Meet Ghali, the Italian Rap Star Pushing a Message of Love and Unity

  • Ajoutée 24 août 2019
  • As part of British GQ and Gucci’s ongoing creative collaboration, The Performers, we traveled with Italian super star Ghali Amdouni, and his mother, back to the family’s home country of Tunisia. What followed was a journey of self-reflection and discovery.
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    Meet Ghali, the Italian Rap Star Pushing a Message of Love and Unity
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Commentaires • 369

  • Elliot Alderson
    Elliot Alderson Il y a 16 jours


  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith Il y a 16 jours +2

    It's sad how someone so respectful and accomplished such as ghali can be insulted with the comparison to low quality rappers like lil pump.
    This guy is one of the most inspiring and respected artists around the world but many ignorant people who are so closed within their world of familarity can't see how good international artists can be

    • _____
      _____ Il y a 15 jours


  • far
    far Il y a 19 jours

    Pretentious garbage. And does this clown really think he's Illuminati? Lmao.

  • CaptainSeargent
    CaptainSeargent Il y a 19 jours

    I actually saw him live in Bologna , really enjoyed it

  • CaptainSeargent
    CaptainSeargent Il y a 19 jours


  • Nihil Imen
    Nihil Imen Il y a 19 jours +2

    I swear the hate spread in this comment section is unnecessary

  • Zoe crenshaw
    Zoe crenshaw Il y a 20 jours +1

    cornball alert

  • Lorenzo Montagna
    Lorenzo Montagna Il y a 20 jours +1

    Y'all calling him "pretentious" because he acts like he's famous while you and your friends never heard of him. Lemme tell you one thing: he acts like he's famous because he is. He may be a nobody in the Us or outside of Italy and Tunisia in general but in Italy and Tunisia he's well known. He's one if not the most famous trapper in Italy among young people and I guess he's also the most famous Tunisian artist at the moment, even though he doesn't make music in Tunisian so of course he's gonna be known even there. Just because you don't know him it doesn't mean he isn't famous, not everything gotta be about the Us, I hope y'know.

    • BoniBon 666
      BoniBon 666 Il y a 18 jours

      Lorenzo Montagna calm down fanboy

  • Lorenzo Montagna
    Lorenzo Montagna Il y a 20 jours +1

    He doesn't look like Lil Pump, Lil pump is 5'6 (167 cm) meanwhile Ghali is 6'4 (194 cm). Also Ghali dresses way better. He's the most fashionable trapper in Italy. His music may be commercial most of the times but it's alright

  • Matt Renaissance
    Matt Renaissance Il y a 21 jour

    idiot americans disrespecting ghali.

  • Greenteahotpls
    Greenteahotpls Il y a 21 jour

    Thats kinda what rap was in black culture and what it always was until it was commercialized i mean what is supposed to happen lol nobel peace prize? Hip hop isn’t hip hop anymore once its about money

  • XWXS2
    XWXS2 Il y a 21 jour

    Most people dont get the message you are in or you are out be happy for that

  • BoniBon 666
    BoniBon 666 Il y a 21 jour +2

    0:15 Boiiii what 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • Arum Beats
    Arum Beats Il y a 22 jours

    Tunisian inspiration!

  • sarah petry
    sarah petry Il y a 22 jours

    these whithe people wearing dreads like it fits them lmaooo

  • Formicidae Inc.
    Formicidae Inc. Il y a 22 jours +2

    Title sort of makes it seem like he's the only rapper who cares about those things

  • xLazarusEnvy
    xLazarusEnvy Il y a 22 jours

    I’m all for caring about family but what is going on at 2:48

  • Griley死
    Griley死 Il y a 22 jours +1

    he’s too wack

  • scum
    scum Il y a 22 jours +4

    he’s speaking arabic and some other language wtf

  • Achraf King
    Achraf King Il y a 23 jours

    🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🔥🔥سلام عليكم

  • Kyle Sekenski
    Kyle Sekenski Il y a 23 jours +3

    The Italian Lil Pump- Should be named Stiletto 😂

    • Kyle Sekenski
      Kyle Sekenski Il y a 21 jour

      Uh no, I have plenty of respect for him. I'm making a joke, lol

    • anita mawardi
      anita mawardi Il y a 21 jour +1

      he better then lil pum tho

    • giulia my
      giulia my Il y a 22 jours +2

      Wtf u have no respect for him

  • Diego Satta
    Diego Satta Il y a 23 jours +97

    All the Americans hating because they never listened to other countries's rappers are making me sick. I wish someone is going to make an Italian rap festival in America just to make them see what we are capable of

    • Martino Manfredi
      Martino Manfredi Il y a 20 jours

      @Sean no bro just no

    • Lorenzo Montagna
      Lorenzo Montagna Il y a 20 jours +3

      @Ayy Lien you dumb dumb uh? What does it mean, you can like music for so many reasons, before learning English us non native English speakers couldn't understand English music at all but listened to it anyway, to say that you can't enjoy a song because you can't understand it it's just stupid

    • Sean
      Sean Il y a 21 jour +1

      I’m pretty sure American rappers are dominant in lots of countries lol

    • Michael T
      Michael T Il y a 21 jour +1

      they would maybe sell 100 tickets

  • Shadè el
    Shadè el Il y a 23 jours +3

    He’s a real artist that has got something to say and a true story. You should really check his music out. This video doesn’t specify that much of his huge creativity

  • Fhn official_glitch
    Fhn official_glitch Il y a 24 jours +1

    International Lil pump

  • prod. rvvs
    prod. rvvs Il y a 24 jours +1

    He got that 2017 rapper hairstyle

  • he need some brain
    he need some brain Il y a 25 jours +2

    Go listen to "wily wily" , he has unique hits

  • Yushy
    Yushy Il y a 25 jours +14

    Questo per dirvi che i rapper che tanto acclamate in italia vengono visti all'estero come delle merdine pretenziose copie delle copie.

    • Gabriele 01
      Gabriele 01 Il y a 15 jours

      In questo caso ghali non è la copia di nessuno, lo dico da non fan. Poi, siamo rimasti agli anni 90'? Non è che qualsiasi cosa facciano gli americani è religione

    • saucy risi
      saucy risi Il y a 21 jour

      la scena italiana è un'assoluta vergogna. ghali dovrebbe essere la figura pop, che pur non essendo il meglio, ha molto appeal per tutti.
      invece è lui che consideriamo il meglio in italia. lo standard è molto basso.

    • Off Topic
      Off Topic Il y a 24 jours +2

      Yushy Verissimo

  • Giulio Moncada
    Giulio Moncada Il y a 25 jours

    Stop calling him "Rapper". Maybe wackker, but not a rapper fs

  • Giulio Moncada
    Giulio Moncada Il y a 25 jours

    He wack.

  • alias unknown
    alias unknown Il y a 25 jours +4

    this is incredibly cringy.

    • Eddie121
      Eddie121 Il y a 24 jours +1

      Ikr made me wanna 🤢

    • alias unknown
      alias unknown Il y a 25 jours +4

      @wilhermina lamptey because its production makes no sense and it is obviously very scripted, at least to me

    • wilhermina lamptey
      wilhermina lamptey Il y a 25 jours +1


  • Landry Gammon
    Landry Gammon Il y a 25 jours +1

    “It’s really him” who tf is he

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles Il y a 26 jours +2

    He got dreads Gucci doesn’t like him foreal😂

    MR PRESS Il y a 26 jours +8

    ppl be saying he is lil pump clone or kid buu listen to his music and then talk

    • Lorenzo Montagna
      Lorenzo Montagna Il y a 20 jours

      @Spaceman Jeff most of non native English speakers listen to English music even though they can't always understand it. You don't really need to. But if you really want something called "Google" exists, you can search for the translated lyrics on it.

    • MR PRESS
      MR PRESS Il y a 22 jours

      @Spaceman Jeff thats not the point

    • *Luca*
      *Luca* Il y a 22 jours +1

      @Spaceman Jeff Ever heard of google translate you idiot? Pls think before u say smth, thx

    • Spaceman Jeff
      Spaceman Jeff Il y a 22 jours +1

      MR PRESS we cant understand

  • andrea coccon
    andrea coccon Il y a 26 jours

    Che stronzata

  • Uzi Hellrising
    Uzi Hellrising Il y a 26 jours +1

    I though this was a Gucci Ad

  • zagaroloersecco
    zagaroloersecco Il y a 27 jours


  • The FifthGuys
    The FifthGuys Il y a 27 jours +8

    Like of you are Italian! 🔥🇮🇹

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow Il y a 27 jours

    I thought this was JoJo part 9

  • Humberto Paz
    Humberto Paz Il y a 27 jours +2

    Lil pump cross with pee wee herman!

  • Pier
    Pier Il y a 28 jours

    Cringe zi

  • Isidro Perez
    Isidro Perez Il y a 28 jours

    He looks like an Italian lil pump

  • David Macchia
    David Macchia Il y a 28 jours +84

    Mille commenti di americani che dicono che assomiglia a lil pump, nessun italiano l'ha mai associato a lil pump
    Qua qualcuno non ci vede bene

  • Kieth Stone
    Kieth Stone Il y a 28 jours


  • Nav Abz
    Nav Abz Il y a 28 jours +1

    Bella ghali, ITALIA NEL CUORE🇮🇹♥️

  • Cristian Camilo
    Cristian Camilo Il y a 28 jours +262

    For the people that says that he looks like lil pump, he actually blew up way before lil pump was even relevant, in 2015/2016 he already had some hits in italy

    • SandStorm XII
      SandStorm XII Il y a 20 jours

      letem kno

    • skeemask
      skeemask Il y a 22 jours

      its just dreads lol

    • Eddie121
      Eddie121 Il y a 22 jours

      @xx x people know him more than you

  • Good Air
    Good Air Il y a 28 jours +4

    Raga cominciate ad ascoltare Rap Italiano, basta rap americano avete scassato dicendo che siete i migliori, Night Skinny meglio di Mike Will Made It bunto e basta.

  • Young Pablito
    Young Pablito Il y a 28 jours

    follow me on insagram Youngpablito4 for the real italian trap

  • lick my balls bitch
    lick my balls bitch Il y a 28 jours +84

    seems like people didnt get the real message here but just came for the jokes..

  • Marry ann Quintero
    Marry ann Quintero Il y a 28 jours

    Go for yours bro

  • J - LUXX
    J - LUXX Il y a 29 jours +93

    He's a real artist people might get the wrong idea cuz this video is kinda trash but he's fye

  • Luigi Cristiano
    Luigi Cristiano Il y a 29 jours +1

    Stupid american people

  • Parker Hawkins
    Parker Hawkins Il y a 29 jours


  • Parker Hawkins
    Parker Hawkins Il y a 29 jours

    i want to be a gucci model hmu

  • Oliver Johnson
    Oliver Johnson Il y a 29 jours +4

    Listened to Gucci Gang once and it went straight to his head.

    • Stefano Oooo
      Stefano Oooo Il y a 26 jours

      It’s a different type of trap, listen to dende by him

    • _____
      _____ Il y a 28 jours +1

      he blow up before lil pump was even relevant

  • Ø Ż
    Ø Ż Il y a 29 jours +56

    Ma questi che scrivono clone di kid buu o lil pump?😂

    • _____
      _____ Il y a 15 jours

      ma dove la vedono la somiglianza con kid buu? bah

  • Niko Ebbasta
    Niko Ebbasta Il y a 29 jours

    Naps ghali sollking

  • Marco Marsicano
    Marco Marsicano Il y a mois +42

    Go listen “cazzomene”!!

  • big sguizzy
    big sguizzy Il y a mois +58

    I honestly don't get why y'all hating on him. I guess because of the "pretensiousness" of the video. His music (especially in his early career) is better than 80% of nowadays american hip hop. You should really consider checking him out, i'm sure you wouldn't regret it.
    Songs like "Wily Wily" are really something unique

    • _____
      _____ Il y a 28 jours +8

      @LHilBoePeep 9 y'all need to stfu and stop spreading hate

    • LHilBoePeep 9
      LHilBoePeep 9 Il y a 28 jours +3

      big sguizzy shut up

    • air rick
      air rick Il y a 29 jours +5

      You’re crazy

  • Phoenix Valdez
    Phoenix Valdez Il y a mois +2

    Thumbnail looks like John legend 😂

  • † ᎪᏁᎶuᏞᎪᏒbᎬᎪsᏆ90 †

    Look lil pump join carti group