Emission and Absorption Spectra

  • Ajoutée 6 mars 2015
  • 086 - Emission and Absorption Spectra
    In this video Paul Andersen explains how the photons emitted from or absorbed by an atom or nuclei is directly related to electrons moving between energy level. Absorption and emission are a direct result of the conservation of energy. Scientists may use the emission spectra of material to determine the atoms or molecules contained within the material.
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    Photons are intergalactic atomic cryptocurrency.

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    I’m curious as to exactly how the electron absorbs and emits electromagnetism. At the moment of interaction, what’s happening? How can it be visualized by our minds? Does the electromagnetic energy get converted into the electron and then back again into electromagnetism when it emits?

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    So is it different from biology where for example, a leaf, reflect the colors it DOESNT absorb

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    When you shine visible light through the prism, where did the INFRARED AND UV come from?

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    Spectral lines of an element are caused by it unique nucleus structure and not by electrons jump from higher orbit to lower orbit. When the atoms are subjected to electric field or magnetic field, the spectral lines would split into finer spectral lines due to the new flexure of unique nucleus structure. The unique nucleus structure is the fingerprint of an element and its compounds. The fact that there is only one type of electrons where all free electrons that emitted out from an electron-gun of a cathode tube will be deflected to a single point behind a screen of the cathode tube after interacting with a fixed external magnetic field. If th4ere are two types of electrons, one spin u[p and the other spin down, then there will be two spots behind the screen. Neils Bohr's atomic model is wrong. Exchanging of photons is not conserved since photons have mass. The spectral lines are perennial therefore it is naïve in believing that energetic electrons jump from higher orbit to lower orbit.Why should they jump from orbit to orbit? Why and how they do so have not being explained! If you are interested in real discoveries, I would recommend you to read my book, The Unification Theory - Volume One and you will be amazed with lots of new, interesting discoveries. In God I trust.

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    Only high energy light like UV and XRay make an electron jump to the next shell - ionizing energy. Lower energy light like IR is absorbed by the nucleus of the molecule at energy levels corresponding to frequencies at which the nucleus vibrates.

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    Do electrons jump down on energy levels by themselves? Do they emit photons that have been absorbed by themselves? I mean, obviously, we have to provide/hit them with energy in order to jump up, but how come they jump down? Is it supposed to be their default ground state, so they return to it?

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      Yeah, the electrons want to release the energy so when their energy state is elevated they will try to give of a photon

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    He talked about atom emissions and absorbs diffrent colors of photons, but in the simulation the atoms absorve electrons not photons, how can an atom absorb an electron?

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      Electrons can be seen as particles so when they collide with the atoms, some energy is transferred to the atom.

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    For neon I'm slightly confused, I often see bright pink or really bright blue or something in neon signs, but neon doesn't seem to give off blue light at all? Or is this completely unrelated?

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    Can I identify the element based off of the emission spectrum?

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    what does discrete mean?

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      The word discrete means broken up or separated; its opposite is continuous.

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    so when a photon is absorbed it gets too much energy and it has to let go so when it lets go it the electron trying to abide to the law of conservation of mass and when it does that it emits light. Is that right?

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      When an electron gets excited by absorbing light, it moves to a higher energy level, and then it returns to a lower level (ground state) and releases the energy in the form of light.

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