• Ajoutée 7 mai 2018
  • What do kids do when they get 100 dollars to buy whatever they want? Find out in What Would My Kid Do?!
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    Sydney and Max from Kids React are given 100 dollars in a toy store, can their parents and you at home guess what they buy?
    Note: These episodes were made with help from Facebook, and only now were we able to release them here on FRclip! Thanks for the support!
    Featuring from Kids React:
    Sydney and her Mom Nicole
    Max and his Mom Shannon
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    Narrator - Ben M Waller
    Executive Producer - Benny Fine
    Executive Producer - Rafi Fine
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Commentaires • 3 118

  • FBE
    FBE  Il y a an +714

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  • HEMImetal
    HEMImetal Il y a an +4

    After all these reaction videos we finally met Sydney's mother. Congratulations Nicole, parenting done right, you are an awesome mother

  • Niko Burazer
    Niko Burazer Il y a an +7

    Jar jar

  • LulitaInPita
    LulitaInPita Il y a an +4

    4:04 oh honey, you're still a kid you know... XD

  • LulitaInPita
    LulitaInPita Il y a an +2

    Shannon's eyes are so beautiful 😍 I want them.

  • Aoi37una
    Aoi37una Il y a an +1

    Love this new show!!

  • Seth Nathan Maquindang

    I want part 4 of what would my kid do pls!!!

    • Erica Schaidt
      Erica Schaidt Il y a an

      Seth Nathan Maquindang
      It was put up yesterday.éo.html

  • Christoph Hößelbarth
    Christoph Hößelbarth Il y a an +26

    Sydney = best Kid 😂

  • Tusky
    Tusky Il y a an +1

    0:46 freaks out because of schliech horses

  • Ashlee McCann
    Ashlee McCann Il y a an +5

    I love these videos so much please do more with kids

  • Phalxxx
    Phalxxx Il y a an +7

    LOL the jar jar. I wonder if, upon receiving that gift, if the dad felt something akin what old-timey macho-sports dads felt when their sons gave them a comic book or sci-fi thing. Heh heh..

  • YoshiYeet
    YoshiYeet Il y a an +16

    I think i will use 10 dollars to buy cheetos ,$40 for 1 or 2 ps4 games and the other 50 to buy instant cup noodle

  • Shraavyaa Thalur
    Shraavyaa Thalur Il y a an +4

    Sydney has sass man but is awesome

  • TwitchyTopHat
    TwitchyTopHat Il y a an +2

    Good content guys
    Please think up more gameshows or stuff like this you do it well

    • dazed
      dazed Il y a an

      TwitchyTopHat check out the pretty new original from the UK.. bit off a ripoff.. still fun tho

  • Tammie Marie
    Tammie Marie Il y a an +918

    Sydney has so much sass lol. I hope she never gets rid of any of that. You go girl! :D

  • Yup Yupp
    Yup Yupp Il y a an +5

    lil tay should be on this show

  • Ash Breyer
    Ash Breyer Il y a an +5

    *that moment when you see your holy grail Breyer on the shelf but the little girl says “I don’t need any of these horses!” And your heart shatters*

  • R. Khane
    R. Khane Il y a an +123

    Dang, now I wanna see Max's dad's reaction if he kept the Jar Jar Binks.

  • Grace Gonzalez
    Grace Gonzalez Il y a an +391

    Max’s mom :It’s kind of easy to find his emotions
    Earlier in the video: I think she’s gonna win cause max interests are super limited

  • McQueenFAN95
    McQueenFAN95 Il y a an

    He said “hacky stack” lol

  • ThePlanetO
    ThePlanetO Il y a an +1

    Quick Answer: Smoke weed everyday....

  • Shanna M
    Shanna M Il y a an +1

    *the jar jar*

  • Ariez Leal
    Ariez Leal Il y a an +25

    As a 18 year old I've completely forgotten that little kids actually play with toys

    • 미소 Miso
      미소 Miso Il y a an

      Stoop Jr it’s kinda depends on the type or kid because my sister stopped playing with toys at 8 she’s now ten and there isn’t even one toy in our house 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Brandon Bevill
    Brandon Bevill Il y a an +16

    I bet Max's dad preferred the cheaper license plate over the jar-jar binks toy lol.

  • Facu Manuel
    Facu Manuel Il y a an +17

    I really can''t handle sydney's cuteness! I love her!

  • Stephanie Rangel
    Stephanie Rangel Il y a an +3

    I love this series ♥️♥️

  • Maya Elizabeth
    Maya Elizabeth Il y a an +3


  • jam mackey
    jam mackey Il y a an +305

    Sydney has the best personality man I hope she doesn’t change that when she grows up

      GIRIBAE Il y a an +6

      jam mackey She reminds me of a younger version of Miley Stewart on Hannah Montana 😂

  • Lucas Durval
    Lucas Durval Il y a an +12

    Dude, Max's mom is so funny lmao. Also, her eyes are so beautiful!
    But like every other time, Sydney proved she's the best kid.

  • Rotem Or
    Rotem Or Il y a an +1

    2:54 looks like max's mom likes that she got the point...

  • AG Peeps
    AG Peeps Il y a an +6

    I wish i was on this show

  • Sam 2727
    Sam 2727 Il y a an +17

    Sydney is one of my favorites

  • SFG Dove
    SFG Dove Il y a an +57

    Sydney acts more muture than me and am 16

    • Kate T
      Kate T Il y a an

      SFG Dove same

  • Ethan vlogs and more
    Ethan vlogs and more Il y a an +14

    5:44 SAVAGE Dang

  • Betz 負けない
    Betz 負けない Il y a an +7


  • ryanfsilva
    ryanfsilva Il y a an +8

    If i would be one of them i would by a Biggest UNICORN Fluffy and squishies and slime any everything

  • Yuriko
    Yuriko Il y a an +3

    Buy a graphics tablet

  • Tricia Fradrick
    Tricia Fradrick Il y a an +6

    max's mom got really easy questions.

  • RockOfAges 11
    RockOfAges 11 Il y a an +20

    Kids guess what their parents buy with $100

  • Nihar
    Nihar Il y a an +6

    i would have gone outside and get some herbs and smoke it off

  • M. Bu
    M. Bu Il y a an +5

    OMG I’m not even Max’s mother and I got all of them right ahhhhhhhhh

  • Greekadonis2
    Greekadonis2 Il y a an +6

    How do you get on this show???

    • 20 16
      20 16 Il y a an

      Greekadonis2 they will have auditions every now and then

  • IDKwhatAmIDoing
    IDKwhatAmIDoing Il y a an +1

    Playing on an iPad is the same as playing video games

  • Daniel Seastrand
    Daniel Seastrand Il y a an


  • XXXDepression15
    XXXDepression15 Il y a an +5

    Can I join? I wanna join! lol

  • DV
    DV Il y a an +1

    Id save it

  • Yank Boss
    Yank Boss Il y a an +2

    I would spend it all on vbucks

    • Lil
      Lil Il y a an


  • Quốc Bảo
    Quốc Bảo Il y a an

    I would buy Gundam

  • Neil villa
    Neil villa Il y a an +4

    If Mom give me 100 dollars i would buy nothing because i am responsible real reason is i will get the playstation on christmas

  • George Rodriguez
    George Rodriguez Il y a an +15

    Sydney’s Moms questions were way harder

  • ɆӾłⱠɆ 44
    ɆӾłⱠɆ 44 Il y a an +1

    I would buy a ton of fidget spinners to sell.

  • hallaa_
    hallaa_ Il y a an +1

    Sydney is me but younger lmao

  • jani s
    jani s Il y a an +6

    0:06 GABE Josh dunn is right behind you oh ma god

  • Jacob Tauiliili
    Jacob Tauiliili Il y a an +1


  • anita head
    anita head Il y a an

    I would buy robux v-bucks and pizza

  • Jullian Fletcher
    Jullian Fletcher Il y a an

    Get scammed kid,refund after

  • Article 31
    Article 31 Il y a an +1

    I would by robux xD

  • Gracie Face
    Gracie Face Il y a an +1

    i love your episodes.

  • Melissa Sampson
    Melissa Sampson Il y a an +76

    They should do this with the teenagers.

  • Elizabeth Love
    Elizabeth Love Il y a an +548


  • Bex Rico
    Bex Rico Il y a an +3

    Can I have $100?

    • Bex Rico
      Bex Rico Il y a an

      Avetus ok, give $100 please

    • Bex Rico
      Bex Rico Il y a an

      Avetus woah

    • Aveetus
      Aveetus Il y a an +2

      Becca Rico sure I have 700$

  • Talese Jamae
    Talese Jamae Il y a an +4

    I guessed these questions and got these all right

  • star girl :b :b
    star girl :b :b Il y a an


  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones Il y a an +7

    Nicole's a bitc*

  • Philip Turzani
    Philip Turzani Il y a an

    I would buy VBUCKS... lol
    EDIT:I am getting some today! 😄

  • AZ LAZ
    AZ LAZ Il y a an +2


  • Rainbow Alpacas and unicorns

    The stuffed koala that Sydney buy is soooooo cute
    I want it!!

  • His High-memesty Lordes Memez

    Shannon: She will win Because It's hard to guess what max wants...
    Shannon: Yes! Well, It's quiet easy to guess what max wants...

  • Grape ***
    Grape *** Il y a an

    Ima buy a toy

  • Heres Moo
    Heres Moo Il y a an +2

    A koala? Over a DOG?! HOW DARE YOU?’ XD