Marvel Theory: There Will Be 4 New Avengers Teams By Phase 5

  • Ajoutée 20 oct. 2019
  • We could be seeing a lot more Avengers teams form in MCU Phase 4! Subscribe to our channel:
    Avengers Endgame shook up the Marvel Cinematic Universe by changing the line up of the current Avengers team forever. Steve Rogers grew old while Black Widow and Iron Man didn’t get to see the end of the movie. Now, with Phase 4 on the horizon and 5 surely follow afterwards, fans are looking forward to what may come. And with the help of Disney+, we may get some interesting developments.
    One such idea is that there may be multiple Avenger teams by the time Phase 5 has started. At this point in time, there is no Avengers movie slated for Phase 4. But through Phase 4, there are some interesting developments. One of them is a slew of Disney originals, including Moon Knight and WandaVision. Many of these characters fit nicely with the idea of a West Coast Avengers ensemble.
    Likewise, a certain character who was present at Tony’s funeral takes up the mantle of Iron Lad in the comics. Could Young Avengers be on the horizon? Kate Bishop is going to be part of the Hawkeye show. There is also word that Marvel has toyed with the idea of a Dark Avengers movie, which will see the villains become the heroes. Characters from the Black Widow and the Disney+ shows will be perfect for these roles, alongside Norman Osborn.
    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the Fox Merger, Marvel can now use Fantastic Four and X-Men. Could Illiuminty be on the way? How will the New Avengers look with the likes of Black Knight and Richard Reed on board? Times are changing and it’s going to very interesting in the future.
    Script by Sean Gallagher
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Commentaires • 156

  • Pallabi Mukherjee
    Pallabi Mukherjee Il y a 10 jours

    1. Next Avengers
    2. Young Avengers
    3. Power Pack
    4. Runaways
    5. Rising
    6. New Avengers
    7. Secret Avengers
    8. Western Coast Avengers
    9.Avengers Illuminati
    10. Avengers will be alive.

  • Mikole Noel
    Mikole Noel Il y a 26 jours

    New avengers
    Young avengers
    Guardians of the galaxy
    Fantastic 4

  • Derek Meeks
    Derek Meeks Il y a mois

    They announced Avengers Uncanny.

  • CAM8689
    CAM8689 Il y a mois

    there going to have xmen they don't need avengers anymore xmen have numerous sub groups of its own......also ff4 those teams should be the primary focuses...they could always use an avenger spinoff team like the young avengers etc...

    ITZ RYAN Il y a mois +1

    skrulls can't be gud for ever.......MCU,UR definitely hidin something nd we know it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SGTcrackey666
    SGTcrackey666 Il y a mois +1

    Marvel is done time to move on guys nobody cares anymore

  • SuperOmnicron
    SuperOmnicron Il y a mois

    You look at that lineup .... who is compelling? Who is charismatic? Something is missing ? I guess Strange and Wanda Maximoff?
    See? Can’t be Carol Danvers ... Clint Maybe? See how there is no characterization! You see why CM needed better personality ? You see she barely bribed with anyone on the group . Ant-Man? Professor Hulk?
    Anyway ...

  • Paige Leslie
    Paige Leslie Il y a mois

    I'm SICK of Avengers!!! Let it GO!!!

  • Just a simple guy,
    Just a simple guy, Il y a mois

    You copied this off CBR.

  • Corry Williams
    Corry Williams Il y a mois

    Where is hobgoblin?

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith Il y a mois

    Great lakes Avengers?

  • noenaps boy
    noenaps boy Il y a mois

    I want a huge team with mini teams in it that are all around the earth and about 2 teams in space

  • Kyaw Lin Saw
    Kyaw Lin Saw Il y a mois +1

    Cbr, screenrant and looper. Lol... They tried sooooooo hard.

  • broms316
    broms316 Il y a mois +1

    I'm getting over this. It's starting to look like something off a tv show or like an expensive power rangers.

  • T'challas Main curse is icee

    even though peter, captain marvel, doctor strange, panther, ant- man
    are coming back but u also need
    shang-chi alone cause look back
    at iron 3 the mandarin took the
    10 rings that add up the cosmic
    story that'll add up with galactus

  • s2knightryder
    s2knightryder Il y a mois

    The original formula- the SuperHero registration, which ignited the civil war and caused a split between alliances, which created the New Avengers with spider man and wolverine. And ultimately leading joining forces to take down thanos.. could of been epic.. was a good story in my opinion.. but was ultimately trashed due to Fox not sharing characters.
    Greed is a terrible thing.

  • Real Frosty The Snowman

    Stahpppppp the theoriessssss

  • Shooter McGav66
    Shooter McGav66 Il y a mois

    did y’all ask CBR to copy their video?

  • Martin Phipps
    Martin Phipps Il y a mois +1

    Iron Lad was Nathaniel Richards and he was from the future.

  • Chris Li Loia
    Chris Li Loia Il y a mois +1

    3:27- ummm... what is that robot thing with teeth?... or at least it looks like it had teeth lol. I've never seen that character before in my life.
    ...n as for before... with "somebody" saying that Kit Harington's character, Black Knight, will lead this new Avengers team... nah, I don't buy it. It just sounds like *total fan-fiction* to me. Somebody definitely just really liked his GoT character and wants to see him now lead the Avengers... sorry, I just don't see it happening whatsoever... sorry; not sorry haha

  • hamza. khalid
    hamza. khalid Il y a mois

    Marvel can put up the events of secret wars putting up doctor doom and bring in xmen Oldman login and venom to earth 199999 and then we have a story of different heros at a place and after seeing this problem they make the illuminate to keep everyone in cleck and keep the MCU moving forward they could get an AI of Tony stark as he was recording himself in end games and he came back that means endless possibilities and yet again we have Deadpool login that means X Force and if we have old Caption America we have the secret avengers.

  • hardlickah
    hardlickah Il y a mois +1

    Didn't The Black Panthers movie end on the west coast 🤔 could this be intentional.

  • Nandini Singh
    Nandini Singh Il y a mois +1

    M i the only one who is still sad about Tony dying ? 🙁

  • Pikamaster 27
    Pikamaster 27 Il y a mois

    I think it would be amazing if the next big bad villain goes to an alternate reality and gets kacielious (sorry that I spelled wrong) and he could've used his portal magic and brought all of the villain from the past movies from different dimensions including dormmamu, Ultron, hela, surtur, ego, and even thanos. That could be as Mysterio says "an Avengers level threat" And that could be something to bring the multiverse together to stop the big bad guy

  • Grawrness
    Grawrness Il y a mois +1

    The hulk has other villains besides abomination . He fights the elementals

  • Coletrain Hetrick
    Coletrain Hetrick Il y a mois +1

    You guys do know the leader exists right... RIGHT

  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton Il y a mois +2

    Tough to say who would lead the New Avengers, but my money is on either Black Panther, Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel

  • geff Demon
    geff Demon Il y a mois

    Blade, moon knight are violent an need to be a very hard pg13 or R rating. an not watered down or g or pg

  • Robot Police
    Robot Police Il y a mois +3

    Interviewer: So, Ms. Marvel what's your special powers?😮
    Ms. Marvel: Dummy!😤 I don't have no special "powers" I'm just a wahman version of Mr. Fantastic with no brains. Who happens to be a Muslim😌
    Interviewer: ....😧😒

  • Storm Breaker82
    Storm Breaker82 Il y a mois +2

    So Avengers 5 is coming ?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Il y a mois +1

    Marvel Theory: No one will be watching by phase 5 l ( due to political correctness and Disney pushing agendas)

  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh Il y a mois +2

    Multiverse of madness must include Tom Cruise as Tony Stark from an alternate universe

  • bengemations
    bengemations Il y a mois +1



  • Kaia Willer
    Kaia Willer Il y a mois

    not iron man 3 boy

  • Kaia Willer
    Kaia Willer Il y a mois +1

    Iron Heart 💕🥰😭

  • Pallabi Mukherjee
    Pallabi Mukherjee Il y a mois +1

    I love to see five avengers teams are
    1. Next Avengers
    2. Young Avengers
    3. Dark Avengers
    4. Avengers Illuminati
    5. The Mighty Avengers and
    O G Avengers.
    Defenders and thunderbolts are not sure because they are in phase 5 or ?

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper Il y a mois

    See in the comics “Ms Marvel” was Carol Danvers Captain Marvel was a white dude named Mar-vell but Disney decided their “strong” female feminist character needed to sound more powerful so they changed the characters name

    • Redneck Sniper
      Redneck Sniper Il y a mois +1

      Richard ponton when I think of Carol Danvers I think of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 loves both of those games wish I had a switch to play 3

    • Richard ponton
      Richard ponton Il y a mois

      Danvers became Captain in 2012 in the print stories.
      But even before that, way back in 1982, there was Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel. How do we blame Disney's PC machine for having a black, female Captain Marvel 27 years before the aquisition?

  • Charles Philip Adams
    Charles Philip Adams Il y a mois

    what exact;y is Spidey swinging from at 0:43? :Looks like thin air.

  • GO! Go! Zeppeli!
    GO! Go! Zeppeli! Il y a mois +1

    Oooof people still cares about avengers and marvel? 😂😂

  • barnes 77
    barnes 77 Il y a mois

    Not interested. It ended with Endgame. Something new please hollyweird!

  • Kevin Murry
    Kevin Murry Il y a mois

    Now that the X-Men will become available, take Rogue, Wolverine, and Beast, put them with Black Panther, Monica Rambeau (who's about to be introduced shortly), Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Jane Foster's Thor, and She-Hulk, then you will have the Uncanny Avengers.

  • Name of the Rose
    Name of the Rose Il y a mois


  • Kevin Murry
    Kevin Murry Il y a mois +1

    Baron Zemo is still on the loose. Put him with the Abomination and a few other villains and they can form the Dark Avengers, or more accurately, The Thunderbolts.

    • disney era power rangers
      disney era power rangers Il y a mois

      Kevin, but you said stil which implied he was caught. we don't even know if he is still captured.

    • Kevin Murry
      Kevin Murry Il y a mois

      @Matthew Russell Do you believe that he is going to stay captured?

  • Kevin Murry
    Kevin Murry Il y a mois

    You still have Falcon, Bucky, War Machine, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, and the Hulk. These would be the New Avengers.

  • Kevin Murry
    Kevin Murry Il y a mois

    Ant-Man and the Wasp are based in San Francisco. Add Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, and U.S. Agent and you have the West Coast Avengers.

  • Kevin Murry
    Kevin Murry Il y a mois

    Wow, there are so many things that can be said about this subject.

  • Way Cool
    Way Cool Il y a mois

    Too damn long dialog reviews from SD Comic-con with nothing new important to share.

  • Tiberius Grey
    Tiberius Grey Il y a mois +3

    Probably more teams, but not all are necessarily derivative of Avengers
    Fantastic 4
    Secret Avengers
    Dark Avengers
    Young Avengers

  • fastgav
    fastgav Il y a mois

    I think if marvel assembles multiple avenger teams we are going to upend up with a house of M event because they will over extend and end their run of awesome movies

  • fastgav
    fastgav Il y a mois

    I would LOVE to see dark avengers, having easter eggs at the end of movies of Osborn finding villians to assemble

  • Our_illumination
    Our_illumination Il y a mois

    hmm 4 avengers teams?
    1. Cosmic Avengers
    2. New Avengers
    3. Dark Avengers
    4. . . . West Coast??? Nah.

    But I bet the New Avengers will have Spider-Man be the leader, and Thor will lead the Cosmic Avengers.

  • ML/Dota Gamer
    ML/Dota Gamer Il y a mois +2

    Hey agents of shield they’re not dead probably gonna be part of the new avengers they must include ghost rider and blade😢 they had forsaken those heroes

  • ML/Dota Gamer
    ML/Dota Gamer Il y a mois

    Alternate universe where most of the heroes died not because of thanos and only hawkeye and hulk are alive then they sheltered the children of their teammates wherein they formed the young avengers😅 there’s also a possible phoenix force team or maybe all dead because of deadpool breaking the 4th barrier😂

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Il y a mois

    You know what I would like to see in regards to incorporating the X-Men Universe into the Avengers Universe? A crossover.
    Sometime back, Marvel and DC had a crossover where their universe's intersected, each universe personified by Eternity and Kismet respectively. What if messing around with the Infinity Stones so extensively starts to trigger a merger spanning several movies in Stage 5?

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele Il y a mois +3

    CBR had posted the same video about this, even ScreenRant is excited that there will have been more than 1 Avengers team by phase 5. And us fans too!!!🙂👍🏾💯

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person Il y a mois +4

    Phase 4: self contained no big crossovers

    Phase 5: Still self contained with one big crossover

    Phase 6: Little self contained stories, more crossovers

    • Talon Tube
      Talon Tube Il y a mois

      I actually think phase had them both

    • Awesome Person
      Awesome Person Il y a mois

      @Talon Tube I don't know if you are trolling or not

    • Talon Tube
      Talon Tube Il y a mois

      Phase 4 had endgame and infinity war dude

  • Half Man Ray
    Half Man Ray Il y a mois

    Abomination could be Hulks evil spot?

  • Tyron Holland
    Tyron Holland Il y a mois

    5:23 lmao

  • darth impakk
    darth impakk Il y a mois

    My bad SR...But y'all DID copy CBR

  • Wayne Reacts
    Wayne Reacts Il y a mois +1

    I think Avengers 5 should be called Earth's Mightiest Heroes and feature a more international roster. The USA has dominated the MCU long enough -- let's see the rest of the world before seeing more planets and other dimensions and timelines, please....

    • Athenian Winbutton
      Athenian Winbutton Il y a mois

      @Wayne Reacts The FF is pretty rarely in the US for their adventures, so they will likely be all over, and The X-Men tend to be all over too. Especially if they make the Excaliber group. So as the universe grows so will the internationality of it.

    • Wayne Reacts
      Wayne Reacts Il y a mois +1

      The Big Picture It's not just about setting. It's about representation....

    • The Big Picture
      The Big Picture Il y a mois

      Black Widow will have Russia and better have Budapest.
      I don’t live in USA but am ok with the action centering there. They did, after all, invent all the characters and write the storylines.