Gymnastics, Surfing & More | People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy

  • Ajoutée 20 sept. 2019
  • Join us as we challenge our friends at FailArmy to another game of People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy! Featured clips include gymnastics, surfing, and more wins and fails...
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Commentaires • 67

  • Tessa C.
    Tessa C. Il y a 3 jours +2

    0:48 he looks like a frog on steroids😂

  • UNDERGAME 2008
    UNDERGAME 2008 Il y a 4 jours +2

    1:26 when you do istant recovery on ssx3

  • Milan Konecny
    Milan Konecny Il y a 5 jours

    2:15 :DDD

    • Štěry
      Štěry Il y a 16 heures

      Chtěl sem to napsat no :D

    • Milan Konecny
      Milan Konecny Il y a 16 heures

      @Štěry zabudol si na Maďara :DD

    • Štěry
      Štěry Il y a 17 heures

      Jo aha tak to metro nemáš xdd

    • Milan Konecny
      Milan Konecny Il y a 17 heures

      @Štěry Slovák xDD

    • Štěry
      Štěry Il y a 18 heures

      Ó ty si Čech wow xdd

  • GURMEET 3c
    GURMEET 3c Il y a 5 jours

    My vote is to failarmy.

  • Robytza Boy
    Robytza Boy Il y a 8 jours +1

    2:42 is like a reminder of "do not do this at home" because this will happen( 2:50 ) :))

  • Abhi Barahi
    Abhi Barahi Il y a 12 jours

    that surf surfer was a cool man

  • ELMOS plus
    ELMOS plus Il y a 13 jours


  • Eljhon Haloho
    Eljhon Haloho Il y a 15 jours

    Lagu batak

  • Mr. Tree
    Mr. Tree Il y a 15 jours +4

    0:46 and I can barely tripple kaboom ;--;

  • Innocent
    Innocent Il y a 15 jours


  • Konrad Wenzel
    Konrad Wenzel Il y a 17 jours +3

    1:36 : Fabio Wibmer

  • Tr1pl3x lock
    Tr1pl3x lock Il y a 17 jours +1

    200k views, 45 comments. hmm

  • vicente hernandez gallego
    vicente hernandez gallego Il y a 18 jours +1


  • Marli Josefa
    Marli Josefa Il y a 20 jours

    Beck cristao

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Il y a 21 jour

    U should post all sound tracks

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E Il y a 21 jour

    What is song

  • Psycho J
    Psycho J Il y a 21 jour

    People don't realize that you can't copy off of someone else unless you are born with their talent. Those people who can do the amazing things practiced everyday so the ones trying to do the same moves keeps failing.

  • James P
    James P Il y a 21 jour

    People Are Awesome vs. People who go to the Pub

  • Victoria Anderson
    Victoria Anderson Il y a 22 jours +5

    0:18 to 0:22
    The only way that trick could have been better was if someone was waiting up there and she stopped the first board so the other person could get on and ride down with her.

  • ghostviddebunker
    ghostviddebunker Il y a 23 jours +1

    I could feel that first surf fail and I don't even live anywhere near the ocean. Wow that had to hurt

  • Ramp Shark
    Ramp Shark Il y a 23 jours

    The music is annoying

  • zay zay isaiah
    zay zay isaiah Il y a 24 jours +3

    2:02 wtf

    • Tristan Tsang
      Tristan Tsang Il y a 13 heures

      XCV_DRYMMO what why wouldn’t it be legit, trickers and gymnasts do it all the time

      XCV_DRYMMO Il y a 9 jours

      @Xavier Dilworth Sped*

    • Xavier Dilworth
      Xavier Dilworth Il y a 10 jours

      Its speed up dumbasses

      XCV_DRYMMO Il y a 21 jour

      I can't tell if that's legit

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Il y a 24 jours

    I love these!

  • Rory Phillips
    Rory Phillips Il y a 24 jours

    The only difference between the people is the fact that the winners never quit trying.

  • Oussama RCA
    Oussama RCA Il y a 24 jours


  • jdogsful
    jdogsful Il y a 25 jours

    cant believe theyre blurring shit

  • Geometry Xinny16
    Geometry Xinny16 Il y a 25 jours

    I commenting 10:10am here what time did you read?

    • Geometry Xinny16
      Geometry Xinny16 Il y a 23 jours

      Wow awesome!! Where you all from??

    • Fili
      Fili Il y a 24 jours

      10:10 pm ^^

    • Mr. Noodle
      Mr. Noodle Il y a 25 jours

      @Geometry Xinny16 oh ya sorry I did the math wrong lol

    • Geometry Xinny16
      Geometry Xinny16 Il y a 25 jours

      Here is 5:55pm

    • Mr. Noodle
      Mr. Noodle Il y a 25 jours +1

      So its 7 pm for u?! Wtf its 5 31 am here

  • Larry 306
    Larry 306 Il y a 25 jours +6

    I was a Bike jumper and did my share of falling down..Back roads, woods, trails .. Crashes I used to call them.. I heal fast, however when you get older you feel the pain of past injuries.. Just a word to the wise.. Be very careful.. Love these videos gives me a lot of good memories.. Thanks..

    • carlos zerpa
      carlos zerpa Il y a 25 jours

      I know what youre saying, I was very reckless as a kid, doing crazy stunts or crashing my bike and whatnot, I injured myself plenty of times, now Im 30yrs old and it brothers me everyday, it is mostly the factures that hurt or make me feel somewhat crooked, even tho its barely noticeable to others. So yeah, be careful with your body, it is the only one you will have for the rest of your life.

  • Kamy K. Roz
    Kamy K. Roz Il y a 25 jours +3

    I ONLY watch PaA vs FA series. I guess to be at a People are Awesome video one gotta appear at FailArmy 300 times!

  • Waseem Akram
    Waseem Akram Il y a 25 jours +2

    check out the last kick😀😀😀😁😁😁

  • Abdül Abi
    Abdül Abi Il y a 25 jours

    One bad
    One good

  • William 123
    William 123 Il y a 25 jours

    You either get on people or awesome or fail army, you can’t have both

    • Gunnar Salyer
      Gunnar Salyer Il y a 25 jours +1

      I saw an episode where they showed a Paa skateboard clip, and then an Fa clip of the same guy trying the same trick, about five times. He got on both in one episode

  • Yaboi Sports
    Yaboi Sports Il y a 25 jours +12

    Don’t you just love how all the people who fail are men?

    • carlos zerpa
      carlos zerpa Il y a 25 jours

      @even1313 you are very reasonable

    • even1313
      even1313 Il y a 25 jours +4

      Not saying there isn't some small agenda being pushed but to be fair men often try to do stupid shit beyond their means to impress others. Especially if there is alcohol involved. That's not exactly a new thing.

    • Marion Cravens
      Marion Cravens Il y a 25 jours +9

      well the snowboarder who failed was a woman and the gymnast group had a woman there.

  • Odina Rose
    Odina Rose Il y a 25 jours +41

    The fails are more epic than I'll ever be.

    • STIX IOP
      STIX IOP Il y a 22 jours

      Imaginer 31415 and the succeeders are impossible to the eye

    • Harry Hall
      Harry Hall Il y a 24 jours

      Imaginer 31415 yeh same

    • Markiyan Hapyak
      Markiyan Hapyak Il y a 24 jours

      WrOnG attitude; *WRONG...!*

  • Mr. Noodle
    Mr. Noodle Il y a 25 jours +4

    1 view 14 likes FRclip is high again

  • Rupert MKXL
    Rupert MKXL Il y a 25 jours


  • Blood Dark
    Blood Dark Il y a 25 jours +1


  • Glúm
    Glúm Il y a 25 jours +6

    1 view, 4 likes
    Logic: am I a joke to you

  • Jasper Karpfen
    Jasper Karpfen Il y a 25 jours

    Great video

  • TTVMrTrumpBTW
    TTVMrTrumpBTW Il y a 25 jours +10

    *wishes i could do these*
    also Me: i can play minecraft with hardcore difficulty on

  • Doug Gudnason
    Doug Gudnason Il y a 25 jours


  • MR Beast
    MR Beast Il y a 25 jours

    Xbox like or ps4 comment