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    I’m known for kissing treashes tho so an asswhippin ain’t so bad

  • Joey F
    Joey F Il y a 10 secondes

    This really made me a fan! Rocky reminds me of my homie and they all seem like brothers. Dope interview

  • Eye See Now
    Eye See Now Il y a 12 secondes

    Ferg and sugar free would be a good look tho

  • Michael Blackshire
    Michael Blackshire Il y a 13 secondes

    This is the first time ASAP Rocky has done a interview with The Breakfast club since 2012

  • Thanos
    Thanos Il y a 14 secondes

    Laila used to run and hide from Ann Wolfe. She was literally terrified of Wolfe.

  • sjabdimogo
    sjabdimogo Il y a 19 secondes

    Sweden at 27:30

  • India Burns
    India Burns Il y a 20 secondes


  • Pharoah Monk
    Pharoah Monk Il y a 24 secondes

    Claressa Shields, fall back. Let Laila talk her trash. Laila was great, but now she is retired. Laila never, ever referred to Claressa.

  • faithful31us
    faithful31us Il y a 26 secondes

    ASAP Rocky is pretty

  • Kimberley Kimmy Kim
    Kimberley Kimmy Kim Il y a 34 secondes

    Laila needs to humble herself Claressa was very respectful ... I’m here for the 🥊 fight pay 💰 the ladies 10 million and may the best woman win.

  • Valerie Banks
    Valerie Banks Il y a 34 secondes

    Layla I’m sorry love , you are not smoking claressa . That women spares with grown ass men , just for a warm up session . , Your punches are not affecting shields and she will not be your punching bag like most of those weak , out of shape girls you Faught back in your day 🥴

  • silent road
    silent road Il y a 36 secondes

    Lol i just saw some of Laila's fight and she is not that good comparing to Claressa.

    STOP HATING MICHAEL Il y a 40 secondes

    I remember black women were saying “I can't relate" 🤷‍♂️ about Rocky some months ago lol, stupid bitches

  • mike brown
    mike brown Il y a 44 secondes

    *Goat 6ix9ine changed the NY rap game*

  • alexis allen
    alexis allen Il y a 54 secondes

    I love it when Angela dry annoying ass isn’t there ❗️❗️

  • Nneena A
    Nneena A Il y a 56 secondes

    Why are black women always put against each other 😭 I’m sick of it!!!!

  • Davvy Bo Jangles
    Davvy Bo Jangles Il y a 59 secondes

    I'm sorry but Laila is no where near as skilled as Shields... Laila really had no good company at her weight other than Wolfe... That fight never happened


    Now I’m a vulture

  • Moses Active
    Moses Active Il y a minute

    Shields beats Ali

  • DumarJustice Allah
    DumarJustice Allah Il y a minute

    These buhls became very unusual

    BUTTA KNOWS BEST Il y a minute

    *#TEAMCLARESSA**. I love her Drive, HEART and the way she's handling this situation like the CHAMP she is*

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A Il y a minute

    MARIA ALEXANDER Il y a minute

    Smdh...Charlemagne's eyeliner is interfering with his hearing!

  • Sylvester Gilbert
    Sylvester Gilbert Il y a 2 minutes

    I love her!

  • yanisIvan kleins
    yanisIvan kleins Il y a 2 minutes

    26:33 :D


    Everybody like to joke right cthagod ain’t u get spanked on film when I was about 13 ?

  • Almighty Dre
    Almighty Dre Il y a 2 minutes

    Are y’all really out here watching female boxing??

  • mary janes baby
    mary janes baby Il y a 2 minutes

    This reminds me of the garbage get down between Steve Harvey and Katt Williams moons ago.🙄

  • Antonio Holmes
    Antonio Holmes Il y a 2 minutes

    Laila is a fucking fraud who ate off of her father's legacy.She ducked Anne Wolfe also.

  • Robin De’era
    Robin De’era Il y a 2 minutes

    Yo Twelvey that hair and your mouth aren’t great combos 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Contraband Enterprise, LLC
    Contraband Enterprise, LLC Il y a 2 minutes

    I don't believe Joe burrow got some of that money from Odell I think he snitch cuz he didn't get any and he was mad cuz he was not included

  • sowavy24
    sowavy24 Il y a 2 minutes

    Wouldn’t FRclip demonetize it

  • Sha Will
    Sha Will Il y a 2 minutes


  • MrMissingnin44
    MrMissingnin44 Il y a 3 minutes

    That whole exchange sounds like "toxic femininity " to me..........


    Lil b body joe buddon

  • littlerascle59
    littlerascle59 Il y a 3 minutes

    What Jillian Michaels said is true. She never body shamed Lizzo.

  • Zazo Dream
    Zazo Dream Il y a 3 minutes

    She did shade her bc shes 41..... Ali has experience... just saying Hope everyone have a blessed day!

  • Denver John
    Denver John Il y a 3 minutes

    Laila you fine ass hell, dont come back.

  • Lauren Penn
    Lauren Penn Il y a 3 minutes


  • G rose
    G rose Il y a 3 minutes

    2:38 when you an your homies see a fine cheeka walkin by

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson Il y a 3 minutes

    Hell with fighting each other.Them two women working together there are women's boxing pass and present

  • Carlos Green
    Carlos Green Il y a 3 minutes

    I love laila but I hope she don't get baited into fighting Clarissa

  • India Burns
    India Burns Il y a 3 minutes

    Yessßsss Ms.Ali is the greatest... Money right She's there errrrynight ❗❗❗❗💯💜💖💜💖💜💨💨💨💋

  • Valerie Banks
    Valerie Banks Il y a 3 minutes

    Layla is jealous 🥴 some of these old time greats just can’t pass that torch . 😩 why are our people always acting like their is only one spot left for us to be great . Why can’t all the great black boxers be the goat .

  • imthatoneguy
    imthatoneguy Il y a 4 minutes

    Dont come for Joe for clicks. That's a instant L.

  • Taavi A
    Taavi A Il y a 4 minutes


  • Increase
    Increase Il y a 4 minutes

    Laila Ali is so Beautiful, and Humble, I love Laila Ali.

  • Taavi A
    Taavi A Il y a 4 minutes


  • Taavi A
    Taavi A Il y a 5 minutes


  • Chamber9 the same Collection

    She is beautiful....envy and Angela is clueless, they dont do their research unless your already at celebrity status.... Sad!!!

  • Love Hate
    Love Hate Il y a 5 minutes

    Why these niggas on BLACK radio? beverly hills dont got no radio station?

  • Taavi A
    Taavi A Il y a 5 minutes


  • Autumn Richelle
    Autumn Richelle Il y a 5 minutes

    Rockys laugh really do sound like a spray bottle 😭

  • Bobby Lewis jr
    Bobby Lewis jr Il y a 5 minutes

    She's so dope... she can talk for 3 hrs and think before she speaks the entire time..... I look forward to her higher heights.

  • Dog blues
    Dog blues Il y a 5 minutes

    She should do a work out video

  • Aysha Yang
    Aysha Yang Il y a 5 minutes

    smh disrespectful to a the Ali family..this is beneath her to be associated w any current boxer period...young ppl really doing too much... it wasn't personal n that's how a grown woman champion responded n dont need acceptance of shields or to acknowledge her at all. sheilds barely mentioned her respectfully ever. I like t rex but her mouf i don't... she sing that youthful or tuff lol

  • Micheal Keem
    Micheal Keem Il y a 5 minutes

    Angela Yee voice is hurting my ears. Is she sick? IG: @michealkeemunknown

  • M DUBB
    M DUBB Il y a 5 minutes

    I told ya'll!! Check my comment from yesterday!!💯💯

  • m Johnson
    m Johnson Il y a 5 minutes

    She's STUNNING she is a true black beauty at its BEST!

  • Lucid Swank
    Lucid Swank Il y a 5 minutes

    4:15 WTF is that noise xD

    YES WE CAN Il y a 6 minutes

    George Foreman wss knocking niggas out in his 40's, Claressa better watch out.

  • LewisP86
    LewisP86 Il y a 6 minutes

    Laila is fine as hell!!!!

  • Sup Mate
    Sup Mate Il y a 6 minutes

    Di Envy: “how did the ASAP Mob create?”. Me: why y’all let this illiterate dweeb talk? 😂😂

    SCREEN TIME WITH LANCE Il y a 6 minutes

    I love her but I HATE her makeup artist! Follow me...Im a black makeup artist

  • Ricsrico
    Ricsrico Il y a 6 minutes

    "They put out Rocky's sex tape" - Yee 36:09 "nahhhhh" - The Mob "You trashhhh" - Rocky

  • Magik
    Magik Il y a 6 minutes

    Good morning I just uploaded thiséo.html


    The breakfast club the entire game industry got a few vulture vultures y’all worshipping false prophets

  • Jackie Newson
    Jackie Newson Il y a 7 minutes

    This movie was really good!👍🏾

  • Kate.C
    Kate.C Il y a 7 minutes

    They don’t need Angela Yee. Her anger is killing the vibe. She needs to go if can’t move on.

  • ivan soto
    ivan soto Il y a 7 minutes

    Rocky low key dumb asf.

  • iAmber Renee
    iAmber Renee Il y a 7 minutes


  • Jorge Grande
    Jorge Grande Il y a 7 minuteséo.html

  • T M
    T M Il y a 7 minutes

    asap rocky don,t talk about some you don,t know, being locked up in sweden n you don,t see a judge for bla bla 😅😂

  • Amaz Mars
    Amaz Mars Il y a 7 minutes

    When Did Dennis Rodman join the group

  • King Khan
    King Khan Il y a 7 minutes


  • Sean Peterson
    Sean Peterson Il y a 7 minutes

    Laila to be fair ducked Anne Wolf, he ran from that chick like the plague.

  • sheauuuh hh
    sheauuuh hh Il y a 8 minutes

    Omg the black men on here just admitted to cheating on their wives. Lmao nuff said


    Yamorvini high , long live and , invite 070 to yams day

  • Noma Productions
    Noma Productions Il y a 8 minutes

    Wouldn’t be surprised if ASAP fergie came out one day as bi sexual or gay. He’s always been suspect to me nothing wrong with it though.

  • Tomi Walker
    Tomi Walker Il y a 8 minutes

    Love her confidence!

  • Bark Scorpion Moon
    Bark Scorpion Moon Il y a 8 minutes

    These are the times when grown women need come together to have a sit down..Setup a meeting... Make money moves and get that bread!!

  • MiVidaBellisima
    MiVidaBellisima Il y a 8 minutes

    JLo.... I don’t know her Hustlers... was cardi drugging men and stealing their money in this flick like she was doing in real life? 😂 Lupita for US definitely should’ve gotten a nomination at LEAST.

  • PewDiePie 1223
    PewDiePie 1223 Il y a 8 minutes

    Can drake come on the breakfast club?

  • Cain
    Cain Il y a 8 minutes

    Ferg looks stupid AF

  • Daryl conley
    Daryl conley Il y a 9 minutes

    Fire this broad. She constantly belittles black people

  • Don Smyth
    Don Smyth Il y a 9 minutes


  • Joey F
    Joey F Il y a 9 minutes

    Joe Buddens

  • Haitibaby gng
    Haitibaby gng Il y a 10 minutes

    Need one🐕

  • As a ____ My Comment Means More

    If someone was going to give $25,000 dollars to *charity* on the condition that _YOU_ wear some 76'rs gear for 1 week... ... ... ... Pretty good 'selfish' test right there...

  • Cherry Hot
    Cherry Hot Il y a 10 minutes

    Ferg is so fine

  • B
    B Il y a 10 minutes

    Ali's taller, possesses a significant reach advantage, and she's fought heavier up at light heavyweight where she continually proved to have significant knock out power by stopping 21 opponents. Ali may be 42, but i wouldn't overlook her chances, especially in the early rounds.

  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown Il y a 10 minutes

    I honestly never condone the sportsman ass slap. But if you gonna start locking up ppl now imma need you to start cancelling from the 90s and work your way up and save Odell for last because they been doing this ish.

  • DaGreat
    DaGreat Il y a 11 minutes

    yamborghini high!!!!!! 🖖😎

  • Dinell Lewis
    Dinell Lewis Il y a 11 minutes


  • Dewyne Watson
    Dewyne Watson Il y a 11 minutes

    Charlemagne mixed Her words all up lol i would love to see that fight

  • Wyntah Haadid
    Wyntah Haadid Il y a 11 minutes

    Can y’all believe Flack is 31 years old?? Pharrell has been dethroned

  • Who John?
    Who John? Il y a 11 minutes

    Yooo YgAddie wearing “saints” clothing. Shoutout the DMV man

  • Cerrome CEO
    Cerrome CEO Il y a 11 minutes

    Female boxing is no different than female fighting on the streets

  • oozyVsak47 ll
    oozyVsak47 ll Il y a 11 minutes

    Clarissa is nothing close to laila.. she will get molested.

  • Real Nigga Ruben
    Real Nigga Ruben Il y a 11 minutes

    Envy does look like drakes dad