All Scenes Anthony LaRusso: Cobra Kai Season 4

  • Ajoutée 8 janv. 2022

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  • Agents of Clips

    The curly haired guy @

  • Kartik Chandrasekhar

    I like how they made him the polar opposite of his dad. Daniel's a good man but he and Amanda clearly forgot to give this kid any discipline. They realized a bit too late BUT they're making amends.

  • Eric Jiang
    Eric Jiang  +900

    Excited to see how Anthony changes next season after being passively and actively part of the bully problem, his friends were clearly the type to peer pressure, but he also incited a lot of it himself. That apology to Kenny was a nice start, but I think it's now the best time for Daniel or even Chozen to imprint Miyagi teachings on him. Could see Robby being a mentor to him as well.

  • Fauzia S
    Fauzia S  +914

    The most annoying character wasn't Lapusso, it was the curly haired dude

  • 65firered
    65firered  +667

    I honestly didn't think he would even have a major part in this series let have alone character development.

  • Andrew Skinner

    Not gonna lie, I actually leaned forward in my seat in excitement when Daniel unexpectedly channeled Johnny and shouted "QUIET!" I never saw it coming and I hope to see more surprises like that as the show progresses.

  • Luke The Ghost Killer 2515

    Love that Johnny acknowledged how different Anthony looked from the last 3 seasons 😂

  • hkr006
    hkr006  +254

    Stuff like this is what makes the show a masterpiece. It adds these wrinkles that just werent expected. Who would have thought that Daniel's son was capable of being such a jerkish bully?

  • xuephyre
    xuephyre  +54

    Honestly I thought Anthony was like the leader of his friends but he quickly became a follower in my eyes, a preteen who just wanted to fit in with the crowd.

  • James Garcia

    Watch how everyone comes to like him in season 5😂💯. He’s definitely going to get a character development/change in season 5 seeing as yes he was a bully this season, but at the same time he always felt bad and guilty for everything he did to Kenny. He even attempted to apologize even though it didn’t make up for what he did he still went to apologize, but of course got beaten up by Kenny. But he’s definitely going to be a good character in season 5

  • Random Vids

    I love how we’ve all agreed to just call him lapusso😂

  • Ivan Correa

    There’s no denying that Anthony is a hand full and has a lot to learn about life, he was wrong bullying Kenny with his supposed friends. Anthony was trying to patch things up with Kenny and buried the hatchet, but Kenny now has become the bully and he has a vendetta.

  • Yug Mittal

    I feel really bad for Robby here. He wanted to mentor Kenny and teach him how to defend from bullies, only to realize that Cobra Kai turned Kenny more violent.

  • Isiii
    Isiii  +11

    Im so excited to see Anthony in season 5 he will definitely have a bigger and more important role and i hope he starts to do some karate

  • tangbein
    tangbein  +94

    I think Anthony's bully group will switch sides and become Kenny's bully group. You could see how fragile his relationship with them was in how constantly tried to look cool infront of them. They are the types who follow the strongest, which in most of season 5 will be Kenny.

  • Falcon22
    Falcon22  +319

    Anthony has a deeper voice than daniel😂😂

  • GuilleHdez
    GuilleHdez  +264

    Wow, I didn´t imagine Danny´s son would get involved in all of this, sincerely he got what he deserved at the end, I know he apologized sincerely but it doesn´t take away he did a lot of messed up stuff for trying to impress some jerks by bullying the poor kid, now he knows when you´re a jerk live hits back at you hard, it´s nice to see some character development, hope he gets better with the time

    BREAZLEE  +48

    Can we talk about how he had sum of the best acting in this season tho