10 Things You Didn't Know About Heathers


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  • BigAL68xyz
    BigAL68xyz Il y a 3 jours

    You should do Death Becomes Her! Or would that be too '92?

  • CynixBox
    CynixBox Il y a 4 jours

    No mention of Kim Walker's death, and Charlie Sheen's sister Renee Estevez played Betty Finn.

  • Laura
    Laura Il y a 5 jours

    Heathers and Mean Girls is NOT the same. Stop comparing it, they're totally different.

  • simonsays956
    simonsays956 Il y a 13 jours

    Hey Minty, I love your channel and your amazing facts! Please do Legend of Billie Jean also w/ Christian Slater. I'd love to hear your take on that one! ;)

  • Eric James
    Eric James Il y a 18 jours

    The Tom Hanks - Tim Robbins hybrid had me in stitches!

  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 Il y a 23 jours

    RIP Kim Walker. It's ironic that her most famous quote "Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?" was the cause of death. I'm saddened she never made to the "big roles" like Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

  • Joseph Irizarry
    Joseph Irizarry Il y a 25 jours

    "The note'll give her shower nozzle masturbation material for weeks!"

  • Joseph Irizarry
    Joseph Irizarry Il y a 25 jours

    Corn Nuts!

  • Rylee Moore
    Rylee Moore Il y a 25 jours

    Holly crap it’s March 31st today it’s been 30 years since wow it’s aged quite well

  • NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom Il y a 26 jours +1

    Nice one, Minty.

  • Dale Holbert
    Dale Holbert Il y a 27 jours

    An underrated dark comedy masterpiece

  • Fire Brand
    Fire Brand Il y a 27 jours

    This movie is the bastard son of Natural Born Killers and Sixteen Candles, sent back in time to never meet its parents. Jokes aside, remember when this movie came out and critics said that Christian Slater was the new Jack Nicholson?
    And if you want to know, the italian title is "Splinters of Madness" (long live to the hilarious italian movie localisations)

  • Lee Joel Beasley
    Lee Joel Beasley Il y a 28 jours

    seems the plot is the same as 'Massacre at Central High

  • Laceykat66
    Laceykat66 Il y a 29 jours

    Back in the day, HBO would show an unlisted film. It would only say "To Be Announced" on the channel guide and TV Guide.
    That is where I first saw Heathers. One shot and off to your regularly scheduled programming. I was shocked and hysterical all at the same time.
    Of course, I was much MUCH younger too.

  • thethunderbird87
    thethunderbird87 Il y a 29 jours

    When is there not issues with Shannon Doherty

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Il y a mois

    Corn Nuts

  • Amanda La Panda
    Amanda La Panda Il y a mois

    F*&k me gently with a chainsaw.

  • Rob Weissman
    Rob Weissman Il y a mois

    Lick it up baby... Lick. It. Up.

  • Daniel Williamson
    Daniel Williamson Il y a mois

    I've seen Heathers. Such a dark and twisted film.

  • neta jones
    neta jones Il y a mois

    Great video on one of my all time favorite movies. I was in 10th grade when this came out and I loved it, and totally understood it's meaning and basically commentary on how ridiculously hard and mean high school and teenagers could be, especially the girls. Luckily my Mom worked at a video rental store, so I got to watch it pretty much whenever I wanted. I still have the VHS tape of it somewhere lol

  • Seanda Jágr
    Seanda Jágr Il y a mois

    great video! would also ~love~ to see you do my all-time favorite Slater movie.... Gleaming the Cube.... please, please??? 💗

  • Emmy Arellano
    Emmy Arellano Il y a mois

    The musical is fucking awesome! The series sucked balls!

  • Terri Fenrich
    Terri Fenrich Il y a mois +4

    Heather's holds up, is a cult classic, remains hysterical because of the politically incorrect dark humor. Movies today attempt to appease everyone and they become Girl Scout cookies.

  • Mr. Fuck Hughson of 123 Eat Shit Lane

    Beetlejuice makes the world go round. Amen my brother!

  • ZombieDeathRace
    ZombieDeathRace Il y a mois

    The Heathers tv show was fucking awful. Whomever thought that was a good idea needs a fucking throat punch.

  • Rob Robinson
    Rob Robinson Il y a mois

    If you liked Heathers, check out Massacre at Central High, which shares many themes

  • Chrissy White
    Chrissy White Il y a mois

    You should do Pretty In Pink! One of my all time favorite movies ☺

  • jugghead82
    jugghead82 Il y a mois

    An AMAZING Movie

    DECIMUS MAXIMUS Il y a mois

    Jeez, considering the sequels and other movies it was running against that year Im surprised it wasn't number 1 for weeks!
    @MINTY!!!! BEASTMASTER!!! (NOT you, the movie)

  • K2 Studios
    K2 Studios Il y a mois

    You forgot to mention that Heathers also has an incredible soundtrack.

  • Lorenzo Zee
    Lorenzo Zee Il y a mois

    Of course I can't find my source but according to an interview with Christian Slater his mother was quoted by saying, "You'd think Christian is imitating Jack Nicholson but he's actually imitating his father."

  • Jas M
    Jas M Il y a mois

    They' made a Heathers tv show last time I checked....Still not sure I could would be able to sit through it

  • Julie Sherwin
    Julie Sherwin Il y a mois

    I still love this movie, thanks enjoyed this Minty.

  • Jen AB
    Jen AB Il y a mois +1

    can you please do a ten things you didn't know about Jaw Breaker!

  • XavierKatzone
    XavierKatzone Il y a mois

    "Channeling" Jack Nicholson to seed the Colombine trench-coat mafia school shooting murders. Pure CRAP - as is the trash musical that followed!

  • Chris Jameson’s channel 1

    The film warned people about bullying in high school

    AWE SOME Il y a mois

    In Germany movies way too often get stupid titles too. Heathers is one of them. Originally in the theatrical run it was simply called Heathers. But on homevideo someone decided "Lethal Attraction" would be an appropriate title. Not translated to german but really the english words. I never understood that.

  • Tommy Sands
    Tommy Sands Il y a mois +1

    fuck me with a chainsaw

  • ecclestonsangel
    ecclestonsangel Il y a mois

    I saw this in the theater when it came out. Amaze-balls! Heathers is one of my all-time favorites! To this day, I still say, "I'm Audi!"

  • Martin Birkenhead
    Martin Birkenhead Il y a mois

    Please could do Society with Billy Warlock?

  • toddevangelista
    toddevangelista Il y a mois

    It's "Westerburg" not "Westburg." The high school was named after the lead singer of the Replacements: Paul Westerberg.

  • Eric Panissidi
    Eric Panissidi Il y a mois

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  • Eric Panissidi
    Eric Panissidi Il y a mois

    🌽 nuts

  • Eric Panissidi
    Eric Panissidi Il y a mois

    I waited days to get the 1 vhs copy at the mom and pop vifeo store.brought it home i was 19 and me and my marine nuddies got drunk and loved it.a cult classic and how very.fuck me with a chainsaw is that patte?

  • thebes1
    thebes1 Il y a mois

    Minty do one on The Keep

  • solar clapson
    solar clapson Il y a mois

    Miss Shannon was such a babe!

  • Ash Hunt
    Ash Hunt Il y a mois

    You should a top 10 of Harry Potter

  • bad ape
    bad ape Il y a mois

    A personal favorite movie of mine. I was in high school in the early 90's and saw a lot of similarities between my real life high school and that movie.

  • Steven Valdez
    Steven Valdez Il y a mois

    Nice one minty. Please do Mystery Men

  • Andy Appleton
    Andy Appleton Il y a mois

    You've exposed the truth about Tom Hanks and Tim Robbins. They produced a child while experimenting with each other sexually during freshman year at college. Neither one knew what to do when Tim birthed a child from his anals 9 months later, so Tom threw the child down a storm drain hoping it would drown. But it managed to survive by drinking sewer water and swallowing rodents whole. When it was in it's teens, it finally crawled out of the sewer where a casting agent happened to be. He noticed the resemblance to Tom Hanks who's fame was peaking at the time, so he cast him in, "Heathers." The rest is history.

  • MonsterMutt
    MonsterMutt Il y a mois

    What do you think of Bill and Ted 3 next year?
    Please do Kuffs

  • Xyzzy Vax
    Xyzzy Vax Il y a mois

    This is one of the movies I've seen more than a hundred times.

  • Ryan Martell
    Ryan Martell Il y a mois +1

    Do 10 things you may not know about Rumpelstiltskin the horror movie

  • Dino alien Guy
    Dino alien Guy Il y a mois

    Do ten things you didn’t know about signs 2002

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez Il y a mois

    Really good 😊 movie 👌.

  • lionking roar
    lionking roar Il y a mois

    Would for you to do some Monty python "the holy grail " or some of the Mel Brooks movies.

  • GroovyNipple
    GroovyNipple Il y a mois

    Well, I wonder what Heather Graham’s father thought of her role in Boogie Nights?

  • Naima Haviland
    Naima Haviland Il y a mois

    Today the movie would be called Madisons.

  • DW3010
    DW3010 Il y a mois

    For about two years after I saw this movie for the first time, every time I saw somebody I would say, “Greetings and salutations.”

  • gizzykat kat
    gizzykat kat Il y a mois

    I loved this movie when it first came out! Breaking it down like you do is such fun as you know! Fucking THANK YOU!

  • the king
    the king Il y a mois +1

    Great movie christian slater was great in this movie. He reminds me of a young jack Nicholson. Now this is a stage musical?

  • Nathan Wright
    Nathan Wright Il y a mois

    I got a bonus 11th thing: I had never heard of this before.

  • Brett Carver
    Brett Carver Il y a mois

    Hey mate you gotta do up world aka a gnome named gnorm

  • Reso Factor
    Reso Factor Il y a mois

    This movie would be too "triggering" and "UnPC" for today's audiences.

  • Maria Rosa
    Maria Rosa Il y a mois

    love love love this movie

  • Duckman 1979
    Duckman 1979 Il y a mois

    great list Heathers should be shown in every school the last day of junior high then again the first day of freshman year in high school the film is beyond brilliant and predicted the future of American high school life..... The tv adaptation is actually fantastic and should be given a real fighting chance by all the film fans (It was just edited due to another real major shooting in America) So Paramount stepped in and refused to air two separate episodes including the series finally which sort of speaks volume what’s truly wrong with the USA and gun control

  • Happi Axxident
    Happi Axxident Il y a mois

    Minty, How come you don’t have a playlist created for your 10 things you didn’t know series??

  • Charles Montague
    Charles Montague Il y a mois

    4:31 Heather Graham's FBI father forbid her for acting in the movie because he thought it was Satanic. wow

  • Edward Autrey
    Edward Autrey Il y a mois

    The Hidden ( 1987) movie would be a great 10 things video!!!!!

  • Kenni Kaye
    Kenni Kaye Il y a mois

    You should do a "10 things you didn't know about The Legend of Billie Jean"

  • RajaReign78
    RajaReign78 Il y a mois

    Christian Slater was sooooooooooooo delicious in this movie. ❤️

  • monkeybreath21
    monkeybreath21 Il y a mois

    Loved the soundtrack too

  • RiverwalkFunHouse
    RiverwalkFunHouse Il y a mois

    4:40 That man was right. This is the movie that sparked Columbine and sent the U.S. into the era of the school shootings. :(

  • Playfulpanthress
    Playfulpanthress Il y a mois

    6:45 You mean unheard of in white suburbia. The rest of us weren't unaware of such things.

  • Mikie Mendoza
    Mikie Mendoza Il y a mois

    Hey Minty you need to do a review Pump Up The Volume

  • Mikie Mendoza
    Mikie Mendoza Il y a mois

    love this movie I had a crush on Wino when I was in 9th grade!!!!!

  • CT68
    CT68 Il y a mois

    There was a tragedy in my high school; later, when I watched Heathers for the first time I was surprised at how similar the reaction was in the movie's high school, to how my high school reacted. Also, at 6:37 , I don't think things were that much more innocent when Heathers was made, but it *was* before the 24/7 news cycle (CNN launched in 1980, but it wasn't really big until the first gulf war.)

  • Ike Reedy
    Ike Reedy Il y a mois

    Tom Hanks & Tim Robbins hybrid lol 😂 that’s funny!!!

  • thunderbird66613
    thunderbird66613 Il y a mois

    Not to mention this movie has a great soundtrack.

  • Christine Major
    Christine Major Il y a mois +1

    I would have loved a three hour long Heathers!

  • Mathieu Duval
    Mathieu Duval Il y a mois

    What a surprise, another amazing 80s movie that was a box office flop!?! i said it once and ill say it again, wtf no one went to see cool movies back in the day!!

  • Jacqueline Grady
    Jacqueline Grady Il y a mois

    I went to Corvallis High School.....in Corvallis, Oregon

  • gunfighterzero
    gunfighterzero Il y a mois

    BIG FUN!

  • gunfighterzero
    gunfighterzero Il y a mois

    Jennifer Connolly would have done well

  • Mistress Morrigan
    Mistress Morrigan Il y a mois

    Heather is a true cult classic of awesomeness. I saw it in the theater when I was 6 and fell in love. I have always loved dark tales, horror, noir, and anything subversive. It's intelligent, fast-paced, and far more interesting that any other teen dramedy I can recall. everyone should see this film! it's on Netflix right now.

    THE BLUE SHOW Il y a mois

    I am damaged far too damaged

  • Bradley Coates
    Bradley Coates Il y a mois

    We weren't snowflakes!

  • Serial Hag
    Serial Hag Il y a mois +2

    Can you imagine Justine Bateman as Veronica?? FAIL prevented!


    Minty bro, you absolutely must make one of these on The Wizard!

  • Matt F
    Matt F Il y a mois

    Teenage suicide....don’t do it, now that song will be in my head all day so I wanted to pass it on to someone else. Kim Walker died from a brain tumor in 2001, her last words were “fuck me gently with a chainsaw”.

  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic Il y a mois

    What, teenagers get it. They totally understand it😑

  • And We're Back
    And We're Back Il y a mois

    I was dating a girl 12 years younger than me. She didn't understand why Heather's was great.
    But growing up mostly in a post 9/11 world...

  • J Beattie
    J Beattie Il y a mois

    Heathers was a great movie and has a great movie score
    The cast was great....and i would love to have saw the 3 hr version
    Why did he not go to tim burton ???

  • Norm DePlume
    Norm DePlume Il y a mois

    When you are so cool you turn suicide into a fad...

  • Philip Monihan
    Philip Monihan Il y a mois

    There's a Reefer Maddness musical?!

  • blue6940
    blue6940 Il y a mois

    Hey Minty can you do these movies: The believers,The word and the sorcur,The pirate movie,Real men,Men at work, Police academy movie's, Alien's,Hot shots, Airplane 1&2,Hot shots, Leathal Weapon, Malcolm x(Denzel),Boys in the hood,Poison ivy 1,Life(Martin Lawerance),Young guns1&2, And can you some marvel stuff also. Love your work Minty keep up the good work!

  • Jennifer Jobe
    Jennifer Jobe Il y a mois

    Can you do Blind Fury?

  • Monroville
    Monroville Il y a mois

    9:19 is it me, or are Shannon Doherty's eyes offset?

  • Joe Manwarren
    Joe Manwarren Il y a mois

    "I love my dead gay son!"

  • Kimberly Kjellberg
    Kimberly Kjellberg Il y a mois

    In Sweden at the time every time a foreign movie was released was given a Swedish title, not something simple like a translation but something else entirely that somebody for some reason thought made sense.
    Here it was called "Häxor, läxor och dödliga lektioner" (Witches, homework and deadly lessons) which put me off watching it for quite a while because it sounded so stupid.