Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

  • Ajoutée 11 juil. 2019
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Commentaires • 128 096

  • sophiastopp
    sophiastopp Il y a jour

    “ime the bhaaaaadddd gie”

  • Jjgroup 77
    Jjgroup 77 Il y a jour

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  • imnotmelvin3
    imnotmelvin3 Il y a jour

    This song will be out of play in 3 month easy

  • Alfonso Dela Peña
    Alfonso Dela Peña Il y a jour

    damnn this is lit

  • Gorkcry
    Gorkcry Il y a jour +1

    2 comments with 45k likes... Can I be the 3Th? Please.

  • Muhd Syahmi
    Muhd Syahmi Il y a jour

    no one:
    literally no one:
    jb: so icy

  • Begaii i
    Begaii i Il y a jour

    Прям офигенное я так обожаю обоих

  • Carrie carrot Cake
    Carrie carrot Cake Il y a jour

    Can I just say I actually like Justin’s bit but it would have been great without so much auto tune and if he sung it slightly more like how Billie was 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Lizz Rises
    Lizz Rises Il y a jour

    hmm, da-da-da-da-da
    da-da-da, hmm
    da-da-da-hmm (yeah, yeah)
    oh, ah
    white shirt now red, my bloody nose
    sleepin, youre on your tippy toes
    creepin around like no one knows
    think youre so criminal
    bruises on both my knees for you
    dont say thank you or please
    i do what i want when im wanting to
    my soul so cynical
    so youre a tough guy
    like it really rough guy
    just cant get enough guy
    chest always so puffed guy
    im that bad type
    make your mama sad type
    make your girlfriend mad tight
    might seduce your dad type
    im the bad guy
    im the bad guy
    gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze (so icy)
    i got more ice than, than the snow
    that guy, dont act like you dont know
    that guy, so critical (skrrt)
    tattoos on both my sleeves
    yeah, i dont sleep, please dont wake me
    loosen my tie up so i can breathe
    it aint political, oh no (uh-uh)
    yeah, im a bad guy
    aint no holdin back guy
    come off like im mad guy
    always got your back guy
    yeah, im the real type
    keep you for the thrills type
    show you what it feels like
    got an open invite
    im the bad guy, woah-ooh
    im the bad guy
    im only good at bein bad, bad
    i like when you get mad
    i guess im pretty glad that youre alone (so icy)
    you said shes scared of me?
    i mean, i dont see what she sees
    but maybe its cause im wearing your cologne (lets go)
    im the bad guy (damn right)
    i-im the bad guy (aw, yeah)

  • Massimo Fear
    Massimo Fear Il y a jour

    Jb is so bad

  • Ellaine Snyder
    Ellaine Snyder Il y a jour +1

    When your mom pulls out your most embarrassing photo

  • SandvichPlays
    SandvichPlays Il y a jour

    What is that background lmao

  • Daisy anne
    Daisy anne Il y a jour

    Scooter mengejar popularitas

  • Lara Slyfka
    Lara Slyfka Il y a jour

    Noone : ...
    Justin : AaHhHhHh

    SAMRUDDHI SARDAR Il y a jour

    Even the song's theme is quite different Justin's voice feels very very romantic doesn't matter what he sings. This song was not for him. Sorry Jus but universe says ur voice is made for love songs

  • Wingnut Mcspazatron
    Wingnut Mcspazatron Il y a jour

    "Who's the better person durrr like for durrr or comment for durrdurrr" shut the fuck up you sperm-crusted sock.

  • Satham Hussain
    Satham Hussain Il y a jour


  • Queen_of_llamas 707
    Queen_of_llamas 707 Il y a jour

    *so icy*

  • Candice Long
    Candice Long Il y a jour +1

    Who’s better
    Billie Ellis’s (like)
    Justin Bieber (comment)

  • SpazzGazz- Lior
    SpazzGazz- Lior Il y a jour


  • Double V
    Double V Il y a jour

    Why does everyone hate Justin Bieber,Billie normally gets not that much dislikes

    Do u guys know that Justin is just messing around

  • Katmax
    Katmax Il y a jour

    i kinda love this. i love how Billie is so chill. she doesn’t care and this video and justins version are so funny! they don‘t take themselves too seriously.

  • Jgifjfjfj World
    Jgifjfjfj World Il y a jour +1

    W H Y ?
    We thought you were different, superior to all that, actually, that’s ehat you sold us honey! Your career is dead

  • Annelise Camila
    Annelise Camila Il y a jour

    Anitta and Ozuna “Muito Calor”

  • DamnnialFGZ / DanialFGZ

    JB needs to be more quiet

  • Mayerly Zurita
    Mayerly Zurita Il y a jour +1

    am i the only one who thinks this is good?

  • Михаил Тенцер

    Producer:how many autotune you want?
    Justin Bieber:yes

  • Ozone
    Ozone Il y a jour

    I didn’t think Justin Bieber could stoop this low XD

  • Lovely
    Lovely Il y a jour


  • Adrian Byrnes
    Adrian Byrnes Il y a jour

    Who actually listens to this shit?

  • unicornio games
    unicornio games Il y a jour +1


  • AstrayJay23
    AstrayJay23 Il y a jour

    This song sound like it's from the plants vs zombies sountrack

  • Brianna
    Brianna Il y a jour

    I love how Billie got to collaborate with Justin but I don't like how Justin ruined the song sorry:(

  • Sydney P
    Sydney P Il y a jour

    This sounds like a bad fan edit.... yikes

  • Alex 180SX
    Alex 180SX Il y a jour

    Is Billie a trannie? 🤔

  • DABOSSFLYER799009 -black ops

    His voice fucking ruins it

  • Andres Canales
    Andres Canales Il y a jour

    Is very bat.....

  • Intrestin VIDS342
    Intrestin VIDS342 Il y a jour

    Literally everyone:

    LiTerAlLY n0oNe: jUstiN biEbeR : s0 iCy.

  • Lxcerxte 101
    Lxcerxte 101 Il y a jour

    2:29 did my mans just nut?

  • william kev
    william kev Il y a jour

    Justin:Just put my voice ten decimals higher when i whoaooooo

  • Alfonso Salmon Perez
    Alfonso Salmon Perez Il y a jour

    Torpe menso drogadicto de jostin caca menso mamon loco solo bili es hermosa

  • Karlo Mlinarić
    Karlo Mlinarić Il y a jour

    Are you stupid?

  • Peachü Corael
    Peachü Corael Il y a jour

    JB- so icy

  • Thaa Sike
    Thaa Sike Il y a jour +2

    i am the BaAd GuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuY😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • AndyFromCALi
    AndyFromCALi Il y a jour

    Justin has migos right the first couple lines lmao

  • ata
    ata Il y a jour

    Listen to "Muito Calor" by Ozuna feat Anitta!!🔥🔥

  • David Paris
    David Paris Il y a jour

    1:15 best ❣️❣️❣️

  • Liv97050
    Liv97050 Il y a jour +1

    no one:
    absolutely no one:

    not a single soul:
    Justin Beiber:
    1:28 Skrt

  • fizzle johnzon
    fizzle johnzon Il y a jour


  • Jhghhhhhhhhh
    Jhghhhhhhhhh Il y a jour

    The song isn’t really that bad, people are only ‘hating’ it because of some little parts (like so icy) and to of course have the most likes. What a shitty community!

  • Milk
    Milk Il y a jour

    she has more biceps than i do

  • Lemonboy
    Lemonboy Il y a jour


  • *Crazy Alonnn*
    *Crazy Alonnn* Il y a jour

    #4 tendencias chile

  • ash h
    ash h Il y a jour

    (• . •)

  • gucci on my rest
    gucci on my rest Il y a jour

    Sabes como le chupo toda la concha a la billie esa

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor Il y a jour

    Omg I love Billie

  • alexis carrion
    alexis carrion Il y a jour

    No entiendo una verga lo que dice pero es una tremenda cagada el tema..mamita querida posho

  • Slime Clouds
    Slime Clouds Il y a jour

    Oh man...this had the potential of being really good but Justins voice sounds OVERFLOWING in autotune. WhY

  • Elite xox
    Elite xox Il y a jour

    Why Billie just why...

  • Cyrus Fortman
    Cyrus Fortman Il y a jour

    She is creepy

  • xrawrstephanix
    xrawrstephanix Il y a jour

    omg im literally screaming

    LULA'S IMAGINATION Il y a jour +1


  • Guinea Piggies
    Guinea Piggies Il y a jour

    Producer: You can auto tune yourself
    Justin: ok!
    * Justin showing the song *
    Producer: My EaRs

  • Agus Brnb
    Agus Brnb Il y a jour +1

    Como puede ser que esta pelotuda tengo más seguidores que willyrex

  • Clipe das Meninas D.
    Clipe das Meninas D. Il y a jour


  • MasterFeniix
    MasterFeniix Il y a jour +1

    No me gustó ekisde

  • Teo Kushnir
    Teo Kushnir Il y a jour +2

    I hate the justin beiber part, (He HaS wAy ToO mUcH aUtOtUnE)

  • Divanshu Soni
    Divanshu Soni Il y a jour +1

    Who are here for JB😍😍

  • ta t
    ta t Il y a jour

    i dont even really like billie i just came here to see how her and jb sounded together lol