the chair already.

    • Speak the Truth
      Speak the Truth Il y a mois

      +surgedeb- M'kay

    • Pgr Robinson
      Pgr Robinson Il y a mois +5

      she is soo annoying

    • surgedeb
      surgedeb Il y a mois +7

      Jesus isn't sliding off the chair. Her name is Katy.

    • Elefanamir
      Elefanamir Il y a mois +1

      lol I think she’s done this before. She likes to wear clothes that make it hard to sit down.

  • Antwan Pena
    Antwan Pena Il y a mois

    Can Ryan marry me ? 😆

  • Taylor Owen
    Taylor Owen Il y a mois +4

    The Green New Deal is going to force Ryan into retirement. 🤗

    • Texanboiii
      Texanboiii Il y a mois

      Cameron Cooke it starts off with your name. Good try though... 😂

    • Cameron Cooke
      Cameron Cooke Il y a mois

      Texanboiii You forgot to capitalise your sentence, so welcome to the club.

    • Texanboiii
      Texanboiii Il y a mois

      Cameron Cooke you forgot to put “your” in quotation marks. So... you’re an idiot just like Premiere Group. 😂

    • Cameron Cooke
      Cameron Cooke Il y a mois +3

      Premiere Group and you’re older than us and can’t use the right form of your. Who are the idiots again? Us or you? ❤️

    • Taylor Owen
      Taylor Owen Il y a mois +2

      +Premiere Group wow - thanks - bye

  • D Mc
    D Mc Il y a mois +22

    I don't know who Luke Bryan is.

    • Jerry Teodoro
      Jerry Teodoro Il y a mois


    • IMHTP
      IMHTP Il y a mois +3

      +Jay Hi5 Same difference.😁

    • Jay Hi5
      Jay Hi5 Il y a mois +1

      +IMHTP I thought that was Keith Urban or Brad Paisley.

    • IMHTP
      IMHTP Il y a mois +3

      He's the Drake of country music.😁

    • Jay Hi5
      Jay Hi5 Il y a mois +1

      He's a Country music star. He seems like a nice guy.

  • Carl Creighton
    Carl Creighton Il y a mois +7

    everyone is gay

    • Lisa P
      Lisa P Il y a mois

      all in all is all we are (:

    • Shyheim Blue
      Shyheim Blue Il y a mois +1

      Well I'm glad that everyone came out of the closet. Everyone must seem like a great person. I would to meet him or her.

    • Sergio S
      Sergio S Il y a mois +1


    • Carl Creighton
      Carl Creighton Il y a mois +1

      +Tee Arr you're gay too deal with it

    • Tee Arr
      Tee Arr Il y a mois +1

      @ Carl Creighton
      Are you jealous, or hoping?

  • ked147971
    ked147971 Il y a mois +84

    Perry is just not funny. Whoever told her she is funny, lied to her.

    • jj
      jj Il y a mois

      right!!!!! i find her soooo cringy

    • ali baehh
      ali baehh Il y a mois +2

      I enjoy her humor. It's silly but funny

    • Pop Culture Factory
      Pop Culture Factory Il y a mois +5

      She is funny and your mad she wins again.

    • Josh B39
      Josh B39 Il y a mois +8

      She's just crazy. Let her be.

    • Elefanamir
      Elefanamir Il y a mois +8

      She’s socially awkward if anything.

  • Kris johns
    Kris johns Il y a mois +1

    Never forget Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual abuse:

  • Kris johns
    Kris johns Il y a mois +11

    So these women spend a whole segment demonizing Michael Jackson but they don’t say one word to Ryan Seacrest about sexual abuse allegations against him? Is it because he is white? That’s why you shouldn’t take this show seriously.

    • London Xx
      London Xx Il y a mois +2

      our hair defies gravity so can we lastly check out the medical head of the USA gymnastics. He went to prison quicker than Cosby and zero drugs were involved. The way you’re mad about Cosby being behind bars just for being black is like OJ Simpson all over again lol

    • Premiere Group
      Premiere Group Il y a mois +1

      Or you !!

    • London Xx
      London Xx Il y a mois +1

      our hair defies gravity so can we you’re obviously fucking delusional if you think before the movement police gave two shits. THAT is why it went to media first to get anything done at all.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Il y a mois +39

    The blind leading the blind. What a perfect story to bring up in response to Megan's question regarding current events.
    Silly Trump supporters.

  • gangster moon
    gangster moon Il y a mois +7

    It's disgusting that Ryan flies on private planes and he's ruining our air.

    • gangster moon
      gangster moon Il y a mois

      +Premiere Group thank you

    • Premiere Group
      Premiere Group Il y a mois +3

      Whats disgusting is that you are soooo stupid to think that the environment cares about your feelings!!!!

    • Momma Mia
      Momma Mia Il y a mois +5

      gangster moon lol so is every other “environmentalist” celebrity. They’re hypocrites

    • Fernando
      Fernando Il y a mois +2

      Liberal environmentalists...

  • jakeinator722
    jakeinator722 Il y a mois +26

    When is Seacrest coming out of the closet?

    • Mykee Wattz
      Mykee Wattz Il y a mois

      hunn Bun it’s actually wonderful, how’s your sweety?

    • hunn Bun
      hunn Bun Il y a mois

      +Mykee Wattz your life must be sad 😭💀

    • Nick Morgan
      Nick Morgan Il y a mois +1

      There's a lot of wishful thinking in this thread... lol

    EDM FUNNY Il y a mois


  • Jenny Misidjan
    Jenny Misidjan Il y a mois +7

    Gotta love the 80 en 90’s❤️
    I remember singing we are the world at 5 years old and mimicking the moves of every singer ( I sang my own lyrics back then😂😂😂). Those times were so innocent comparing to the time of the internet😓.

    • Texanboiii
      Texanboiii Il y a mois

      Jay Hi5 it’s a bittersweet feeling! ‘90s baby here!

    • Jay Hi5
      Jay Hi5 Il y a mois +3

      Me too! I miss those days. Sorry I get a little nostalgic sometimes I'm an 80's baby.

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP Il y a mois +11

    Luke Bryan reminds me of Gomer Pyles 😂

    YUKKFLOW187 Il y a mois

    First comment..now subscribe to my channel pleeeeaseee!!!!!!