HAX-Camp Session: Web Components and Microservices, A Match Made in Heaven

  • Ajoutée 14 oct. 2019
  • This is a screen recording of our session from HAX-Camp 2019. In this session we talked about the relationship between web components and microservices. We explain the difference between traditional microservices and functions as a service (FaaS).
    Sorry for the quality, this was recorded ad-hoc off of my laptop.
    Intro: frclip.com/video/2dG4iyrEQt4/vidéo.html
    Microservice vs Functions as a Service (FaaS): frclip.com/video/2dG4iyrEQt4/vidéo.html
    R-Coder Demo (Faas): frclip.com/video/2dG4iyrEQt4/vidéo.html
    Containers-on-demand Demo (Microservice): frclip.com/video/2dG4iyrEQt4/vidéo.html
    Containers-on-demand Web Component: frclip.com/video/2dG4iyrEQt4/vidéo.html

    Containers-on-demand: github.com/heyMP/containers-on-demand
    OpenFaaS: github.com/openfaas/faas
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