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FaZe Rug
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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
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I got her pregnant...
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  • iram malik
    iram malik Il y a heure

    Just because you are in a subway with graffiti doesn't make your song good but awesome beat🔥🔥👍👍

  • Alec A
    Alec A Il y a heure

    😤 earrape omfg

  • Anthony Stanley
    Anthony Stanley Il y a heure

    god pleas save us from any evil over this video we love you and care for you we onley watch for intertainment and we mean no threat to you or your sun thank you god for protecting uss we love you aimen

  • Xxxshadow_HexXxx !
    Xxxshadow_HexXxx ! Il y a heure

    5:59 THE FUCKS HE DOING?!?! ;? ;

    BOER ARMY Il y a heure

    well this is interesting!?...

  • susan cedor
    susan cedor Il y a heure

    I don't care what people say this is song is lit 🔥💯👌

  • Isak Guerrero
    Isak Guerrero Il y a heure

    I did and it's easy I'm in a wheelchair 🤣 so fuck it

  • tennis guy360
    tennis guy360 Il y a heure

    Like if this is better than rewind

  • moc835
    moc835 Il y a heure

    Why don’t they do it at noon it is soo much easier

  • XxRemixerzxX
    XxRemixerzxX Il y a heure

    It seems like anyone can make a song these days, how about a petition to ban auto tune to stop actual talent-less idiots from releasing music...

  • Isaiah Medeiros
    Isaiah Medeiros Il y a heure

    It Was GREAT. Just The Extra Adlibs Were Cringy And Too Much. Keep Noah’s.

  • Randy Castro
    Randy Castro Il y a heure

    Bro he going in the tunnle propts to you man


    Only people laying in bed with socks off can like this comment.

  • Sit and Spill
    Sit and Spill Il y a heure

    0 .37

  • 𝙷𝚡𝚗𝚎𝚢.𝙱𝚎𝚎

    Hammy is adorable ☺️

  • Anthony Stanley
    Anthony Stanley Il y a heure

    click here if watchin in 2020 \/

  • fowgi swipe
    fowgi swipe Il y a heure

    The auto tune tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rahayloy N
    Rahayloy N Il y a heure

    Who is here before 4mil?

  • few
    few Il y a heure

    Auto-Tune 100

  • shoe cartell
    shoe cartell Il y a heure

    Aw ur dad so cute

  • Jason Aull
    Jason Aull Il y a heure

    That was bad. Why does everybody think they can rap. Stick to tunnels

  • Jeffrey Pineda
    Jeffrey Pineda Il y a heure

    I’m gonna be honest his voice is not good for rapping tbh

  • Cian Stylianou
    Cian Stylianou Il y a heure

    Notice juniors tan lines

  • Ero boy D
    Ero boy D Il y a heure

    Faze rug boysssssss

  • G Singh
    G Singh Il y a heure


  • Zain Usman
    Zain Usman Il y a heure

    Bro I dont know if you found out Kobe Bryant is dead

    • Zain Usman
      Zain Usman Il y a heure

      @Alyssa and Angel oh thanks i didnt know

    • Alyssa and Angel
      Alyssa and Angel Il y a heure

      Zain Usman thats why he didnt post this a day earlier..

  • 𝙷𝚡𝚗𝚎𝚢.𝙱𝚎𝚎

    1. Hamsters don’t need a lot of levels, they are GROUND animals. 2. Bars are really dangerous for them 3.needs alooooot more bedding bc they are borrowers. 4. The clear ball is very dangerous bc they can get their toes and fingers stuck in the small holes and they can break. Lastly: the cage he/she is in atm is wayyyyy too small. ❤️

  • MrBoabro
    MrBoabro Il y a heure

    this worse then worse

  • 28Connor Dunlap
    28Connor Dunlap Il y a heure

    People are like ok thanks and they are not screaming

  • Giorgio Lambo
    Giorgio Lambo Il y a heure

    G-bag LOL

  • Ognjen Jovišić
    Ognjen Jovišić Il y a heure

    Sick song

  • Min Shao
    Min Shao Il y a heure

    Music director:how can we distract them from how bad the song is...oh wait I'll just flash expensive clothes brands on the screen. Rug: yes

  • Yahya Ali
    Yahya Ali Il y a heure

    RIP KOBE 😭😭

  • ttvyourtrash453
    ttvyourtrash453 Il y a heure

    Went to the tunnel for the part see me grinding on my channel nice one

  • iExo
    iExo Il y a heure

    i prefer to kms then listen again

  • Speed demon Sammy
    Speed demon Sammy Il y a heure

    I’m here early!

  • Lucky Cookie20
    Lucky Cookie20 Il y a heure

    This SUCK!!!

  • Hi
    Hi Il y a heure

    No hate but does he not understand real jobs she could’ve been fired just for a little prank and $10000

  • Souls1-luismolin I
    Souls1-luismolin I Il y a heure

    That was your dad at the end of the vid when he turn back to the real Santa

  • Matej P
    Matej P Il y a heure

    When the song started a cringe chill whent down my spine

  • ReadyCarlitos2665
    ReadyCarlitos2665 Il y a heure

    They flexing in a good way though

  • Cherry Chatter
    Cherry Chatter Il y a heure

    “We need to do the second verse”. Is the same exact as the first verse

  • Jary Otero
    Jary Otero Il y a heure

    You killed this it was fire 🔥

  • Sharkxzy __911
    Sharkxzy __911 Il y a heure


  • Dylan Kilton-Evans
    Dylan Kilton-Evans Il y a heure

    i like how in the tunnel does that mean he going to be making more videos in the tunnel?????

  • Ali Sherzad
    Ali Sherzad Il y a heure


  • nayomi berrum
    nayomi berrum Il y a heure

    It's been 9 months and there wearing the same close

  • aaainmegril2 lopez
    aaainmegril2 lopez Il y a heure

    lol i love it good job

  • Gilda Chapa
    Gilda Chapa Il y a heure

    SO AWESOME!!😍❤️

  • Melik Cihaner
    Melik Cihaner Il y a heure

    I have no idea how this man still making money

  • Funk
    Funk Il y a heure

    I love u rug but hate the song no hate on u tho

  • Rose Broly
    Rose Broly Il y a heure

    This ain’t the one chief

  • Mason McLemore
    Mason McLemore Il y a heure

    You tubers need to stop RAPPING NOW!!!!

  • YT gaming 67
    YT gaming 67 Il y a heure

    RIP for kobey

  • Jesus Gamboa
    Jesus Gamboa Il y a heure

    Trash stay to stealing people idea

  • Night Wing 17
    Night Wing 17 Il y a heure

    This shit is assss

  • Sofia Echeverria
    Sofia Echeverria Il y a heure


  • RNG Adrian
    RNG Adrian Il y a heure

    Dope song

  • Evan Alleman
    Evan Alleman Il y a heure

    The last time I went to chuck E cheese way back in 2008 the pizza gave me the shits! Almost shit my pants on my way to the restroom

  • B1_bandz
    B1_bandz Il y a heure

    Rip kobe

  • Ragnhild Krogh
    Ragnhild Krogh Il y a heure

    Bosley is still cuter

  • Jayden Davis
    Jayden Davis Il y a heure

    So lit man keep grinding road to 20mil by the end of 2020

  • Legend Mk
    Legend Mk Il y a heure

    The best song in the world

  • Danielius
    Danielius Il y a heure

    This song is just flexin on 8 year old girls

  • Ralf Rannet Turo
    Ralf Rannet Turo Il y a heure

    Please come to Estonia Im in Tallinna 21 kool 5.b

  • Ryan Phung
    Ryan Phung Il y a heure

    Idk man I get weird vibes from this

  • 6ix9ine
    6ix9ine Il y a heure

    I love dis song honestly

  • JackyQba
    JackyQba Il y a heure

    Love you it but the autotune

  • shako lolishvili
    shako lolishvili Il y a heure

    12:54 brush

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz Il y a heure

    You should make a video guess the ball

  • Pubg Mobile
    Pubg Mobile Il y a heure

    Bro music is not for you plz stop

  • Plux lll
    Plux lll Il y a heure


  • Nevry Vibez118
    Nevry Vibez118 Il y a heure

    Ew the auto tune

  • TheblackDragonmo
    TheblackDragonmo Il y a heure

    The way I sneak candy into the movie theatre is I bring a blanket (because it’s cold) then I stuff thing in the blanket then wrap the blanket around

  • King Trol
    King Trol Il y a heure


  • Swift Clips
    Swift Clips Il y a heure

    How much auto tune

  • Nathan Fitzsimmons
    Nathan Fitzsimmons Il y a heure

    Banging tune

  • Ragnhild Krogh
    Ragnhild Krogh Il y a heure

    Can you stop saying to Noah that he gotta stop talking hes Nice

  • Beijing
    Beijing Il y a heure

    White guy tryna be a ni-

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez Il y a heure

    I hear the dump truck coming to pick up this trash

  • Slenderman
    Slenderman Il y a heure

    The autotune went ⬆️↗️➡️↕️↖️⬅️➡️↙️⬇️⬆️↗️➡️⬅️⬇️⬅️↖️➡️

  • Cotton Kandyfluff
    Cotton Kandyfluff Il y a heure


  • BoostedCrew
    BoostedCrew Il y a heure

    Bro I remember brawadis saying his jersey is on “The right way” But I swear it’s on backwards 😂😂🤧

  • Caitlyn M
    Caitlyn M Il y a heure

    one bite and that whole steak is gone .

  • EdThatsIt
    EdThatsIt Il y a heure

    Cheer the success. Weep for the means.

  • Studio
    Studio Il y a heure

    Lets go rug

  • Thanus 2x
    Thanus 2x Il y a heure

    My favorite cooker

  • Thanus 2x
    Thanus 2x Il y a heure

    Omg ur best rapper ever

  • Beastyboy Vids
    Beastyboy Vids Il y a heure

    You should of paused your parents when they kissed

  • Eduardoplayz !
    Eduardoplayz ! Il y a heure

    Ps4 for life

  • Zycord
    Zycord Il y a heure

    Not bad but I like blaze more

  • Adam Duong
    Adam Duong Il y a heure


  • The Bad Boy Monkey /TBBM

    You are not a gangster this is cringe

  • 5lipperydash 1
    5lipperydash 1 Il y a heure

    He said rug Now hes FaZe rug!

  • Foxy-BrEeZy Perez
    Foxy-BrEeZy Perez Il y a heure


  • Roxe Snow
    Roxe Snow Il y a heure

    producer: “how much auto tune do you want?” rug: “yes”

    • Bob Jim
      Bob Jim Il y a heure

      Roxe Snow there’s 5 million comments saying this. Shut up

  • Joe Jam
    Joe Jam Il y a heure

    The first girl was so f***ing hot off the charts.

  • EvEil ReVlutioN
    EvEil ReVlutioN Il y a heure

    Not that bad for a FRclipr

  • [ApplePiePlays ]
    [ApplePiePlays ] Il y a heure


  • Robeena Kausar
    Robeena Kausar Il y a heure

    Wow but tooo much