LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes! Lakers vs Spurs - 42 Pts

  • Ajoutée 6 déc. 2018
  • LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes vs Spurs! Lakers vs Spurs December 5, 2018-19 NBA Season
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Commentaires • 1 829

  • DeepBlu3
    DeepBlu3 Il y a 4 jours

    I miss Kobe

  • hakashi 30
    hakashi 30 Il y a 14 jours +1

    Finally lebron is energized to play for the lakers love it

  • Hanrey Avery
    Hanrey Avery Il y a 20 jours +1

    I know i’m late lol, but honestly bron should have joined spurs instead of lakers, with aldrige, derozan, white, deep bench and best coach. fr tho that’s championship contender!

  • beastboy 10199
    beastboy 10199 Il y a mois


  • Kevin Schettko
    Kevin Schettko Il y a mois

    He took over alright. Right back to missing the playoffs

  • Max Fall
    Max Fall Il y a mois


  • kareem s
    kareem s Il y a mois

    Cage fight

  • Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC

    I'm a nuggets fan. Yeah buddy.

  • sb
    sb Il y a mois

    Lebron is a little pussy ass bitch!

  • Dwight Kanins
    Dwight Kanins Il y a mois

    The GOAT

  • عمر محمد
    عمر محمد Il y a mois


    AD RIAN Il y a mois

    And they still didnt make the playoffs 😂

  • Alesana sangcopan
    Alesana sangcopan Il y a mois


  • michiganhotwheel hw
    michiganhotwheel hw Il y a mois

    Lebron is doing what he can to prove himself

  • George Bernabe
    George Bernabe Il y a mois

    still not in playoff... 😂🤣

  • Andre' Pierre
    Andre' Pierre Il y a mois

    Lebron Suck ass

  • luis fajardo
    luis fajardo Il y a mois

    All Jordan moves

  • Bilal Ezimov
    Bilal Ezimov Il y a mois

    Selamun aleykum

  • Ashanti Matrix
    Ashanti Matrix Il y a mois

    0:59 Kuzma traveled 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Anastasia Brown
    Anastasia Brown Il y a mois

    Over rated

  • P.N Car Wash
    P.N Car Wash Il y a mois


  • Green Sky
    Green Sky Il y a mois

    RdFCC vvh

  • Abdikarim Ceelaabe
    Abdikarim Ceelaabe Il y a mois

    It's so good

  • ابو عبدو غوجان


  • Jay Frm DaAk!
    Jay Frm DaAk! Il y a mois


  • Tình Thư
    Tình Thư Il y a mois

    Lasagna Bitch Lasahna

  • Ban ,s,marngar. B,marngar.


  • Deandre Williams
    Deandre Williams Il y a mois

    And they say he not the goat fuck that he 3 -6 shit because championships are a team effort not won by jst one person

  • Haitian Kobe88
    Haitian Kobe88 Il y a mois

    Then comes the groin injury

  • Dusty Barton
    Dusty Barton Il y a mois

    He's a beast

  • Ambar Alcántara
    Ambar Alcántara Il y a mois +1

    Eh Ddhd eh sí de eh e fue dnd e jeje eh eu eh eh fue

  • Ambar Alcántara
    Ambar Alcántara Il y a mois

    Eh e debe Eh Eh Eh e eh eh dvds eh eh fuerte fue eh d eh fue u fue u eh fue u fu rj😁fue ehdhd fue fue du

  • David & Yang Warren
    David & Yang Warren Il y a mois


  • Brice Tikum
    Brice Tikum Il y a mois +1

    Sigh this what I need to see Bron, selfish and unselfish at the same time. Could easily get 40 a night

  • Ace Fdz
    Ace Fdz Il y a mois

    James shocks lakers crowd after playoffs elimination

  • H C.
    H C. Il y a mois +2

    Awesome plays by lebron, but too much show boating! Gotta try and get a crowd reaction each bucket?

  • 春日野ドーム
    春日野ドーム Il y a mois

    NBA has always been my favorite

  • Calvin Karlo
    Calvin Karlo Il y a mois

    Goat Mentality

  • Official Penguin
    Official Penguin Il y a mois +1

    Shock was the right word.

  • Ace Feeley
    Ace Feeley Il y a mois

    Too little, too late, Mr. "Wonderful"!

  • DrizzyDre
    DrizzyDre Il y a mois

    Kinda too late for this

  • Knight2 Knight
    Knight2 Knight Il y a mois

    Big ups Lakers and ah dope game big LBJ 🔥🌇🔥✌

  • Vocals 43
    Vocals 43 Il y a mois +1

    LeBron is a great player people hate on him all the time but he's still pushing it to the limit I'm always excited to see 👀 them Laker's going hard

  • Enrique Esquivel
    Enrique Esquivel Il y a mois +1

    Where is that when it matters #🚮trash

  • Whockstar Paco
    Whockstar Paco Il y a mois


  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown Il y a mois

    "shocks" crowd. As if they didn't have a guy wearing 24 doing that shit every night for 20 years.



  • Thomas Jericho
    Thomas Jericho Il y a mois +1

    It's hilarious how he acts like a big shot because he did something once he should be doing all the time and that MJ did on a regular basis. That's what the real GOAT does. But when he did...wgich was often. He didn't have to strut around like a rooster to show off!!

  • jayden deadend
    jayden deadend Il y a mois

    Lebron is the 🐐

  • Brian C
    Brian C Il y a mois

    Now I Can Buy My Lebron Lakers Jersey ;)

  • pierre cliche
    pierre cliche Il y a mois

    Lebron went H.A.M.

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel Il y a mois

    Oh boy miss them days :(

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez Il y a mois

    why does it matter now .. no ring this year

  • Sandro Silverio
    Sandro Silverio Il y a mois

    Lopartido de grande liga de ayer reumen

  • Nolan Vangorden
    Nolan Vangorden Il y a mois

    And why can’t he play like this all season? 😐

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane Il y a mois


  • Digital Pill
    Digital Pill Il y a mois

    It's shocking because he usually sucks in the 4th quarter. 😂😂😂

    TheCOWBOYRANCHER Il y a mois +1

    Too little too late. Unless Anthony Davis goes to the lakers next season, Lebron won’t win a ring.

  • Edwin Karani
    Edwin Karani Il y a mois

    Just a bad game and day for Spurs, definitely Lakers can't stop Spurs.

  • Bernardo Guillen
    Bernardo Guillen Il y a mois

    So what...they are not making the playoffs...lol

  • Stacey
    Stacey Il y a mois

    klay or beal is enough for lbj next season

  • Gwayne Graham Gan
    Gwayne Graham Gan Il y a mois

    Back when Lakers wasn't injured

  • Chester Ciano
    Chester Ciano Il y a mois

    Oops still not on the playoffs..

  • Ronan JAROMETA
    Ronan JAROMETA Il y a mois

    That's the King James i know!

  • Andre Derrick
    Andre Derrick Il y a mois +1

    All dis 4wat lakers will not make the playoffs😂😂😂

  • absolutepaul paul
    absolutepaul paul Il y a mois

    Still no play-off this year

  • yannick willems
    yannick willems Il y a mois

    And still aint going to the playoff🤷‍♂️

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee Il y a mois +1

    Wanna be steph curry

  • Fabio Takuno
    Fabio Takuno Il y a mois +1

    Mj did that in his entire career, sorry but Lb is great , his right there, but mj is the g.o.a.t!

  • rence r-23
    rence r-23 Il y a mois

    and now fishin... haha

  • Ronel Narido
    Ronel Narido Il y a mois

    Guess what he didn’t make it to playoffs!😂😂😂😂

  • Shoota Philly
    Shoota Philly Il y a mois

    Give tht bull his respect ✊

  • RNG
    RNG Il y a mois

    To late now your out the playoffs

  • Damien StCyr
    Damien StCyr Il y a mois +1

    If the lakers take that same team and practice on free throws and shooting the whole sumer that team will be unstoppable

  • Ackeem Lewis
    Ackeem Lewis Il y a mois

    That's how y'all win stay on that grind

  • Tiavina razafintsalama

    And the lakers wins the 2k19's playoff...

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez Il y a mois


  • Deon Go healthy
    Deon Go healthy Il y a mois

    That's how you doLakers😎👌👌👌😊🏀🏀🏀#LBJ

  • Isaiah Ford
    Isaiah Ford Il y a mois

    that's how I hoop when I got coochie waiting after the game

  • christopher Pigalow young

    Lebron James Is The Goat Of The New Millennium #Hands Down

  • CrOnUz Kunichiwa
    CrOnUz Kunichiwa Il y a mois

    It’s to late lebum 😂😂😂

  • Eldridge leoncito
    Eldridge leoncito Il y a mois

    Still not in the playoffs 😂😂 joke🐐

  • iMC tv
    iMC tv Il y a mois

    Lebron still the best.. Can anyone support mine.. Pls.ty

    THE MVP Il y a mois

    funny thing is, they are not in playoffs anymore. too late?

  • Penn FISHING
    Penn FISHING Il y a mois

    And then the next game they will lose lol

  • Rayan A.
    Rayan A. Il y a mois

    0:44 you kidding me?

  • louie fernandez
    louie fernandez Il y a mois +1

    Congrats. LAL esp. Lebron James!!!🍻🍺🎈💄😃

  • aditya srinidhi
    aditya srinidhi Il y a mois

    This the bron we need to see

  • Supa Nigga
    Supa Nigga Il y a mois

    He hit that deep 3 wen the clock said 6 illuminati

  • Jilliane Myr Cabutaje
    Jilliane Myr Cabutaje Il y a mois +1

    Shocking... Right he cant even go to playoffs... Huh.. Lebrons time is done for good... Real GOAT never misses a playoff for his team...

  • Lorenz Reyes
    Lorenz Reyes Il y a mois

    ....and then he miss the play offs.

  • Jame Paul Irag
    Jame Paul Irag Il y a mois

    too late bron

  • chiqui garcia
    chiqui garcia Il y a mois

    LOL RIP LAKERS.......fuck u lebron

  • 10000 videos with 0 subscribers

    Lbron is nothing when the team is not passing yeah I hate lebron

  • Jimmy Rocha
    Jimmy Rocha Il y a mois

    Still dirint make the playoffs 😂😂

  • Ricko Alejo
    Ricko Alejo Il y a mois +1

    Play off mode activated in wait what playoffs

  • Shawn Wallop
    Shawn Wallop Il y a mois

    Now he plays hard when the season is over!Trade him please!

  • luz mabait
    luz mabait Il y a mois


  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh Il y a mois

    Lebron james is the best player in the world. Dont be narrow minded. Call china,india, asia, europe, whatever all the continents. They only know 1 name in basketball...Lebron james

  • T2 Goat
    T2 Goat Il y a mois +1

    Pre-Injury what a time